What Happened to Dinner 1st

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matt lauer Charlie Rose 2

What happened to Dinner 1st and then maybe a bit more fun later? Where does someone obtain the thoughts that another wants to see their private parts in a public office without even a drink and dinner in advance. I’m not saying that this is even a good reason but at least if someone’s ate they could throw up with disgust when this occurs (literally and figuratively).  For even if you are a sexual predator at least you should have a little class.

FOOTNOTE- This is meant to be a bit humorous depending on where you bit.

Back to Life- REALLY?

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person talking to dog 3

Of all the expectations upon a reawakening after my death I never expected to be the one sitting for you. I guess it’s great to return to be with you but now who is holding the leach? It’s tough enough to walk around naked now all my words come out as barks … literally while you’re talking as if you had this speaking problem in the past … oh yeah you did.  Well I hope you don’t mind the time that I gave you the day old left over chicken it wasn’t that bad was it or the ball I sorta teased you with?  Come to think of it this dog food isn’t as bad as it looks and balls (both) have a new fascination that I never observed before when I only had two legs. Well if I was going to come back with 4 legs at least you’re the one with 2 and we can create new memories again.

My Choice- CHOICES

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Presidential Election 2016

I’ve been given the great task of deciding which restaurant my family will be attending at our next “big occasional” and I’ve decided to open it up to the family and you.  For let’s face it some in my family and probably yours were not satisfied with the choices we had in the 2016 Presidential election so at least their is a new election on something real important …food. Yet it is not an open election for only the top 3 party places in NYC are currently in the running (see below) and  at least my vote will go with your decision. Here’s your selection please vote. Please note although we don’t have the mechanism I ask that your vote be held in secret. 

DIRTY CANDLES –http://www.dirtcandynyc.com/

ELLEN’S STARDUST DINER-http://ellensstardustdiner.com/


FOOTNOTE- If there is no clear winner another choice might have to be taken.


Do You Know?

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closing-of-prison-door-1 Blind Justice

Do you have any idea what happens to a person when they are falsely accused of a crime? I ask this because in the recent race to judgement justice is not being served. Yes, of course most might be guilty of these hideous accusations and the accuser should be treated with respect but so should those that are accused. For when those prison doors are shut so is a part of any innocent person’s life. Even when they are found to be totally innocent this  leaves a scar on someone’s psyche to the point of being ashamed. Ashamed for nothing they did wrong but understanding the pain this has put their loved one’s through as well as tilting their view of justice forever.

I know this because I’ve been through this wringer and felt it’s time to cleanse my soul so other’s don’t have to. I’ve spent a day not sleeping behind the prison walls wondering what the hell was happening to me and why? Pondering whether life was worth a fight when this could happen in the “land of the free”.  Eventually my name was completely clear even before a grand jury  was called but the financial and emotional cost it left on me and my loved one’s can never be erased.  For if I was a person of “note” a simple investigation would have proved these accusations were worth less then the paper they were written on. So  let “innocent before guilty” not be empty words but ring true for everyone accused of a crime.

Matt Lauer, Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken CAUSE- Bill Clinton

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matt lauer  Harvey Weinstein running Al Franklin & Leeann TweedonBill Clinton 3

The current history of sexual harassment all can be traced back to President Bill Clinton Administration. It actually isn’t just the actions of the former President that were the cause of what is occurring today but those who had supported Bill Clinton even when many woman had accused him of sexual misconduct for a length of time. If those individuals at the time didn’t portray every accuser in such poor light then maybe the former President would have actually been impeached or forced to resign. Maybe he would never had been elected in the 1st place. This would have led to change in the heart of what our nation would put up with well before these disgraceful actions have come to light in today’s time and might have moved the pendulum so it would have never occurred in the 1st place.

North Korea Leader- Missile -BORED

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Could Kim Jong Un provoke the world with his nuclear tests because he’s just bored? Maybe nobody new has come to see him and he wants a bit more attention in the world’s eye.  Being an isolated dictator can’t be fun all the time so maybe he’s just trying to add some excitement to his life without having to leave his country (his passport probably isn’t good in the U.S). So here’s the deal Kim we will give you the new PS5 which hasn’t been launched (pun intended) in the U.S. if you will stop with these nuclear tests. A matter fact we will let you play with other world leaders and not sit in your time out zone if you will put your weapons down and act like a good boy.  Isn’t that a good deal and how about some milk and cookies to seal this deal wouldn’t that be nice?  I’m glad we could come to an agreement that makes you less bored and the world a whole lot safer.

3 Hour Test

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Time ticking 1

It is not that you don’t love them it’s just that it’s not within this time frame. For even the strongest friendships will see cracks in their walls depending on how much time they spend together in the same room, alone, with no other entertainment.  They might even start to crumble down leaving Humpty Dumpty falling from both sides.  When time spent together appears to slow down you start conversations that liven it up to the point of actually wanting to bolt out.  What is your endurance test for it to break apart?

LOVE … the mask

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Different Maskswearing masks

They love me when my mask is on. The mask that tells them what they want to hear in a way that suits their belief’s. The mask is their ideal version of who they believe I will become when I “fully understand. Yet I understand now that it is only the mask they love and not me which leaves tears hidden under this happy face.

North Korea Missile Launch-WHEN

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North Korea 1

If you were the President of the United States after today’s missile launch and all the sanctions you put on this regime what would you do? There has to be a time when the time limit has ended and action as painful as it seems must be taken. For we can’t wait until that missile is actually launched directly at an ally or even ourselves can we?  The question I then asked to you when has the time been spent and then how strong would you react?

Here is what I would do if I was in a similar position.

(1) I would insure all my allies and own coast is fully protected with a strategic defense force.

(2) Those allies would also have the capacity to act through Mutual Assured Destruction.

(3) Then if a missile comes our way we would have a complete and entire knock out of North Korea with direct annihilation of any communication and electronic grid system immediately.


Donald Trump Pocahontas-Is there any humor left

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[youtube_sc url=”https://youtu.be/5BycpdZ2I7s”]

I just want to know if there is any humor left in America/world or are we just “offended”? Can the President actual say a joke or do we have tissue’s around for all the cry babies? Maybe too many American’s have had their laugh bone extracted and replaced with a Donkey bone that they can’t see the humor in this remark but trust me if the culprit was an Elephant they would be cracking up.