Chris Christie

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chris christie


Chris Christie run for the Presidency is a bold attempt to shove it back to the media elites who have all but stole this towel and thrown it in.  Governor Christie has had his troubles for sure but the media has decided to pounce on him as if he committed the same wrongs as Hillary Clinton.  I give him credit for jumping in this arena while the sharks of the media are still seeing blood dripping from his body and they will attack from any angle.  Governor Christie is not my top choice for his policy decisions he’s enforced and his in your face style but I’m glad to see that he is willing to put his hat in the ring even if the media want him to start singing before the race even starts.

Should be slapped!!!

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There are some people that you wonder how they haven’t been at least slapped.  They are the ones that are either always looking to start trouble, never have a nice thing to say, are the most sarcastic person of the bunch, don’t appreciate those around them and/or a combination of the above.  These individuals skip through life annoying the **** out of almost everyone they meet but somehow they avoid the slap.  Maybe their individuals in a power position or somehow so annoying that know one wants to bother with them or even their annoyances is sorta funny in a sick way, know matter what they somehow miss that slap.  Yet fear not my friend for although they avoid the physical slap they do receive a different type of slap which can hurt in a painful way as well.  For laughing at someone, avoiding them or even ignoring “their rants” can hurt longer then any physical pain that might come their way.


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You need a car for only a month or so and just around the corner there is a car sitting in a garage this is the time for “UBERRENTAL”!  “UBERENTAL”  would  match those in need of vehicle with those able to rent such a vehicle and provide all the background information (for an additional fee)  and insurance needs (extra) so that this can occur as smoothly as passing the keys.  This service would also people to rent those cars just on the few days of the week they might need them as well.  Just like a rental service you can decide on the car you want to rent by price or style and/or features but unlike that service you will save $$’s.  It’s time you get the car you want/need for that short period it’s time for an UBERRENTAL.

New Rule- Drink 1st

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drinking whiskey


I don’t want to sound like an Alcoholic but if I’m going to a party that’s over several hours I’m there to party.  Therefore from this day on before I touch the appetizers a drink must be in my mouth probably 2.  I also should plan to under sleep the night before and make sure my last meal was a light meal.  For a few hours my inhibitions should be a little less tight as my dancing shoes should glide or trip along the dance floor.   It’s time for a party change and I’m just the man to do it.

Mixed Marriage

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wedding celebration


When most people think of  “mixed marriage” they see people of two different faith’s coming together to tie the knot but that also can occur with those of different sects of the same faith.  For those who are more traditional Jewish usually want separate seating for the service, want the service to be mostly in Hebrew and the dancing to be separate between men and woman, while those who are less traditional generally want the opposite.  Therefore one might conclude that when the union of these two souls combine that the souls of their families will only be in conflict but what I witnessed today showed that milk and chocolate really do make a great combination . The beauty of the traditional and less traditional combined in such a beautiful way that it appeared as natural as a fresh brook.  The love between the couple and their families out shined any differences that might have occurred and those that attended saw only a loving couple that added something wonderful and unique to this special day.

Crazy Business-The Beginning… the real beginning

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brooklyn 1920's

In the beginning G-D made… oops wrong story but just like the creation of the world a business has to start from some intelligence source or at least has to bought from a wise source.  My father started out working in various businesses climbing his way up the ladder from the mean streets of Brooklyn. He worked his way from making boxes for his Uncle all the way to opening his own Children Clothing Business. Business was great and he even met a lovely lady along the way my mother but other loved one’s weren’t so dear. When his partner  (my Uncle) decided to invest the profits and other monies into the ponies my father knew the time for Children’s clothing was gone.  If my father had stayed in the clothing business then it would have skipped my generation because my taste of fashion is from his generation or so.

My father was stuck with two children in the house and no where to go he decided to try his hand in the contracting business. Working 7 days a week he pulled himself to become a successful contractor  yet the city wasn’t kind to his type. For the color of his skin wasn’t dark enough for him to get the contracts he earned and although his work was outstanding and at a great price they sold him down that ladder. About this time and old man decided it was time to get out of the building material business and my father had the good sense to know it was his time to jump in.  He worked tirelessly at this store with the help of his associates in the contracting business.

At this time I was only in my early teens and spent time at the Yard mainly to be with the Old man and have a great Egg Creme (with real Fox Syrup) at the local store.  Although  I tried to help I think I spent more time making Kites (that didn’t fly) out of the dowels at the store.  This was also a time when the sticks and stones of school bullies lead to feelings of insecurity and also a feeling that I would one day proof something to them and the world as a whole.

Grateful Dead launch final concert tour…. I hope

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grateful dead

This is a band that doesn’t know when to die I guess it’s their fans that keep them alive. As you can see I can’t be put in that category but truly appreciate fan loyalty I just wish it was for something deeper such as “The Go Go Girls” (just wanted to irritate my Deadhead friends).  Seriously though I couldn’t understand the draw of this band without artificial or mushroom type substances. Maybe my mind needed to expand to understand their “greatness” but instead my mind and body fell asleep.  Well to my “Deadhead” friends enjoy this last concert tour but don’t worry too much because just like the Zombies I don’t believe the dead will remain so for too long.

Crazy Business- Introduction

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J. Alperin Co. Inc

It was the one place I was sure that I wouldn’t end up so how did I spend the last 27 years of my life here.  I had dreams of grandeur although through my High School and College Years and pursued many avenues to get there but it was like a magnetic that never left my pocket and would pull me in step by step until I was glued to “the family business”.  This is a business with enough characters to fill many a sitcom and drama to match those scene on E.R and yet I didn’t want to touch it.

This “Crazy Business will show the reader what it is truly like to be involved in such a business.  The good, bad and gross will be on display for the reader to view not just for the drama but to let them see the truth behind such ventures.  This piece will be produced mostly on Sunday’s but won’t be as dependable as my regular work habits. One final note the grammar and spelling may not be perfect because I’d rather tell the stories imperfect then wait till they slip away in the memory folder.

Patriotism Waning

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drooping flag

As July 4th approaches I have to be honest and say my Patriotism is waning. I understand that I still live in the greatest country in the world with my freedom’s protected but it is not a great as the country I grew up in (see below).

(1) Our Country was a country that our friends knew we had their backs and our enemies feared. Today with the approach of an Iranian Nuclear deal and red lines wiped clean I fear this is not the case.

(2) The United States actively pursued Democracy against tyranny and although the outcomes weren’t perfect we all knew where we stood.  Yet today as tyranny is falling in countries like Cuba and Iran our negotiations keeps evil regimes like these afloat.

(3) We were a country that cheered other’s success and used any jealousy to pursue our own economic freedom but today that jealousy is used to penalize those who have made great opportunities for the many.

(4) Being strong meant taking words and signs and not allowing them to hurt us but today it appears we are hurt by almost every word or sign.

(5) Gays came out of the closet but they didn’t force that closet on all of us.

(6) Government was there to protect freedom and opportunities not create new entitlements and opportunities.

(7) If we took a  risk we paid the price not expect everyone else to dip in their pockets to get us out.

(8) We  generally respected Law Enforcement officials and although they weren’t perfect they respected us today that trust between the public and the peace authorities is unraveling.

I will hold my flag high this July 4th not just for the country we are but the country that G-D willing we will become again.

Rainy Days & Rainy News

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rained out

For those that are used to my “Wall Street Journal Weekend Review” about this time let’s say it was rained out. It is true that I read the news but tried to read it with my cup 1/2 full and all I saw were drops here and there. Here are just a few examples below that make that cup so empty.

(1)  I’m disgusted with a “Supreme Court” that has acted like it’s a rubber stamp for the   the Executive Branch and doesn’t know the difference between interrupting the law and making the law.

(2) That our President is trying to make a very weak deal with Iran a country that has a history of breaking deals and that this deal could put Israel and our own citizens in danger for years to come.

(3) Our economy appears to be a balloon ready to explode like a Greek yogurt crashing to the ground.

(4) ISIS viciously attacks & kills innocent civilians around the world and our press hardly covers it while our Administration waits for another administration to take ” decisive action”

I’m sorry for the pessimism but I had to get it out of my head and put it somewhere.  Knowing that I’m only human allows me to pull those negative threads out of my head and  seeing a rainbow appear in the distance for my country and the world at large. In between I’ll just read a book instead.

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