Wall Street Weekend Edition – 2/28/15- UNNEWS

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wall street

As you might have discovered I love to read the “Wall Street Journal”  but what happens if it’s current headline is false.  The headline changes before the newspaper can edit it.  This occurred in this weekend edition on it’s front page where the headline reads “Standoff Clouds Security Funding” because by 10PM last night the House of Representatives passed a bill to fund “Homeland Security” for at least a week.  Unfortunately the Wall Street Journal’s editing staff must have went home by 9.45PM.  I conclude that the old saying is true you can’t always believe what you read even if it comes from my beloved “Wall Street Journal”

Undiscovered Talent – FOUND

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practicing guitar

It’s sad that there are so many people who will live their lives without their true talent being shown to the world.  Here are a just a few reasons (below) this can occur and how it can be found.

(1) DEAD END- A person is stuck in a position in life that requires most of their time and feels there’s no true avenue of escape.

(2) FAILURE- One to many failures lead a person to low self esteem and destroy the will and desire to try something new.

(3) TEMPTATIONS- The temptations of seeking pleasure above purpose lead this individual away from the time and effort they need to be successful.

(4) DISCOURAGEMENT- One to many friends or family discourage the person from pursuing their dreams with terms like “be realistic, it’s not for you” etc.

(5) COMPLACENCY – You become satisfied with your lot/boat so why shake it up.


The first path to discovering that talent is to open it up to the world.  Showcase your “talent” to a group of strangers for free and gauge their response. If they believe you have something pursue it further and continually gauge their response. If the response is less then satisfactory you might try a different audience after additional preparation.  If this isn’t working maybe there is something that utilizes similar skills that might work.  Don’t quit your day job until this one pays at least the oil for the bacon but also don’t quit your dreams.

Bio Page

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looking at resume

Whether you’re looking to hire someone, meet the person of your dreams or put your best foot forward how much do we truly know about each other?   BIO PAGE stands out above any resume because it truly reads between the lines of who a person is.  On BIO PAGE not only will they know the college you went to but what was your favorite subject, your most challenging class but what you truly learned.  This page will allow the participant to put in as much depth as they want in particular subjects because direct questions will continue to appear on the screen for them to answer. Password protected the “BIO PAGE” can keep certain questions and answers off limit to only those that you truly want to share this information with.  Easy access to questions and answers will allow researcher to gather this information with agility.  It’s time we truly opened up (as far as we want) it’s time for “BIO PAGE”

The Best People!

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personal prayer

I’m going to a be a bit prejudice but I consider the best people to be those with “true faith”.  A faith that gives them the power to stand up for the little guy even when everyone around them is crushing him yet the modesty to allow someone else to get the applause because they know the most important clap comes from just one.  They have the faith to look to perfect themselves then go out and condemn others but still lead by example first  These individuals are the first to say sorry, those that are most grateful for the items we take for granted and truly see a better day ahead even in the midst of the most horrific storm.  People of faith will give time, efforts and monies to those institutions that support that faith but also be willing to pray alone for those they don’t even know.  They believe that hearts and souls can change through love and caring rather then the sword.  Most importantly people of faith are the first to lend a helping hand to any person who needs it for they know G-D continues to provide that hand for all of us.

Gotcha questions – Responses

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scott walker

Every conservative candidate running for office is going to be thrown a bunch of  “Gotcha Questions”. The way they answer those questions will help determine how far they truly go up the ladder before the media elite can push you down.  The key point is to answer questions that relate to actual policy decisions but don’t seem to be a politician who tries to avoid answers on the other hand. Preparations is key and it’s fine once in awhile to say I have to explore that more.  It’s a difficult path to weave so here’s 4 Gotcha questions & responses (below) that I believe will work.

 IS PRESIDENT OBAMA A CHRISTIAN? – No person can read the heart and soul of another person and he says he’s a Christian so I accept his words unfortunately his deeds have done harm to those of the faith. Whether it’s the slaughter of Christians in Africa and Syria this President has hardly laid a glove on protecting the innocent among us. 

DO YOU BELIEVE IN CREATIONISM-  I believe that government shouldn’t impose one way of looking at a subject on it’s employers and their children.  It’s important that respectful discussion and debate on various beliefs is not only tolerated but promoted in our schools.   My position on creationism or evolution will not be up for a policy decision but the decision of imposing one belief in our schools through secular humanism unfortunately is.

WOULD YOU FAVOR MAKING ABORTION ILLEGAL EVEN FOR THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN RAPED?  This question is silly since no legislation or court decision is even suggested related to this topic. What is proposed is that a person under 17 years old get permission from a parent before she get’s an surgery? If a young person can’t buy a beer or go to an R Rated movie without parental consult before she’s 18 surely she shouldn’t have a surgery without that consent . There is also legislation to ban sex selection abortion where an unborn child is aborted just because she’s a woman or man. These are the types of bills I’m in favor of.

DO YOU WANT TO BAN GAY MARRIAGE  I believe every adult should be able to have a loving relationship with another adult without restriction from the government but believe the importance of traditional marriage especially as it relates to raising children must be cemented as a bedrock if we are to continue you as a society.  We have too many children being brought up in single parent households and that is putting too much of a strain on those parents, children and society as a whole 



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you can't handle it

You are ready to try you’re luck in a new business but are you sure, the college you picked seems fine but,  you’re ready for the big debate but are you really?  “ALL THE FACTS” will provide you all the “pro’s & cons” so you’ll insure that you speak from your head not just your heart.  “ALL THE FACTS” consultants go through a rigorous training session so that they can spot facts present and ones that need to be researched.  Once these consultants speak to you they will prepare a simple to read report (based on the in depth plan you want) and present it in a timely basis.  So I ask you do you want “ALL THE FACTS” or can’t you handle it.

SUCCESS = Collaboration

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climbing mountain

No matter how great it appears one’s climb to success is it’s the one’s around him/her that truly gave them the ability to climb. If this individual couldn’t convince others to support them with their own talents and/or means they wouldn’t even have got past the first step.  Those that are truly great at making the leap make others donation of time and/or money appear to be a wonderful investment not a favor or loan.  It will be fun, exciting, create new opportunities, enhance you life if you would invest in this “project” and once you build a track record many will jump aboard the climb.  Success will breed more success and failures will only be bumps on the road leading to greater achievement.  If you can convince others and yourself that this is the case you will appear to be climbing that mountain alone but don’t deceive yourself the shadows of those that helped will be always be around you.

Roller coaster- TEACH

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I know it’s been said before but to truly live life at your max you must be willing to ride the roller coasters that you will encounter. Life will seem to be going up hill and then it will appear to fall apart but if you are willing to stay on course there will be more hills to climb and I’m sorry to say there will also be  more valleys. Those hills of success might appear smaller at certain points but also will the falls.  We can be afraid of the next roller coaster and just go on the kiddie rides or we can look for the more exciting ride. The bigger the opportunity the larger the drop you might encounter. There will be times that you feel the world has turned upside down (that’s when my stomach hurts) but it will strengthen out when you least expect it to. How we deal with the falls will tell us more about how we will be able to climb to the top then the actual climb. So do not fear the roller coasters of life embrace them for the long run and enjoy the moments of the climb.

My Idea Exists

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toothpaste in a brush   bandaid

I’m sorta relieved that this product already exists for when I was young man I saw my product develop within my eyes without seeing any green.  At around 8 years old I came up with the idea of a band aid that already had first aid ointment on it so when you had a cut all you would need was this band-aid. I took all my monies from my piggy bank (I wasn’t raised Kosher) and invested with an Inventors Dream Group.  They designed a beautiful bunch of papers but for me to go further I would need to own a farm of piggy banks. Needless to say I this was not in my stars and within a few years I saw my product developed by a major player in every CVS and Walgreens that I visited.

This morning I awoke with the idea of a toothbrush to go because it had toothpaste in it.  It would be convenient for those frequent travelers. I was happy to report that my product is already in the market  making millions or thousands to the one actually invented it or the person who had the funds to take it a step forward. For it might not be the brilliant idea that lands green but those willing to invest their piggy banks in such an idea that truly hit the farm.

Invest/Gamble on yourself

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spinning roulette


We all have brilliant ideas but how are we willing to invest/gamble on those ideas is the question?  Are we willing to expend the time even if it costs us a good paying job to get this project of the ground? Would we be willing to cut into our next egg or cut our fixed costs to expend monies on this project?  Or are we just willing to let others roll the wheel while we sit in our comfort spot even if it has a bunch of holes? These are difficult decisions to make and here is how I come to my decision.

(1) Can I afford to lose these monies without losing the house or car to get to work with?

(2) Will this cause undue burden that will be too difficult to recover from G-D forbid it fails?

(3) Is there something I truly want more of that this project will tear me apart from?

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