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I’ve decided where I want to move the only problem is it exist less then a week a year. CPAC Land is not only the place which shares my core values and principals but just as important is the fun/exciting people behind those views. Young. Old, Black, White, Jew, Christian come together in this land to share a bond unlike anywhere else in the world and to let loose with friends for life.  For being a conservative can sometimes feel very lonely but in CPAC Land the world is full of friends.

Socially Unfit

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I’m socially unfit to work in this company not for what I’ve done in my job but what I’ve done after the 9 to 9.  For work was only one place I let them see my performance every step I took after the work load was watched by that convenient smart device attached to my wrist. If I decided to drive instead of walk that was deducted from a step ahead & G-D forbid I actually dipped twice instead of once. Add these factors to what I wrote on my Facebook page and suddenly the ladder was collapsing upon me.  I guess it is for the better because my lifestyle choices are an important factor on whether I have the capacity to truly move ahead at least that’s why Alexa Away has determined and now I’ll have to learn to fully obey instead.

Milk with Cookies

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This (above) really works out with a soggy cookie that misses it’s bite until ‘MILK W COOKIES.  This Milk will have all the flavor of your favorite cookie’s without ever having to take a soggy bite. The flavor will literally melt in your mouth with less calories and sugar then if you ate them with every dip. MILK W COOKIES isn’t it time for the two to truly get together with every sip?

Send It Back

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You don’t want to  start an argument and they might have worked very hard to make your dish but if you don’t like just send it back. For one never knows if that next dish could make your taste buds stand up and shout “hooray”!  Last night that occurred when a mediocre fish dish was sent back after one bite to be replaced with the best Tuna Sushi I might have ever tasted. Both dishes appealed to my eyes but only one left my taste buds breathless.  If I didn’t send this dish back I never would have known what this restaurant could have offered.  Let’s pray this is similar to what eventually occurs with the President & Kim Jung Un maybe this meal wasn’t right and the next one will be something that will taste a whole lot better for the world.


Michael Cohen- Sad History

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Michael Cohen has made history for all the wrong reasons and his words can come back and bite us all. For this is the first time the House Oversight Panel has selected to hear from an individual that has been convicted of lying to them previously.  An individual who hasn’t even served his time for a slew of crimes that he has been convicted of. What signal does this send to the rest of the country where politics comes before justice? Where an individual is allowed to be a **public star** for doing the wrong thing even before justice has been served.  It’s time that we prove justice is for all not just for those who aren’t well connected.

Michael Cohen- HATER!!!

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Today while the President is attempted to forge a bond of peace with a previous enemy of all the people of the United States through his vital talks with Kim Jong Un, a hater will take the other stage. While the world could be watching and rooting as one the Democratic leaders in the House have decided a hater should be on their stage. This individual has been found guilty of fraud and shortly will be swimming up river but since he hates the President he will appear in the people’s hall on this crucial date.   In a time when the President is trying to build bridges the Democrats in the House continue to try to tear them down  today with an individual who will step in anything because of his hate for the Commander and Chief.


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I’m going to the CPAC convention not to hear the one’s with ** Stars** in their names but the one’s who take the time, monies and efforts to be there with them.  These individuals who will not take center stage but are delighted to watch the stage and support the cause they believe in even though their names will not be mentioned.  These activist are the one’s who truly make it all happen and I’m delighted to spend my time, monies and effort just to see them in person.

Bud Rebel Show- Reality Check

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While the ideals and outline are set in motion for the Bud Rebel Show( a combination of SNL and Opray for everyone especially fellow deplorable’s) now comes the reality check. The area’s that may not be so exciting but the one’s that will make sure it’s walking up instead of sideways. Here are a few of the steps I’m taking.

(1) FACILITATOR- Time has always been a constraint I can’t add to so I’m looking at a facilitator to make sure we hire the “right people” and they follow the blue print (in my case green it’s a nice color) so the clock will move ahead with the show as well.

(2) LEGAL- It’s important everyone knows what I expect and what will cause them problems in advance. My legal talent will see that this occurs.

(3) NAME- Let’s face it my name is not even known down my block so to have the show reach a larger audience then my bathroom I’ll try to connect a name to said project.

(4) SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING- This person will make sure that the show builds up support even when it’s in this face until the crescendo of “PRODUCTION” and also that this support continues afterwards.

Inner Betrayal

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While I write within the fire yesterday I walked away to my comfort zone. For I sat there while my party endorsed a candidate from the opposite plank without uttering a word of objection.  I felt an “inner betrayal” as the mob mentality took over the whole room and even me.  That mentality continued to  hold my voice when I chose to endorse a candidate that went against them and didn’t object with enough venom.  So today I sit with my head against the wall waiting to bang myself back into the “rebel” that I will be again.


Hillary Clinton Run’s For President 2020

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Hillary Clinton is going to enter the 2020 Presidential Race as the “moderate” in the Democratic Party. As her party moves closer to Venezuela then the United States she see’s a big void that she can fill for her friends on Silicone Valley and Wall Street.   She will easily recoup their monies and actually has a good chance to get the Democratic nomination again. Either way it will add money to her lifestyle which took a hit after the 2016 loss.

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