Sink Oil Strainer

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With the “Sink Oil Strainer” this picture above will become a distant memory. For this strainer unit will collect the oil so your inner pipes will remain nice and clean. The sink oil strainer will easily absorb the oil and when it’s full allow you to quickly remove the contents and filter without a call to the plumber. The “Sink Oil Strainer” finally a way to save the oil and stop seeing your money go down the drain.

FOOTNOTE-  Please invent this and send one to my house immediately.

Biden Pardon

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March 23- 10 AM- Biden has signed a complete Pardon of President Trump on the indictment of Alvin Bragg. “I believe that we should battle on the political field our ideas not in the court-room” said the President in a stunning announcement after signing the said pardon. Biden also said his Justice Department looked into the matter and decided the charges against the former President would not stand up to further judicial review and felt it was incumbent on our justice system not to politicize the institution. In further news President Biden admitted that the way his administration pulled out of Afghanistan was wrong and has learned from this mistake.

FOOTNOTE- Early April Fools joke.


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That’s it I’m living Six Sense at least in your mirror.  Now, I understand how you can ignore my feelings so easily. I’m permanent asleep in this bed so jump on it and turn on all the lights. Why not make it a 24 hour disco while you’re out it for I’m just some silly ghost right? Yet be weary even if I’m truly a ghost I can haunt you and if you keep this I’ll be the loudest poltergeist you can imagine.

Hate Is Not A Crime

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Justice must be blind to the accused but be fully transparent on the discretion.  People must not be brought up on trumped up charges that others from different races, religions or political viewpoints would not be brought up on.  If jurisdiction for a criminal act is to be performed by the federal authorities than a state can’t decide to prosecute because of hate for an individual.  Hate is not a crime and those in charge of enforcing therefore should leave their viewpoints away from any bench.

Stem Cell Meat- Healthier??

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Will lab-grown be healthier than regular meat?  Here are a few ways it just might be. What do you think?

(1) Lab-grown meat will be grown in a sterile environment, unlike the open or closed conditions of farm-grown meat.

(2) This type of meat can be produced with the least amount of unhealthy fat connected to it.

(3) Lab-grown meat will not be subject to bacteria, infections, and/or parasites.

Cheating Within

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I’m cheating on you well not you but you. Do you get the point? For the person who sometimes comes out of the same body is quite different than the other one I often see in my bed. That is the person I want to be with and I’m openly telling you this so the other one inside can basically get lost.  I don’t think I’ll have to pay alimony since they both are from the same body but if I do it will be worth it because the one, I love to be with will finally have us both win. I guess in the end I can live with both of you yet be with the part that makes me truly happy.

Music Stock Market

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The Music Stock Market will enable to you to invest in upcoming new artists as well as bigger projects that the more established artists have planned. It will have more safe investments such as mutual funds for different genre of artists as well as puts and calls on those you’re willing to take a risk on at a certain price. Yet unlike the stock market those that invest in such artists will receive additional benefits such as merch, concert tickets and giveaways. The Music Stock Market isn’t it time your investment hit your heart strings as well?


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What are thou building and will it stand the test of time?  Will your construction be made with love for those who reside among it? Is it sturdy enough to deal with any storm from within and without?  Does it have a foundation based on trust, hard work and care?  G-D willing what you build will be such a place even if it’s within the few feet you are chosen to walk.

If Only

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If only I had taken a bite out of these before “she” showed me that damn apple!!  For, these fruits (yes technically) are so delicious trust me I would have ignored that other bite. A matter of fact I snuck one out of the garden and just as my life will now have to come to an end so will these wonderful incredible Intergrow Cherry Tomatoes that truly are on a vine. Yet patience was not my virtue so now I’m clothed and lost but at least in the end I’ll know not only was there a garden but Integrow.

FOOTNOTE- Intergrow Cherry Tomatoes On The Vine are really that good that I wonder could they have changed our history if interested just a moment before.

Not Yours -Sorry To Say It Probably Is A True Story

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He might have your eye’s but those are truly from another person’s body. For my hours are getting a bit too long and the pay is a bit too short so an exchange was made and honestly I don’t think you’ll mind or figure it out. The hospital was crowded with babies so does one switch in a name tag really matter? Every child deserves a good start and now the one you have will enjoy one as well instead of the family it appeared it was destined to live in.   So, enjoy your Benjamin while a few more are added to my wallet as well.

FOOTNOTE- Maybe that DNA test isn’t a bad idea after all.

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