In Loving Memory of My Mom, My Biggest Supporter

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Today is the first day I go on without my biggest supporter – my mom. A person who was truly there for me, even before I was born, and has been with me all along. Unlike other supporters, she didn’t tell me to pursue some “big goal” but gave me the advice to “make sure I had fun along the way.”

When I sought work as a paperboy, she strongly suggested I should enjoy my leisure instead, before I didn’t have that luxury anymore. When I ignored her advice and got the job as a paperboy, she insisted on driving me around to deliver the papers, if even the smallest cloud appeared in the sky (okay, maybe more than just one, but still!)

She made sure that I always had my favorite juice and vegetables through my growing up years as well. Mom was one who stood by my side as I battled everyone else in our family during often-heated debates or at least she told them to listen to me.

But the biggest thing my Mom taught me is that small things truly do matter, and small gestures of kindness can last a lifetime. My mom was wise enough to know that the little moments are truly special. One of my favorite “little” moments with my mom is when we saw the movie Alien together and we didn’t feel like eating anymore popcorn because of what could pop out of our stomach (spoiler alert!). Another one is that last special moment when we fed ducks; she fought for the smallest one to get a bite even though she didn’t feel well enough herself to eat.

While I will still try to change the world, maybe I can work a bit harder to make a difference in my inner world as well; that way my mom will never fade away. My memories and love for my mom will truly last a lifetime.

Mom, may G-D give you a resting place that is worthy of your dignity, grace, and love. I already miss my biggest supporter, and it’s only day one.

Jews Sand of The Sea

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Let’s face it if you actually counted today the population of  people of the Jewish faith it would not be sand of the sea but probably about .2 % of the world population so how can I bible believer rectifier this quagmire?   Well let’s just say their is room for interpretation (below) .

(1) INFLUENCE– Although our population is small we hold many different leadership positions in areas where our holy purpose can be felt whether it be in charity, politics, innovation, entertainment, medicine and of course faith.

(2) BROTHERS, SISTERS, & COUSINS-  Those brother, sister and cousin belief’s that hold onto a faith of one G-D and love of G-D’s other creations are spread throughout the world. The goal of peaceful co-existence within the family is shared by those who might have differences on other points but what family is perfect?

(3) BOOK- The Torah/Bible is shared throughout the world even if some have added a page or made a modification here, there and (you get the point) at least we start with the same opening.



Impossible Possibilities

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“Logically” it’s an impossible mountain to climb but you keep on walking. All the formula’s don’t add up but you keep multiplying. For in the end you know that with your efforts and faith in G-D’s glory will have you will see the light as others just see clouds even if it suddenly comes in a different direction that you’ve never seen before.

You’re Invite

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You're invited

12/1/2018- 10AM- Congregation Shaarey Israel- 18 Montebello Road-Montebello, NY

This is YOUR official invite to attend my annual D’var Torah on the bibilical story of Joseph. Where I attempt to delve a bit deeper to show how this ancient story is relevant in the times we live in today. I can’t promise that the insight will change your life but I’ll try and at the end you’ll have at least an extra bagel with some cream cheese to go with it. For a wonderful Kiddish with friends will occur afterwards and it’s on my house or maybe just a bedroom.

Wrong Name

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Prayer prayer forml

You have taken the time to pray for someone who needs it unfortunately you didn’t take the time to remember the right name, where does your message go?  I believe that G-D not only hears the words of your prayers but your intention thereof and even if the name is spelled differently G-D’s spell check clears it up.  Of course if G-D doesn’t have to use the spell check it would be more direct yet indirect routes help as well.  Prayers work even with an incorrect name  as long as their felt with passion, love and a heartfelt plead.  Therefore even if you’re not sure of the name pray to G-D for their healing for as you see this occuring inside G-D willing it will work outside as well.

Self Worth- JUDGE

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alone 5 alone-2

In the end who do we let decide our “self worth”? The truth is even though the word “self” is clearly present there are others that have a greater influence. Family, friends and society take a bite into how we might feel about the path we walk on.  Whether we make a certain amount of green $ to buy…., hang with the popular people, or are known by this or that crowd can also play a role in how we feel.  Yet in the end there is only one judge our worth the one who has put us here in the 1st place and will decide when or if we need to come home.  If one does their best to follow the path that G-D has lead them on then they can determine their worth is greater then any shiny diamond or star out there as well as any feelings deep inside.

Foggy Road… No Escape?

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fog fog 2

It appears as if I’ve walked this foggy road for days on end and at this point I don’t know where a day begins or ends my only motivation force is to see you again.  The strange thing is I can’t recall how I got here all I have is images of that accident where I guess I was a bit to distracted and now this walk to G-D knows where.  My life has been far from perfect yet even with all my mistakes I’ve given what I could for the family so I guess it hasn’t been that bad.  Occassionally though this fog is too thick and I feel that I should give up and then suddenly it dissipates for a moment to reveal a clearing or some fresh Raspberry’s (you know my inspirational food) and I trek along the way. Even when a bush gets in my way I find some powertool of strength to pull it away. Yet today my ankle is hurting, the fog is thicker then ever and I don’t see how I can survive another….. Wait there is a clearing!!! A gate or something and then I see grandpa greating me… but he’s been dead!?

Reality Check

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Reality Check

While we might believe we have opened the door to a new opportunity let’s face it the door wouldn’t be there if we couldn’t see it.  A matter if others didn’t help lead us to the door or make sure it stayed open it would have slammed in our face.  We could have fallen straight on the floor just as we were about to open it as well.  The very existence of such a door at this moment in our life only comes from a higher authority.  Therefore the reality check is without G-D putting a door near us, the health to walk toward it and the great people along the way we would still be walking in the dark.

Faith Driven

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faith 3 FAITH 1

Faith is easy to observe when you’re in a room of the faithful. When those around you share in the path you have chosen but when you’re the only one driving that is the road test that is most difficult to take.  Others might be “tolerant” of your views but question even the start of your engine and then you might wonder whether it’s worth it take out the key.  Just remember it can be a long and sometimes lonely journey yet G-D has the path laid out for you so keep driving.


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Shavuot.jpg 2 Shavuot 3

Today is Shavuot? A little known holiday that only celebrates the giving of the 10 COMMANDMENTS?  These commandments that many of the faithful hold dear is given to us on this date according to the Jewish calendar. Yet it’s even difficult to spell the name (I tried 3 versions) let alone remember the meaning behind this important holiday. It’s time for a new advertisting/marketing campaign to bring out the importance of this date in our calender. While all the laws of the bible/torah are key if you don’t get these 10 right you’ll never find the door.

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