Kellogg’s Origins

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fruit loopskelloggs Origins

From the maker’s of sugary unhealthy but delicious cereals such as Fruit Loops comes Origins.  “Origins” is an all natural healthy cereal that appears to have as much in common with Kellogg’s as Illegal Immigrants have with Donald Trump. Yet the times are a changing and the Kellogg’s management must understand that change and are moving mountains to keep their market share. Origins still has plenty of “Kellogg’s sweet sugary taste but truly who would have thought this would have occurred when only a few years ago Cookie Crisp cereal was eating up market share.   Origins is the cereal that today’s mom’s will bring to the breakfast table … at least for themselves.

Prevent zombie apocalypse

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zombie apocalypse    Presidential Debate Podiums


I guess  “Fear of the Walking Dead” is getting to me so I want the Presidential candidates to come up with policies to deal with a zombie apocalypse.  Currently some of the policies that they are talking about have as realistic chance of passing anyway (throwing out 11 million illegal aliens, making abortion illegal in rape and incest cases etc) so why not deal with the up and coming zombie problem.  Here are a few proposals (below) that I would add to this policy paper.

(1) TIE SNEAKERS OR SHOES (found this on Facebook not sure if friend or zombie adviser) Every person who dies is buried in shoes or sneakers with their shoelaces tied together. Zombies trip easily.

(2) BUILD A WALL- A huge wall around cemeteries with shooting guards should make sure we keep illegal dead from rising.

(3) DEPORT- If someone is found to be a zombie they are automatically deported. I would suggest too a large corn maze even those with brains can’t get out of those.

(4) ABORT ZOMBIE BABIES- I’m a 100 % Pro-Life but if you’re going to give rise to the undead I’m sorry but we have to keep that dead.

(5) CLUB FOOT- Every person has the foot broken or amputated. How fast can you walk with one foot.

(6) GUNS FOR EVERYONE- Zombies really don’t have the ability to shoot so we don’t have to worry about these guns going in the wrong hands and with a zombie apocalypse we all need to be protected. Please note this disbursement will only occur when a zombie resides in the White House …. wait then.


Horror Genius RIP

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wes craven

He was the iconic Director behind some of the greatest horror movies of our times from “Nightmare on Elm Street” to the “Scream” movie series and now the grim reaper has taken him from our view.  His view of horror haunts many an audience even today taking the horror genre into different venues others were afraid to go. Rest in peace Wes Craven while your genius will continue to create fear and anxiety for viewer to come that they will love.

Dog School for you

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dog school

You know your dog is smarter then sit or stay but how do you prove that, with DOG  SCHOOL of courseThis is the one school where you and your dog will learn how smart they are and it’s on television.  DOG SCHOOL will show how you can do simple lessons step by step to entertain your dogs body and mind. It will be a show you will play over and over with your four legged friend. Who knows maybe Rough Einstein really exists in your dog and it only takes a weekly show to bring it out.

Naked Trend

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There appears to be a “Naked Trend” taking over our cities whether it’s the Philadelphia bicyclist (that’s gotta hurt) or NYC past Naked Cowboys people who have appeared to lose their clothes on purpose.  For me wearing my birthday suit is reserved for special occassions like taking a shower. I even get embarrassed when the doctor has to check those areas so maybe I’m a bit out of this fashion. Yet you must admit it leaves a bit less for the imagination when everything is revealed up front and makes walking in Times Square a bit more awkward then normal for even the most liberal family.  In other words naked is fine if that’s your thing but maybe keep it between you and those who share this way of life instead of imposing it on all off us … (exceptions for those who have the body and face of Christine Brinkley allowed)

Discount Hotels = bargain well worth it.

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drinking whiskey

As I’ve “moved up” in my life I’ve tried to absorb some of the finer things in life (at least occassionally)  but with discount hotels that’s a bargain I will always book. For many a discount hotel has many of the ammenities that the luxury hotels don’t provide whether it be free Wi-Fi, Gym, Pool or even breakfast. So why spend more monies and get less? Of course the luxury hotels might have bigger lobbies or larger rooms but who goes on vacation to sit in a lobby or room.   Maybe you want to impress someone by staying at such a hotel but I’ll just meet them at the bar and pay for their drinks instead yet still save monies.  Discount Hotels are the luxury I desire in my life for now and even if I become Trumpified.

Youtube Ads *****

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eye for an eye

Youtube Ad’s are one of the last places that an advertiser can grab your eye’s.  For today we can DVR past commercials on T.V, switch the channel on a radio Ad, and hardly read an ad in the paper but when it comes to watching a video it’s almost imposible to skip this ad if it’s on If an advertiser is smart not only can they grab the attention of the viewer with such a 30 second ad but also tie it in to the actually video that the person will be watching in 30 seconds with a promotion for the video in some way or other information pertinent to the subject. has given advertisers a whole new avenue to truly catch the viewing public eye’s.

Dog Distract

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dog 4

You’re trying to accomplish something more with you’re life but their cute you little smile keeps you from  leaving then it’s time for DOG DISTRACT. Just press this device when you’re about to leave and the bells and whistles it makes will make sure you’re dog(s) are distracted so you can make your escape without feeling guilty. DOG DISTRACT also throws out bones and toys on the floor to insure that distractions continues even if you forget your keys, cell phone etc.  With DOG DISTRACT leaving will be a whole lot easier for you and your dog.

Step in Shoes

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wearing mom's shoes

We all have to deal with the shoes that were given to us but most of the time the problems that we face are due to the shoe’s we step into instead.  They may appear just right when we step in them but they truly don’t fit us and therefore the steps we take with them cause us pain, suffering and can even make us fall from grace.  While others might get away with walking in these shoes we must realize that our path is not theirs and the unnatural steps we take pull us further from the path that G-D had intended for us. So before you take another step make sure they fit just right for even if the shoes your wearing aren’t the most fashionable they are meant for you and for that reason their beautiful

Black Sheep… Brown

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black sheep 2   black sheep brown

I used to wear my Black sheep fur with pride but as time went on I decided it’s best to be Brown.  For although it’s important to not fray from your values and ideals it’s also important to understand why you are rebelling.  Is it just to be different without listening with two ears to those that feel differently, could it be that you’re so stuck in your mindset that even common ground can’t be stepped on, or are there true values and ideals behind your stand? As a former black sheep I realize that you must not only analyze the behavior and actions of those around you but more carefully examine your own.

Option for just that sake isn’t allowed in my mindset anymore. I still stand up for my values, ideals, likes and desires even to the point of standing alone but keep an open heart. I have made a greater effort to find common ground between people’s that appeared initially just to oppose me. My mind is open to see their likes and desires in a whole new light even it’s not the same light I share. I hope that opening my mind and body to their world will not change my color as a whole but bring some new light in where it only appeared dark before. Maybe by opening my mind to their world they’ll be willing to step in my world as well.