Much easier to be negative.

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light through

Why does it always appear to be easier to be negative then positive? Whether it’s forcing yourself out of bed in the morning or complaining about the events and/or people around us, the negative force appears to pulls us in like a magnet.  Even the most positive stories we read must be filled with some tragedies along the way.  Sometimes It appears that we are surrounded by negative forces that won’t give us a chance to escape.

If we have the will and force to battle through those energies then we will see a world full of sunshine and happiness. It might be hidden behind many clouds but when the light seeps through it is one of the most beautiful lights you’ve ever seen.  Therefore pull yourself away from the negative and then the smallest peak of light will brighten your entire day.

When screwed is it time to sue?

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It’s lousy when someone promises you something and betrays your trust. It’s also lousy the amount of time, monies and effort it takes to seek justice in the court.  Seeking justice can cost you more time and effort then the betrayal was truly worth to you.

We have to realize in most cases when people betray you their heart betrays them ; put in simple words “Karma” is a bitch that like the “Tell Tale Heart” can haunt you way after the incident(s) occur.  We can see it in biblical stories such as Joseph where his own brother’s betrayal sent them to suffer as well or in our own life’s if we  truly look deep enough.  Sometimes it might take the threat of a lawsuit before “Karma” goes into effect but eventually it will.  Therefore choose your lawsuits strategical so victory will truly be yours even if it’s in small claims court there is a bigger judge watching.

Simple Pleasures

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dog licks face

Maybe the dogs have it right. While we struggle to change the world in our own way a dog simple takes one person or dog at a time.  While we work hours on end to find just the right dish to make a dog will eat …. (well maybe it’s good to be  little picky).  We often look for a deep conversation while a dog wants just to have fun and expects nothing more then hug or simple touch.  Many people will spend their salaries trying to keep up with the Jones-es while a dog wants to just follow it’s own tail.   I know we all have our roles in life but sometimes it’s good to think like a dog.  Don’t worry I’ll still use the toilet.

Let the demonization begin

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2016 Republican Candiat


The 2014 election hasn’t even occurred and I already received a letter from the DNC warning me about the evil  2016 Republican nominees for the Presidency.  I thank Mrs. Debbie Wasserman Shultz for informing that many of these candidates want to poison the air, eat children and are really Martians.   The Martian part might be a bit too far but the way she described these good people you might believe she’s going in this direction.

I understand the importance of “hype” to get people to donate to your cause but I can’t believe even the deepest partisan believes this crap.  I also realize that it’s important to keep it short and sweet so why don’t you write about the President’s successes that should be no more then a sentence.   That wasn’t nice but at least it was more true then the materials I received from Mrs. Shultz which I’m sure she’ll be happy to know will be recycled. I could always use another Pooper Scooper.  Let the games begin!

Impeachment no but early retirement….

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President Obama vacationing



Dear Mr. President:

I believe a man of your statue needs more time to spend with his friends at Martha’s Vineyard and Hollywood. Therefore may I suggest that you and the V.P. take an early retirement package.   I can only imagine how annoying dealing with all the White House business can be for you whether it’s all those crisis in the world or the economy that just wouldn’t listen to you isn’t it time for more rest and relaxation.  Your poll numbers are sinking and there have been many different calls for impeachment over some silly laws you bended and ignored with some constitution or something but of course you know better.

I will contribute the first dollar to this campaign for early retirement ( it will be my first dollar to a Democratic campaign) and I’m sure many of my fellow American’s would be happy to contribute as well.  This way instead of raising monies for some losing cause you can use it for your early retirement instead.   Think of the good you will do for yourself and the nation.  Think of the moments with Beyoncé as well (sorry Michele). Happy Retirement and take Joe with you.


Bruce Weinfeld


P.S. If the retirement angle is not your gig I think I can find you a great position as a NCAA announcer or comedian (our country has become a big joke)


Find it App

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Hate losing your keys, glasses and other items the “Find it App” is your solution. Apply a small piece of this clear tape to any one of the items that you tend to misplace and when that occurs Apply the “Find it App” and bingo your item is discovered. The “Find it App” uses the same GPS technology that is utilized to find a missing phone or car.  Help me develop this App so I can find those damn keys already… or was it my glasses?

Israel needs to win heart and soul!

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israel Palestine peace

Israel is winning the war against Hamas but Hamas has the upper hand in the propaganda war and it’s time Israel fought back. This appears to be an extremely difficult battle because Hamas has no problem using it’s own citizens as human shields in this conflict but there are tactics that will work (see below).

(1) On every news broadcast or any discussion with reporters start with the memory of the loss of an Israeli then discuss the fear gripping the women and children in Israel.

(2) Open up a “Free Zone” in Gaza where residents that are opposed to Hamas can openly protest in peace along with other groups that might be banned by Hamas.

(3) Have a “Free Radio” and “TV Station” broadcast in the Gaza Strip with fun music and entertainment normally banned by this group and slight anti-Hamas messages thrown in.

(4) Send out flyers and sheets from Imam and other faith leaders that disagree with the tactics of hate spread by Hamas.

(5) Start rebuilding efforts along the Gaza strip border including schools and hospitals that are better then the original construction but make it extremely difficult to build tunnels and/or utilize them for attacks upon Israeli’s

(6) Be willing to debate any member from Hamas or any other political wing of the Palestinians anytime and anyplace (if it’s secure) that they want.  Let the world no about their cancellations.

(7)  Finally end all news broadcast or discussion with a prayer for eventual peace and security for all parties concerned and their children.

A list NY doesn’t want to be on.

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It’s not always the glitter and glamor that makes you happy (see below).

Top 10 happiest metropolitan areas with a population greater than 1 million (as of 2010):

1. Richmond-Petersburg, VA
2. Norfolk-Virginia Beach-Newport News, VA
3. Washington, DC
4. Raleigh-Durham, NC
5. Atlanta, GA
6. Houston, TX
7. Jacksonville, FL
8. Nashville, TN
9. West Palm Beach-Boca Raton, FL
10. Middlesex-Somerset-Hunterdon, NJ

Top 10 unhappiest metropolitan areas with a population greater than 1 million (as of 2010):

1. New York, NY
2. Pittsburgh, PA
3. Louisville, KY
4. Milwaukee, WI
5. Detroit, MI
6. Indianapolis, IN
7. St. Louis, MO
8. Las Vegas, NV
9. Buffalo, NY
10. Philadelphia, PA


Jews and their supporters United!

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They say that if you take two Jews in a room that they’ll give you 3 different opinions but when driven to the edge we unite as one and with the support of our Christian brothers and sisters and Hash-m’s love will not be defeated.  Israel is that unifying force and when attacked we come together to defend her. Those who elect leaders who seek it’s destruction must realize that we will do what we must to defeat those leaders and their means to those aims. We mourn the death of the innocent but those innocent must bare some responsibility because elections truly do matter.  We seek peace and harmony but be warned if attacked we will not be divided and conquer the enemy no matter what the initial costs or consequence.  May G-D someday soon allow us to defeat those who are bent on destruction and let peace and harmony exist between all the people’s of the world.