Party Pusher

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Two Wild and Crazy Guys

Your friends are great but let’s just say the party needs a bit more WILD  & CRAZY  moments. Then it’s time to call for the “PARTY PUSHER“. This individual will come as one of your friends but make sure no glass is empty of ethanol and that the dance floor is full of feet.  They will not be the life of the party but make sure the party is back from the dead.  “PARTY PUSHER” when you’ve got everything for the party except for the extra fun. 

Sag Awards- “Spotlight” the big winner

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Spotlight Sag Awards

Spotlight” has won “Outstanding Performance by a cast in Motion Picture which is great for them but means we will have to make sure we spend times and $$’s  to see it.  For the Oscars are upon us as this film and we must be prepared before it begins.  I’ve seen three of the Oscar nominated pictures for best picture so far (Brooklyn, Room, and Mad Max Fury Road) and now I know I went out of order. For I should have stayed with the one word titles 1st (sorry Mad Max) and then continued down the list. I was going to see “The Martian” today but then this would go against the theory.  Movies with one word titles have had a propensity to win including ( Birdman 2014, Argo 2013, Crash 2005 Chicago 2002). Yes, I know I skipped a few years but I’m trying to make a deep point and don’t want inconvenient facts to get in the  way.  I will see “Spotlight” because I’m sure under some mathematical theory this is correct and because it also looks like a well made film.

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“Secrets” revealed today!

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Secret 1 Secret 2

I have Hillary Clinton’s Server and it reveals….that you should attend “Secrets in the Film-making industry” today  1/31/16 11AM at 18 Montebello, Road in Montebello, NY.  It is true that these will not be secrets on national security (which shouldn’t be kept on a private server) but secrets concerning a film industry that you never knew or were afraid to ask.  It is also true that this wasn’t actually found on her server but it’s also true that Hillary likes Tomatoes. Got you thinking….

Secrets in the Film Industry– 18 Montebello Road, Montebello, NY 11AM be  there or be kept in the dark- video will be released to watch in the dark later.


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Here are the video’s (click below) that were banned from various media sites but now are open to your eyes and ears.

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[youtube_sc url=””]

Wasted $$$

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throwing away money 1  throwing away money 2

These images might be too painful for many to look at but in some way we all do this in our life. Whether it’s that have eaten steak that we left in the doggy bag until it’s ready for St Patty’s, or the light we leave on when know one is around, monies are wasted on a regular basis.   Yet what others consider wasteful some consider a great investment in happiness whether it be getting the best chocolate in town (I’m on those list) or taking that stretch limo to the airport (stretch is pushing it).  If the monies that are spent on such luxurious produce states of happiness and memories that last a lifetime then they are truly investments otherwise flush on the way out.  So how do we determine if we made an investment or flushed (below) are some helpful hints.

(1) Are the monies being spent on something you believe in or what others believe in?

(2) Does this fill one of your bucket list items/goals or has it just popped out of know-where?

(3) Will these expenditures satisfy this desire or lead you down a path of spending more and more?

(4) Are you paying a price for this product/service that is at or below the list price for it or is worth to pay more for the convenience in terms of happiness goal?

(5) Have you used at least 50% of the product/service or has it been disposed of?

(6) Will spending these monies bring a great deal of happiness to your loved one that they could cherish not just now but as a legacy of your name?

(7)Does spending this monies hurt your ability to fulfill your basic needs and even desires of you and your immediate love ones?



Drug War- Your War

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Drug War

The war against illegal hard drugs can’t be won if we as individuals don’t fight it in the communities that we live.  It is not a war on supply for without a demand there would be no blood of the innocent. If we are therefore to win this war family, friends, and associates must have the ability to intervene when a loved one goes down this evil path. Laws must be passed that make it easier for this to occur without retribution and to insure that those who have taken the wrong path get the help they need quickly and efficiently so that they can truly live again. Here (below) is some ways this could occur.

(1) 1-800 A special anonymous number will be set up so you can help an individual condemned to a path of destruction and death.

(2) Surveillance of such individual will occur and when they are caught either taking such deadly substances or purchasing them they will be immediately arrested.

(3) These individuals will be given the choice of a court trial with a criminal record or an immediate scared straight w tough love drug treatment center that is out of the community they live in. Furthermore they will not have anything on their permanent record if they stay clean and go to group therapy/counseling on a regular basis after such treatment, and give back some time (as retribution) to help defeat this war on death and destruction in their communities.


Rubio’s Immigration Policy-Your Policy

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Marco Rubio sneaking over the border

Marco Rubio’s policy on legal & illegal immigration is your policy on this subject as well.  There has been a great deal of confusion on his stance but after listening to him speak in many formats I believe there is clarity that his opponents don’t want you to see so here is how it is broken down (below).

(1) FIX THE BORDERS- He won’t even try to consider changing or revising any status on immigration unto there is consensus that our borders are fully protected. This of course includes building fencing where need be as well as other security measures.

(2) CONSENSUS BUILDING- Once  that goal is achieved he will not push a policy on the status of illegal or legal immigration that the American people are against. Rubio pulled out of the deal of 8 because although he thought there were fine points in the legislation the other points were prickly to his constituents and the American people.

(3) DEPORTING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS- Marco Rubio takes a realistic approach with those that are here illegally now understanding there is no will either fiscally or emotionally to horde up 11 million people who have lived in our communities some for many generations.  He will seek to deport those immediately who  commit criminal actions but find a realistic way to deal with those individuals who have lived and worked in our communities that is based on what is best for the country as a whole.

Zika Virus- Kill Mosquito’s

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Kill Mosquitoes

Zika Virus is just another reason to eliminate Mosquito’s from this earth (except in a lab or ISIS land).  Maybe we’ll find some purpose for these pests (especially their needle noses) but until that time it’s time all world organizations may a concerted effort to destroy these pests from 99 % of the lands (ISIS & labs can keep a few).   They have caused more diseases and pain to our lands then we can imagine and it’s time we face this enemy and eliminate it once and for all.   I’m not sure this is a policy PETA would agree to but if they want they can keep some as well but for the rest of us bye, bye needle nose it wasn’t nice knowing you.

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