Tesla Autopilot Joshua Brown RIP

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joshua brown tesla

Joshua Brown’s death at the hands of the Tesla Autopilot proves one thing we should never take our eye’s off the road no matter who is driving.  Just because we have the luxury of having robotic control of our driving machine doesn’t mean that human awareness needs to turn off.  It takes a combination of human and computer controls to get us to where we are going today and when they work together it can be the perfect mix but if I had to chose I’d still stay with the one made of bones and blood not wiring.  For a machine doesn’t worry/feel about itself and others while the death of Joshua Brown causes pain for many of his loved ones including himself. RIP Joshua Brown.

Family Farm

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family farm 2Family Farm

Can a farm save individuals who are lost in the streets or in the department store regain their sense of values? Young individuals from the mean streets of Chicago and the clean streets of Beverly Hills will be sent to a family farm to see if this can truly occur? Where the sound of Roosters will fill the morning air and put them in a whole different world of manual labor and a simple life then they may be ready to absorb. FARM SAVIOR because sometimes the road is paved with cow manure and grain for the picking.

Instagram Changing Feed – Combo plan would be better

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Instagram changing feed according to what’s most popular instead of most recent is a good idea, with a few tweaks. The user should be able to link one of their most popular shots with a current shot so that they can get the best of both worlds.   This way users will build new followers and keep their family and friends in the loop when exciting events occur today, even if they’re aren’t as exciting to the rest of the world. To conclude I have been a bit addicted to utilizing Facebook but since Instagram is putting in this new procedure I might snap a picture there as well.

Samsung GS7 – it’s time

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Samsung GS7

I’ve waited what appears to be years to replace my phone and with the Samsung GS7 coming around the corner it appears that my waiting must come to an end. This phone has some incredible features (below) that I’ve wanted in a phone but was afraid that I was undeserving.   I’m not saying goodbye yet to the older phone just looking at the new light that the GS7 could be bringing to my phone life.

(1) Water Resistant- Actually repels water with a IP68 rating (sounds good)

(2)Incredible Camera-  Autofocus for less blur and a new sensor to catch details in low light.

(3) Best Battery-  Charges quicker and the biggest battery yet so it should last the longest time.

(4) Add Memory- You can a 200GB memory chip to expand your phone’s brain.


Iron Dome next Boomerang

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    First Israel and the United States developed the Iron Dome now it’s time for the Boomerang.  When an enemy missile is launched from a site not only is it destroyed in the air but another missile is sent at the exact location of the launch. This can be achieved through heat sensors and satellite image  that will automatically determine where a launch has taken place and send a killer laser to take out that missile battery. When the enemy realizes that there offensive attack has not only failed but has resulted in more harm to them maybe they’ll reconsider such actions.

Looking in the mirror and making $$$’s

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Imagine making $$$’s doing what you actually love and/or best at? Well Google has such a new site it’s called “Helpouts.com“. This site matches those seeking help in developing a specific talent with those that have this talent to teach. It’s all done in the convenience of your home or office through your webcam and at the hours that work best with your schedule.  It could be something as simple as making “the best chocolate chip cookies” to something a built more difficult like “changing the lightbulb” (I told you I wasn’t handy). “Helpouts.com enable you to determine how much your “skill” is worth and charge per minute. If you charge too much you won’t get any customers if you’re too low you’ll sell yourself short . It’s time to lok in the mirror and find what’s not only missing in your life but some secret talent that the world will pay you to learn

I’ve decided to test the waters with “Ending Writers Cramps/Creative Solutions”. One thing I know about myself is I can find a creative solution to almost any problem and writing flows like water. Sometimes that water is clean like “Poland Spring” and other times it picks up some sticks and stones along the way but in the end it keeps flowing. I hope my flow of ideas help those that are stuck so I can help show the creative genius that’s inside everyone. WHAT HELPOUT WOULD YOU LIKE?