Bruce’s Health Report-

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In an effort to be as transparent as possible I’m sharing this information with you.

Bruce Weinfeld’s Health Report- 3-17-16

I. Medicines
A. Current
1. Anucort 25 MG twice a day 14 days-Hemorrhoids
2. Bayer’s Baby Aspirin (1 a day)
3. Crestor 10 mg (1 a day)
B. Previous Medicines
1. Urisodol 300 mg (twice a day) Pancretitis
2. Canasa 1000 mg (1 a day) Proctitis

II. Vitamins Nutrition
A. Source of Life Gold
B. Vitamin E- Liquid
C. Vitamin D –Liquid
D. Aloe Vera Juice- Liquid
E. Dandelion Root-Liquid
F. He Shou Wu- Liquid

III. Health Activities

A. Spiritual Health- Pray 3 Times a day –Sabbath Observant-to degree
B. Mental Health- read, write, debate, listen, watch, touch, taste –Art
C. Physical Health- Gym Twice a week extensive, dog walks, daily pushups/situps- Lake swims/Kayak-in summer

IV. Physical Problems
A. Pancretitis bout
B. Proctitis
C. Cholesterol a bit high
D. Kidney Cist
E. Had sludge on Gallbladder
F. Occasional Hemorrhoids

V. Family History
A. High Blood Pressure
B. High Cholesterol
C. Thyroid Cancer
D. Diverticulitis
E. Heart Problem

VI. Diet
A. BREAKFAST- Vitamin regiment- Oatmeal, Weekend- Eggs, Crepes,Bagels, – Coffee, OJ
B. LUNCH- Mixed but little beef
C. DINNER- Fish twice a week, Chicken at least twice a week
D. Dark Chocolate, Berries almost everyday

A. 3/10/16- Blood in Feces and paper large amount- Road trip to RI
B. 3/11 /16 Blood in Feces
C. 3/15/16 Blood in Feces

Very personal and gross

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Grossed out

I warn you in advance if you get grossed out with blood and buttocks this might not be the blog post for you (this is the only one …so far that contains both). For I have had a condition for years where blood and bowel movements have come up from time to time. You might ask why I’ve decided to write about this topic, well it’s after breakfast and I’m sure a few of the readers in their life had to do deal with similar situations. In the past this condition was caused by Hemorrhoids or Proctitis.  The treatment for Hemorrhoids was truly uncomfortable but it worked Rubber Bands for those who want more details see attachment (below) . The Proctitis I contracted by no means of my own was treated with Canasa that I had to inject in my Rectum area another picture I’m sure you don’t want to see.  Today the Gastrologist will be looking up and around to determine if my latest blood condition is a recurrence of the past or some “new experience”.  I believe it is Hemorrhoids because I’ve taken a long car drive which puts pressure on that area of the body. If that is the case I will attempt to self medicate through the Natural  Cures techniques (listed below).   I hope that I didn’t gross to many people out but instead gave some helpful advise to those that might be suffering.  Keeping health issues private might feel “comfortable” but the benefit you could bring to yourself (new treatments not known) and others (they are not alone) out weigh’s this comfort to me.

FURTHER NOTE- Today the doctor diagnosed me with the return visit of Hemorrhoids. I received a prescription of Amucort 25MG. A suppository I will be taking for two weeks more fun and games…not.

Rubber Band treatment for hemorrhoids

Natural Cures for Hemorrhoids

Please tell a doctor!!!

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Scientific Experiment

G-D willing an out of the box idea might just save life’s! I therefore implore you to share this thought with a doctor or Oncologist to see if it’s in the testing lab or needs to be there today! When an individual is diagnosed with Cancer they should drink a special liquid similar to the product many of us put in our teeth to discover if we didn’t clean well. Once this liquid is digested the individual would go through a full MRI type machine that would pinpoint the exact locations where the Cancer cells are and then be able to either kill them through a laser type shot, freeze them from growth, or send a foreign body into them so a person antibodies would go and destroy these Cancer cells on their own.  You might say how can some layman even suggest such a proposal but sometimes a creative mind can find a solution that geniuses in the box haven’t even looked at. G-D willing this is such an idea not for myself but for those lives that could be saved.


DNA Database

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Stored DNA

Individuals should be able to have  local private company store their DNA which then  could be shared with other DNA banks to help deal with illnesses,  prove innocence, or any other eventuality that could occur in the future.  These banks would store such DNA at a minimal cost even if governmental tax cuts are needed to get them started for the important work they can do to help those in need in the future. Of course storing such DNA in this case would not be mandatory and would be held in private labs so said individuals could know it couldn’t be used without their approval.  It’s time that justice and medicine move to the future it’s time for “DNA Banks” across this country.

Michigan Bubonic Plague

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bubonic plague

I pray for health everyday but if I had a choice of Cancer or the “Bobonic Plague” I’d take the Michigan route.  For if you had the plague you could rest assure that you would get the best medical attention as well as other attention in the world. Not only would they work tirelessly to see that you recover quickly but also explore how you contacted this plague in the first place making sure that you wouldn’t get it again.  If G-D forbid it took you’re life you wouldn’t be just another statistic but your memory would be reserved for the headlines and if you survived who knows the talk show circuit you could go on.  I say this half in jest because I wouldn’t wish sickness on most of my worst enemies let alone myself but if you did…. you get the point.

Slight pain neurotic or cautious?

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hypo cat


 I’ve had a slight pain in my chest for the last 3 days in the morning. It’s lasted maybe a minute and it wasn’t too bad yet what is bad? I don’t want to become a Hypochondriac but I also want to be around to see the elections in November what would you do?  When is pain for real and when are you being a wimp (I hope that’s politically correct)? The truth is you can never tell so I believe it last too long or is something you haven’t felt in the past you should have it checked out otherwise keep a bottle of aspirin’s by the bed.

 Below is a list of signs to watch out for to make sure you’re not having a heart-attack.  


Click to find some signs you can’t ignore

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