Learn from CHILDREN

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DIFFERENT CHILDREN PLAYING 1 Different children playing 2

It’s time we adults (especially those in Washington) learn from children. Children who don’t judge each other by anything but the ability to have fun. They don’t look at political stripes that one wears, or what position they hold but who can run around and make them laugh.  They worry about having fun in the moment then about be “practical”.  Imagine if us adults did the same maybe we could be children again and learn to have some plain old fun as well with all the adult kids in town.

Democrats bizarre response at State of the Union.

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President State of the Union Nanci Pelosi

I understand and respect different political views but can’t we all believe that it is good that unemployment is down and at historic lows for African Americans as well as Hispanic Americans?  Is it more important that the economy does well under your watch or the watch of those that elected you to power whether there is a D or R in front of your name?  The notion of not standing up and cheering for values that 99 % of Americans can agree because it comes from the mouth of a President you generally disagree with and/or you believe your constituents do is bizarre. We are all one family the American family and even if we have disputes with each other we should all cheer when we are winning no matter who is at the plate. 

Dog Sick

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dog feeling sick 1

When a dog is sick they can’t tell you with their words but with their actions or lack thereof.  Of course they can howl w sadness but usually it’s their lethargic attitude and residue they leave around the house that spells S-I-C-K.  As a owner it becomes disheartening as you really aren’t exactly sure where it hurts or what you can do and that’s why your vet plays such a prominent role in your life. A good Vet truly comes to the rescue and finds that exact spot where sickness lies so your dog won’t just lie around anymore … except when you’re not home.

Superbowl… Buzz?

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Superbowl Patriots VS Eagles Deflated balloon

Is it just me or has the Superbowl lost the buzz this year? With the kneeling controversy taking such a big role in the NFL it feels as if the fun of the game isn’t as elated as it used to be. It has turned from fun for everyone to people picking political sides instead of teams. I’m having a traditional Superbowl Party and once the game starts I’m sure that I’ll regain some of my lost spirit but if one player is seen kneeling then I’m afraid this balloon may not be filled again.

Power Crystal- Cleans your lungs and sink

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Choking Black Swan Power Crystals

If you want to clean your lungs out to the point of not breathing and even the sink “Black Swan Power Crystals” is your formula. Yet for me I think my lungs have been cleaned for a lifetime  and  I will use a mask the next time these crystals are needed.  It is not as if I decided to take a bite but I guess one decided to send it’s toxicity into my system.  I survived this experience (I think) and it did a great job for my kitchen sink.  Black Swan Power Crystals an experience I’ll never forget and also great for your sink.

Behind the Scenes- Bud Rebel Show- Waves

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film-production-2 filmmaker

As we get closer to actually production date many might ask why create a wave? For when one goes up it can come crashing down and it could hurt those I truly love including myself (sometimes love).  I say to those individuals I’m going to learn to surf.  Yes, maybe I could rest on some laurels but anyone who knows me understands resting isn’t in my nature it’s more of creating. G-D willing it will be phenomenal success for all those involved in the project and those it can truly help. Yet if it becomes a mess well another wave will come and you bet as long as I’m breathing and thinking (sorta) I’ll be charging that one as well. I guess that’s a big piece of being a rebel with a cause.


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Dog lick 2 licking ice cream

Could there be more to the lick then initially meets the eye?  Licking and eye’s don’t work  but we know it works good with ice cream.  For when someone licks an item it is immediately absorbed by the taste buds which allow the flavor to reach the brain immediately.  Currently licking is only accepted on a dessert items of food and adult behavior but maybe we should consider other entries as well?  For are we missing some culinary taste by not allowing or tongue to not only taste but feel the food experience? Will they’ll be a time when we could lick our soup or even a glass of our favorite spring water? Probably not for we in a quick cycle all the time but I wonder could our four legged friends might be smarter then we think when it comes to licking? Stop enough of the face already?

Tim Teebow Education Bill Fails = STUPIDITY

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David Turpin & Louis Turpin Tim Teebow Education Bill Fails Tim Teebow Education Bill

If we want to prevent more pictures of couples such as the Turpin’s above not only should Virginia have passed equal access for home schooled students to sports and extra-curricular activities but actually try and make sure that these students are fully informed of such opportunities.  If less then 1 % of home schooled children are actually abused the passage of this bill would still save some young people’s life’s.

Virginia has instead insured that the 99% of the home school students  are insulated from the communities they live in and given less opportunities to not only compete in them but make those communities better as a whole. The 99 % of home school students might actually teach the rest of us so much from their unique one on one loving learning experience and the less then 1 % would have been saved. This stupid non educated stance occurred  because of a too powerful teachers union and school board that wants to wield the most power to the harm of young people in and out of home school.

Sexual Harassment – Your all guilty!

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Guilty as charged 2

You “two leggers” are all guilty of sexual harassment.  You might say it all has to do with friendship but how would you like to be pet all the time and what is it with the belly rub? Just because we show our belly doesn’t mean we want it to be rubbed. Why do you think we lick so you can finally get disgusted as well and just stop.  You think just because we walk around naked that we’re trying to seduce you or something what is your problem “humans”?  At least when a fellow “four legged” comes sniffing where we don’t like we can show some teeth but we don’t dare show our real emotions to you and risk losing our position in the home.  So give us a break and at least ask before you pet or offer us a bone in return, literally (Milk Bone’s preferred).

FOOTNOTE- This is not a true story…. I hope because if so I’m the Harvey Weinstein of this abuse.

Cardio Killer

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closing-of-prison-door-1 heart monitor

I never killed anyone I just didn’t save them.  It probably wouldn’t have worked anyway for these were the patients who never really took care of themselves anyway.  Overweight, under exercised they would have died even with a real diagnosis so why not tilt it to the negative and make some positive green for my family.  Life Insurance really pays especially when it’s in another’s name.  Medical insurance isn’t paying like it used and with the children going to college it’s best I take care of the living then the one’s who couldn’t pay the bill.  The truth is I took a vow to do harm but not one to always help.  So call me the Cardio- Killer if you must and remember maybe it’s best to get a 2nd opinion.

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