Murderer FREE

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I confessed and was found guilty of  the murders, and I am now free to walk the streets after one week of hard time.  Well my body is free but my mind is locked up for as long as I breathe on this earth. For even though the doctor proved that the murders were based on factors such as my DNA, mutations as well as body chemistry and was able to change my formula, I now have a weird feeling that I never felt before. Before this experimental treatment I was truly a different person who felt I should get what I want all the time immediately and with no remorse, now that person is as good as dead  A matter of fact this is the first I felt guilty about anything for such a long time. I guess that is part of my treatment that now enslaves my mind.  It cost soociety a great deal to treat those with damaged brains then leave us locked up for life.  My physical body is alive but my old mind has been executed and now a new being begins.

FOOTNOTE- If this was possible would you support it? It just might be….

I lose YEAH

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award winningexcited

Yes, you get the trophy but please note I left the competition.  A matter of fact you can be the super hero and I won’t become your villian, I’ll just be me.  By me not competiting with you on winning this award I can focus on winning the competition in having fun with my own individual pursuits while you continue to compete against yourself to be on the top of this list. You win and the only way I’ll be in your race is if it enters the territory which my being is in.  Otherwise congratulations and don’t worry about trying so hard for you’re only racing against yourself.

Flaw Truth- Bible Truth

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spilled coffee

If you wanted to tell a story that made your side look good then the facts of their faults would not be so prevalent as it is in the good book.  Where all the main characters are far from perfect and deal with the same temptations that we do and take the same bite we might.  Yet the Torah teaches us the good, bad and sometimes ugly of our previous leaders showing them not as some mythical being but as flesh and blood. This is another example of why the good old book is true and new for us to explore today and in our future.

Television Subtle Clues from the RIGHT

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Binge Watching

As I watched another show trying to indoctrinate, with their subtle (ha,ha)  clues to the “evil” of the rights “intolerance” I thought of other clues that might show a different perspective. The first  5 minutes of the “Mist” a Netflix  unoriginal was an incredible mouthpiece of this propaganda. It featured a woman teacher who is let go because the parents aren’t open to discuss the “reality” of  sex education and a father who totally ignores his son because he’s gay.  Here are some other cues (below) that might have helped create a more level playing field and would insure it raised more then a few eyebrows on the left. They would also be more interesting.

(1) Mary is pulled out of teaching sex education because she speaks about unborn babies

(2) Tom is beat up in school because his father left a Magna hat in his car.

(3) Leslie parents scold her for embarrassing them at their dinner party as she says grace before eating.

(4) Alan feels left out because he’s the only one not leaving school to protest against guns.

(5) Calvin an African American 25 year old man is kicked out of restaurant because he works for President Trump.


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yell-cry-louder Yelled at 2

Yes, I’m afraid of the response but I will speak…. I think. If I can speak of controverserial issues such as abortion and guns then surely I can speak about “……” and not fear the response.  It might go in one ear and out your mouth but at least for the moment it will be stuck in your head.  So I will speak maybe softly but clearly so in between the shouts you’ll understand a different point of view… I hope.

LIVE forever

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Getting Older

Tomorrow is my 8000 plus wedding I’m going to and once they tie the knot it truly can be forever.  I can only imagine how exciting it must have been when you weren’t sure what your last day would be but now that we live forever it’s getting so predictable that it’s almost not worth trying.  Trust me I’ve seen it all a dozen times and nothing will shock me except death.  We are only a small group of 18 that continue this journey two of whom are walking down the wedding aisle Saturday. For some reason we can never die while others around us perish before our eyes.  So tomorrow and tomorow’s tomorrow I will be here whether I want to or not and can only hope many more will stay with me on this endless trail called life not death.

AC Proof

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You don’t appreciate the air condition until it’s not working on a hot day. A matter of fact you probably don’t think about it all until the time you’re sweating.  We keep on trecking like is going to work until it breaks down not thinking about all the behind work that keeps it going.  This is especially true with faith until we  “need it” many will not check their thermostats. The bill is more expensive then if we had appreciated it and taken care of true maintanence of our soul.  So keep in mind the things we may not see with our eye’s are brighter then the sun.

Feminism Truth- Bible Truth

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reading Torah Torah Scroll

This holy ancient book is true because it reveals a feminist fact that no male writer would have included. In the years before there was even a drop of parity between the sexes this one holy book makes it clear. The story of Zelophehad is just one story that loudly demonstrates this right.  G-D tells Moses that this woman had a right to their father’s inheritance and leaves that right open for eternity for other woman as well. This would never be accepted by a male center society accepted if it was divenly inspired.  Furthermore Zelophehad was the woman who sought this right as it shows the importance woman have in formulating the  faith.  Feminism is another proof that the Torah is G-D’s word not man’s creation.

2018 Election- Stand for Death or Living!

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voting 2 voting

2018 Election appears to be drawn on 2 different parallel lines death and living. For the Democrats will paint a picture where Roe Vs Wade will be overturned as a new Supreme Court Justice is picked and you will actually have to drive to another state (NY, NJ, California, Maine …..) to have your unborn child murdered. The truth is that if Roe VS Wade is overturned you probably could get a discount flight paid for by Planned Parenthood in return for the blood.   The Republican’s on the other hand will paint a picture of living with more of your income (tax cuts) with safety (build the wall) and happiness (peace with North Korea).   Death or Living you decide at the ballot box in 2018.

It’s YOU

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Happy Sad 1 Lamborghini 1

You may never get that shiny object but they will never get what …. which you have in your life. A matter of fact what you have is personal to you in your own colors and that’s what makes it truly special.  You should also note that no matter how someone claims to climb up the mountain they haven’t made a step compared to Moses who spoke to G-D as easily as one speaks to their wife, probably better because Moses never had the silence treatment.  No extra car, house or television show can top the conversations Moses had.  So keep striving for greater days but enjoy the days you have as well because they’re yours and G-D wouldn’t want it any other way.

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