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Our best friend has turned into our worst enemy in this small isolated town. For suddenly another Alpha Dog has taken control of an army of  four legged enemies that knows our scent wherever we might try to hide. These animals have tasted the flesh of human blood and now are in constantly search for human meat where-ever it can  be found.  Are these dogs infected by some rabid bite or was it just a time they knew that they could control us that led to this massacre?  Where did this Alpha Dog come from that has taken control of a tribe that grows stronger everyday with another human flesh in their teeth is something we can only ponder as we try to run and hide from an enemy who knows us best as they do our weaknesses as well.

Alive & Alive

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I’m not dead but feel as if I’m alive somewhere else as well. For as I look at him I feel as if I know where he’s going before he even gets there.  It is if two cells have divided but instead of cells it’s souls.  I haven’t approached him because I’m sure he’ll think I’m crazy or could it be that he’s thinking the same thing as well? Could he be in my head as well and I’m only seeing it through this soul? That is why I ran across the street and when I awoke saw 4 legs under the car.

Heaven Discovered

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1/20/36 – 10AM- The Musk Space Module has proven that heaven exist after it’s journey through Black Hole J.  DNA samples of previously exhumed bodies have matched the human’s living on this earth type system.  The Musk Space Module could only conquer the atmosphere for 18 minutes before it com-busted in a burst of flames. Even though scientist had recently developed a hypothesis on what they would find with this journey to see it in the real world takes us to a whole different realm of existence. A realm which we have never been to before.

1/21/36- 10AM – After the discovery of “heaven” Church’s, Synagogues, Mosques and other places of worship have been full as people want to know more about whether their own particular faith will be able to take such a journey. There appears also to be a charity boom as individuals give up many of their possessions to help those less fortunate and work to help those in need maybe as an effort to insure their own journey.  Heaven seems like many galaxies away but now that it has been discovered people are bringing it home… at least today.

FOOTNOTE- What do you believe would occur if and or when this discovery is made?


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I take in the same Oxygen but exhale a totally different experience. For my roots are from a totally different galaxy although I was a put in the ground here. If this truly isn’t the planet I’m meant to be on my seeds will be sent to an entirely different galaxy.  I’m truly lost alone in space. Yet unlike Superman I don’t have any strange powers except if you count these strange bumps on the back of my ears maybe they do something yet I haven’t discovered what.  It’s not that I’ve been told that I’m some alien I just feel so different then anyone else out there that I must be. An alien trying to discover where my home is meant to be.

FOOTNOTE-   In my youth I imagined this was the case and still have the bump on the back of my ears.

Will Not!!!

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A must’n close my eyes for I don’t know who that person is on the other side. Here I am a person who tries to build up my family while when my eyes close I tear  everything apart …literally. There is this killer instinct that opens up once my eyelids are shut and all I want to see is the blood of others. I awake in a pool of sweat wondering who is this person between the sheets. My doctor has given me medicines to try and calm my sleeping habits but they only have made my dreams cut deeper and deeper.  I don’t want to fall asleep again for I’d rather it kill me then another.

FOOTNOTE- Would make a great film.

Could Be True

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I awoke this morning in a different realm which I could be buried in the previous one. It was as if a new book was opened but on the same chapter. All the characters were the same and everything continued as if it was “supposed to”  but some patterns proved this wasn’t the case. A rare acquaintance who was not with us was suddenly bright and cheery well maybe not so cheery but at least her heart was pounding.  Little things led to this revelation as cars were parked perfectly this morning and socks with holes were suddenly patched.  Some might say alternate universes are occurring simultaneously yet I believe mine just began today…ish.  Maybe others go on a different journey to hell, heaven or rebirth but for me the story stays the same which at least leaves the burden of leaving beyond six feet under.

FOOTNOTE-Can you prove this isn’t the case?

Beauty Curse

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There is a curse to being beautiful. For when you have a “pretty face” every blemish stands out in your own mirror.  You can’t control when a blemish, cut, scrape or G-D forbid a pimple suddenly appears and then your beauty seems to disappear in an instance. An instance where you lose your identity because so much of whom you are known to be isn’t past skin deep.  You can erase an age mark as well but beauty can only last for so long especially as you look deeper into the mirror. So enjoy the days when they occur for everyone is beautiful at some point it only fades at different mirror angles.



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I tried to move my lips but only one word escaped “THE”!!  Incapacitated by the sight and sound my mind froze with fear which gripped my very soul.  There was no way out! No word which could free me from the terror that held me to “THE” and though I sort some type of warmth I knew that this word would be the last I would utter.

Doomsday Clock Begins/Real Shutdown

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You have 10 hours to decide if you want to live or exist in the 17oo’s. For we electric engineers are about to shut off your electricity unless you agree to our demands (below) within said time period. Just in case you are thinking about utilizing your computer devices to save you from our attack our friends in the industry will change all your passwords within the hour and add viruses if you somehow figure them out.  You have neglected our brilliance while you casually just turn or plug  the power we have so carefully formulated and it’s time we get due respect. You of lower intellect can’t make correct decisions by yourself so we will make them for you   If any government official tries to interfere with our plans with some success we will shorten that timetable considerable. Those that decide correctly will be able to access their electrical devices when we allow while those that don’t agree will live in darkness and the cold for eternity.

(1) We will receive a 20 % tax for all electrical usage.

(2) Our power to decide what is best for you based our own intelligent s will not be questioned or usurped.

(3) All those who don’t agree to these demands will be considered traitors and be sent to re-education camps to understand their inferiority to us.

…..LATER ON- The Doomsday Clock has been stopped as a child blessed with autism was able to destroy their plans. Without them knowing she had memorized their formula’s as they ignored her presence.

FOOTNOTE- For those who believe such a blog post is dangerous to print because it brings bad ideas in the public. I say we need to think of such scenario’s/solutions in advance because those ideas in such minds might already be brewing. My mind can’t even get past turning on a switch.

Alternative Universe Meets

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Death surrounded me as I survived a Particle Collider explosion which should have ripped me apart because I was the closest to it,  yet here I was still breathing. How and why this could  occur startled me but what I heard next was completely mind blowing. For my breathing pattern was replicated as if someone had the same lungs.  I started to pull myself slowly off the ground in the same fashion that this strange individual did.  Although I had never saw this individual in the lab before he had an eerie similarity that I couldn’t shake out of my head. He had the appearance of a nightmare that I would become if I had went on different roads in my life and without warning we lunged at each other.  Coordinating our attack at the same moment until we both lay in a pool of blood with our last words “why” never to be answered.


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