Please try this experiment.

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I recently wrote about a business concept called “Doodle” where an image can be sent to this search engine and you would be able to find information about this product or person.  I believe “Google” has beat me to this concept (see below).   PLEASE EXPERIMENT WITH IT AND TELL ME YOUR OPINION.

I guess having a few billion behind your concept can be helpful.



Faithful respect

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As public policy I believe it’s wrong to discriminate against a person based on race, religion, sexual orientation etc yet as a person of faith I must accept that not all behaviors are equal, or even acceptable in the eyes of G-D/Hash-m.  I am a person who has sinned and continues to sin seeking to come closer to G-D’s vision for me every day but falling short. So who am I to cast the first stone? I am unwilling to lift up that stone but will defend my faith from those who are attacking it.
I am just a man who continues to read and understand G-D’s words as spoken through the holy book Bible/Torah and tries his best to follow those teachings and help my friends who seek guidance. I believe it’s not enough to share G-D’s words in my heart but to share them with friends and family who are open to listening to them.  I ask those that might disagree with those teachings to respect my faith as I respect their faith. prayerful person

An inconvenient reunion

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awkward jpg 2

What do you do when you meet an old friend at a public restroom? It’s not a good place to shake hands especially when you don’t know if your friend has accomplished his (in my case) goal. It’s also an awkward place to start a conversation especially when the start of the conversation might be something your senior citizens might speak about.  Well at least it was efficient.

I fixed my toilet!

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This might not be a great achievement for you but for a man who has just read the instructions on how to install a light bulb trust me it sure is.  Okay I’ve exaggerated a bit I have installed a light bulb (with the half of a 1/2 dozen friends) but a toilet now that’s a challenge. Yes, I’ve familiar with a devise called a plunger but a closet auger that’s a whole new animal.  I don’t want to get to much into the details because I know some of you are just finishing breakfast and your not on the “Carpenter diet” (bad joke) but let’s just say I got what I came for.  I feel so confident from this experience that I’ve decided to build a house…. a Gingerbread house.

Food Stamps are there limitations?

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Recently you might have heard how people are using their food stamps to buy Marijuana. This story has added to the alarm that taxpayers have felt after seeing individuals also using food stamps for items such as porn and alcohol. Yet what should food stamps be used for?

I believe food stamps need to be there as a safety net for those least among us to insure that they receive the basic food and nutrition to survive but nothing more.  The current system equally rewards those who are trying to escape poverty with hard work the same as those who are living on the system. This government systems keeps those impoverished by enabling them to buy items that hurt their ability to become independent. We need to change this system so that we can continue to help those less fortunate and give them the ability to escape the bonds of poverty that they are stuck in. We also must realize that these monies are taken away from the hard working  taxpayers pocket and therefore they should have a right to decide how these monies are spend.  Here are a just a few ways I would consider changing the system.  WHAT LIMITATIONS IF ANY WOULD YOU PUT ON FOOD STAMPS/EBT CARDS.

(1) EBT cards can only be used for certain food items and basic necessary supplies that are beneficial to those who are utilizing these services and are reasonable priced.  Some of the changes would be instead of soda you would get seltzer water and instead of chips you could get nuts etc. The basic necessary supplies could be paper towels, toilet paper, soap, shampoo but only reasonable priced items.

(2)  Those who are working either part-time or full-time would have a gold EBT card which would enable them to purchase additional food items for their families

(3) EBT cards could not be used to withdraw or add cash to them but only to purchase food items and necessary items listed in 1.

Adding EXCITEMENT to your work routine.

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Unless you’re about to win the lotto, or have been discovered by “America’s Got Talent” your work day is probably going to be predictable and with that sometimes boring. It’s important that you add some excitement to that job so it becomes a position instead. A position where you can demonstrate your creativity and talents. Here are just a few ways to do it.

(1) Win the lottery- (Okay that’s not too realistic)

(2) Suggest a new product, service or even a different way to sweep the floor. Changing things up can boost productivity and make your job more interesting.

(3) Try some variety for lunch break. Maybe read a different book, meditate, or even try that Indian dish you always wanted but make sure you have some mints after.

(4) Start up a conversation with that “weird person” in your office. You might find some new insight that you can bring to your job or life.

(5) Spend extra time listening not just to the conversations in the office but all the sounds surrounding the office. Write those sounds down in your head or piece of paper that you can utilize to write a story after work.

A Bitch in your corner.

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I’d like to apologize in advance for anyone offended by the use of “Bitch” in this blog but let’s face it they can scare even the toughest guy or woman. Sometimes those people who are “nice” get taken advantage of and this individual would assure that this doesn’t become a habit. They know when to say “no” and their no is heard loud and clear. When they say “yes” you know you’ve earned it and when will work hard to make sure you don’t lose it. So count me in because I’ve reserved a special corner in my office wherever that office may end up.

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