G-D’s Calculator

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Human hands would never touch this calculator because although they might know where to start the finish is way behind their capacity. Karma is a bitch but how that comes about might not appear on one’s road map until they hit a deer. Jacob appeared to have to use deceit to do what was his destiny yet that turn led to a bumpy road map with many falls along the way. It is possible that along this path called life one might take a turn that is right “in the moment” yet leads one down many a pothole. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they were entirely wrong just that a hire authority is doing the calculation.

paranormal.com revised

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If you’re experiencing things outside this realm or fascinated with tales thereof the revised “paranormal.com” website (one exists) will be the place you’ll have to visit. This website will help you find the individuals who can document, fight or just reassure you that what you see, hear and feel is in their realm as well.  You will find top-level experts who will have all the tools you need to help you in whatever you want to go (I would just leave the house).  Paranormal.com there is a world right here that is truly out there.

Relationship Advise- 105- Avoidance

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WARNING–  This probably goes against many a therapist’s advise

Let’s face it there are rough paths ahead in most relationships so being able to navigate those paths is the key to success and happiness. One such travel is avoidance. There are certain topics that feel like hurricanes so avoid them and seek a calmer route instead. Maybe the waters will be calmer at a different time and/or location but don’t go too deeply back into them until you’re fully prepared for the outcome. Avoidance might not be on your therapist’s checklist but it is one path I have safely traveled for years.

FOOTNOTE-  Avoidance does build up to its own storm so have safe travels to a gym or rock concert.

The Menu- Something To Die For?

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The Menu may not be to those of certain culinary tastes but for those who enjoy such art it might be something worth dying for (metaphorical of course). Yes, the acting and unusual plot twist are definitely the best course but depending on one’s perspective the comedic aspects are a course on their own. I’ve been around individuals whose taste buds or attitude fits this film just right so this film is one I devoured bite by bite.

*** 1/2- I think the film accomplished the art it wanted to portray yet felt it needed a bit more spice to get to the end.


Hidden Mirror

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The “mirror” is hidden and you only see through the words that are spoken. So, your picture of reality is completely distorted by those who speak the loudest and longest. Instead look for those pieces of glass that show a whole different image one that is truly beautiful, industrious, and caring.  The truth about Y-O-U will be seen but only if you look at the mirror that is hidden behind those who don’t want you to see the truth.

Werewolf- Motionless In White- Brilliant

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This is one of the most amazing music videos since Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.  It even had some of the dance moves that were performed in the Thriller music video yet this is geared more toward horror entertainment than pop entertainment. It is metal-core music so not meant for the tame of heart.  Motionless In White ‘ Werewolf” great song but an even better much better video.

** 3/4-  “Werewolf” Motionless in White Song. You can move to 3 stars but I wanted to have a strong differentiation between the song and the video.


**** – “Werewolf” Motionless in White Video


Ex Mortis- Ice Nine Kills – New & Old

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WARNING- This is “Ice Nine Kills” and as such is SCARY

I love the way this song combines old and new in a way that is truly exciting and creative. Ice Nine Kills has so many takes on the sound of horror and this is just their latest creation. Let me know if you think it’s worth a listen?


Weird -“The Al Yankovic Story”

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“Weird Al Yankovic” story on Roku is true in a way I’m not sure the filmmakers knew they were creating. The film has moments where it is hysterical and other times where it is simply over the top and I’m sorry to say a bit annoying. Very similar to Weird Al Yankovic.  The film is worth seeing because it makes fun of every other “true story” about musicians where it feels like the world or at least the film was created just for them. Yes, the world spun before and after such a star was born but when watching many of these films they make it appear as if it just stopped until….  Weird Al Yankovic appears to be a nice and unique individual which this movie truly captures which in the end makes it more true than many other biopics.

** 1/2 – It really fell off at the end. I guess you can give a 1/2 credit more if you stay for the full credits.





Relationship Advise-103- The Fight

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Lose the battles win the sanity.  Don’t worry about having the last word or even the word before just let go of your fight stance as soon as possible.  Say, what you’re going to say and let it drop like a mic it will stick a whole lot longer. There is no way to convince a loved one who is adding from their own calculus so at some point sooner than you like just go to step 101 and find a way to escape this painful reality. Losing the battles not only helps you stay sane but actually helps you to enjoy the other things around you a whole lot more.

FOOTNOTE- Just because you’re willing to give into a battle doesn’t mean one doesn’t state how they feel even if it’s to closed ears.

The Patient

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“The Patient” is your free therapy session and this one is entertaining. The characters are well drawn out to the point you can feel sorry (spoiler alert) for a serial killer just a bit. The storyline keeps you watching episode after episode with cliffhangers that have you holding on.   It’s not the type of show that has non-stop action but that is due to the point that it’s basically shot in one main location.  “The Patient” is worth your trip to the therapist session.

*** –  I added a 1/2 star for the surprising ending.

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