How to prevent mass shootings in America

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How to prevent mass shootings in America

Another mass shooting and the question must be asked, “Why? And how?” Why do individuals commit such heinous acts, and how can we prevent them from occurring in the future?

The most straightforward answer is to ban the tool(s) used in such a massacre, which happens to be a gun. But since guns have been around for nearly a century and only relatively recently used for such evil, I don’t believe this is an effective solution.

What has changed recently and just as significantly, what can be done to prevent this evil in the future? I believe there are solutions out there that would prevent the massacres that occurred in Dayton & El Paso. Here are a few of my ideas:

PHARMACEUTICALS. It appears that many of these shooters have been prescribed mental health medications that have been more harmful than helpful. Unfortunately, prescribers pay too little time and attention monitoring whether the individual prescribed the medication is taking it according to the plan, regularly and consistently, and whether it is effective or not. Professional counseling should also be a part of the treatment plan. Individuals prescribed such medicines should continue to see professional counseling help throughout the years to ensure they don’t become a threat to themselves or others.

SOCIAL MEDIA. Individuals who commit such evil acts sometimes leave signs on social media that they are predisposed to such evil. Social media sites should be monitored by professionals who are trained to see such signs and help individuals before they can become a real threat to themselves and society at large.

MEDIA. Mass shootings draw out the media like no other story, but unfortunately, they also draw out those who will do anything to become part of a story. We cannot stop the press from reporting such horrendous events, but we should work with them to stop naming and publicizing the shooter. Publicizing the shooter makes them folk heroes in some twisted circles, which can lead to more copycat shootings. Media should focus on the victims’ stories, not the shooter.

END GUN-FREE ZONES. Let it be posted in large print that all large areas where people might congregate could be guarded by individuals and/or armed drones who have the ability and will defend the innocent if necessary. Seconds matter in active shooter situation, and well-trained, responsible gun owner can save lives when they occur.

GUN SHOPS. Individuals who work and own such shops should be trained and educated on characteristics that fit a shooter’s profile and be required to alert authorities of such individuals that they might encounter.

WORK WITH THE NRA & SIMILAR GROUPS. These organization understand that unless this evil is stopped in society the rights of good citizens to protect their loved ones will be threatened as well by governmental over-reach. The NRA can play a bigger role in sponsoring more responsible gun ownership including helping other responsible owners spot individuals who might be a harm to themselves or others and notify the proper authorities should this occur.

What I’ve written above only scratches the surface of some ideas of actions that could help prevent mass shootings, but truthfully, additional soul searching needs to occur immediately to prevent this horror from continuing to happen in the future.

We can either come together to provide realistic solutions to mass shootings based on our culture and way of life or continue to watch innocent people die while we blame the other side. Let’s act to implement the items that really can make a change NOW. Let’s pull together and push our government and business leaders to take these realistic actions and do more.

Hulk wins big $115 Million big

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Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan has won a case that should allow individuals the right to privacy in a bedroom. No person should fear that things they do or say in private will be released to the press through video or audio without their consent unless that is a person running to serve the “public good”.  The $115 million dollar award to Hulk Hogan will surely be reduced when it is appealed, yet the legacy it leaves in the press is something that  I believe will change treatment of “celebrities” far into the future.

The Trial

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Juror justice

Would you watch a show where the most controversial cases never brought to the justice system are finally brought in front of the television audiences and you had the final vote.  THE TRIAL would be such a show which would take our legal system but bring it back to the law of the time, as some of the most difficult cases ever would be decided with the public having the final vote.  Top defense and prosecuting attorneys would present their case “live” with seven jurors randomly picked while the 8th would be the viewing public. Here are just a few of the cases that would be considered.

(1) Jesus Christ on Roman heresy crimes.

(2) Abraham on child cruelty charges.

(3) Bill Clinton on perjury charges.

(4) Richard Nixon on tampering with evidence.

(5) Ronald Reagan on Irangate what did he know and when did he know it?

(6) Barrack Obama on IRS scandal, Benghazi cover up etc etc.

To fight for justice or let it go?

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Justice 2

Justice is not only blind but can be painfully slow.  It can take months and even years to insure that justice is done and of course at a great financial and personal cost to those who seek it.  So how do you decide whether it’s worth to battle on or just let it go?Here are a few factors (below) I would consider in my decision.

(1) Will others benefit from your fight? Will your action defer bad behavior from those in power ? Keep up the fight!

(2) Have others joined in a similar battle and can you combine legal actions. Then fight you must!

(3) Is this truly about revenge and is this battle consuming your life at the point of hurting loved ones and yourself? Maybe it’s best to let it go.

(4) Can you afford the battle in financial as well personal costs? Will this battle be to painful if you are suffering from a stress related medical problem or could you be let go from your position because of time you are missing from work?

(5) Do you truly have a strong case and a determined advocate in your corner? If you can’t present your case in a convincing way maybe it’s best to let it go or plan better before you launch your attack.

The Courts Protect Us

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I’ve been deeply concerned with the erosion of constitutional freedom but thank G-D our founders instituted a separation of powers which yesterday proved it’s worth. I believe that consenting adults should be able to form any loving relationship that they deem right without fear of governmental interference. The court  in Utah agreed with this philosophy and now those who believe in polygamy do not have to live in the shadows anymore. There relationship may not be recognized by the state but it must be tolerated by the state. The courts also protected our 4th amendment which protects all our citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures. This courts  said  the NSA is in violation of the constitution by  holding  and collect the phone records of its citizens.  People will say the founders views were based on the times they lived in but yesterday proved how relevant they are in protecting our freedoms today.

Helping the mentally ill means helping ourselves

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History doesn’t need to repeat itself but that means we need to make a difference. The killings at the Naval Base in Washington D.C,  Newton Connecticut and Aurora Colorado have one underlining thread, our treatment of the mentally ill is lacking.  Those that are suffering from mental illness are suffering from an illness like anyone else but it is in their head instead of there heart or other parts of the body. When someone has a life threatening disease we in society use almost every means possible to treat, especially if it can hurt other but for some reason there is an exception made for those with mental health issues. There is a solution.

(1) Laws must be enacted so  family Member, friends or even associates can have an individual evaluated even against their will if they deem that person a threat to themselves  or others. Of course safeguards will be instituted so those that file false charges will face repercussions (including fines and/or evaluations themselves).

(2) Social workers, community volunteers must play an active part of a  local community to reach out to those who might be alone and or suffering. They must have the resources and training to deal with these individuals as well.

(3) These evaluations must be conducted in a warm loving environment that seeks to help the individual.

(4) Those that are deemed to need treatment must receive treatment. Again safeguards will be instituted so those that are forced into treatment will have ample opportunity to appeal.

(5) Society needs to promote those individuals that seek treatment instead of stigmatize them or ostracize them.

(6) Police and security officials at facilities will be notified of individuals who are in treatment and be trained how to deal with individuals having a breakdown and at the same time not to stigmatize or isolate those under treatment.

(7) Those under treatment will be persuaded by mental health professionals to have a trusted individual hold their fire-arms, violent video games and or related items that might trigger them to have a violent episode until a steady regiment of treatment is established and instituted.

(8) Group therapy, friendship groups must be part of any therapy so the individual doesn’t feel isolated at anytime and so others can help if need be before any episode gets out of control.

Anti Drugs/ Pro legalization with caveat(s)

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 What am I talking about? (read below)

I feel that illegal drugs have done incredible harm to our society. We have seen innocent people shot as bystanders of the violence that occurs in the drug war. We have seen the great talents of our youth destroyed by the epidemic of drug use?

The truth is we can’t stop a product that the people want unless we are willing to lock up all the users of this product for a serious period of time. I believe many things adults do to their own bodies is wrong but as long as they’re educated on the consequence, don’t hurt others and have a clear way out then it’s should be up to the individual to be stupid or not be stupid. These steps (below) though need to be taken before any legalization occurs.

(1) Those that seek to use these substances must get a license which requires them to be educated on the consequences of their future actions and know where their are resources available to kick the habit.

(2) Store front locations must be set where people can utilize these drugs but these individuals must not be permitted to drive home until their effect has fully been relinquished from their system. Individuals can take these substances from their own home but must have a certified provider in the vicinity to insure that they don’t drive after taking such substances or cause harm to others. The facilities that provide these substances and/or the provider must have information clearly available on the possible consequences of utilizing such substances and information on how to quit.

(3) All these substances will be heavily taxed and those taxes will go directly to anti-drug campaigns for youths and the most effective drug rehabilitation centers.

(4) Individuals who have such licenses must agree to have semi-annually check ups on their mental and physical health.

(5) Youths must not be exposed to the use of these substances.

Real Life Beauty and Beast

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Here is a young lady that shows what it truly is to be beautiful and brave. She not only was able to stand up to pure evil but never lost faith in G-D’s ultimate justice. Many of us would be filled with only rage and hate if we went through 1/10 of the pain she endured, yet she has the beauty to teach us all about the power of moving on and getting stronger.


This being is one of the most despicable humans in recent memories.  For even those that murder only commit that evil act once while this monster tortured the innocent for over three years. Others who commit evil have tried to use the excuse that they were following order (mobsters, SS Officers) but this monster acted alone. May G-D find a special place in hell for this creature.

Trayvon Zimmerman- Page 43

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       What would have occurred if George Zimmerman didn’t have a gun that night? Would George Zimmerman suffered severe trauma and/or death or would Trayvon be the one with  severe injuries  Would the news have covered this as a racial incident? Would the news even cover such an incident? Finally would there even be a trial of Trayvon or George Zimmerman and would anyone express outrage over the result?