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They have left me a great deal of money yet what would they want me to do with it? For we had many different interests and even philosophies so I wonder if they would be happy if I spent those monies on things that actually made me as an individual happy instead? I guess I could try and find some things we had in common and utilize the inheritance for that good but is that good enough for me? The truth is they knew who I was and what I stood for so it must then be fine to spend as such unless they were trying to convince me  to change to their side in the end?  All I know is I miss them and the monies can’t replace the moments  we had together even if they were from two different worlds.

FOOTNOTE- This story is too true too many people left in the will.

Shave or Not to???

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My face says shave but the weather says Gorilla.   With record cold so far the Gorilla is winning but my human side can only stand it for so long. To shave or not to shave that is my question over the next day or so.  I also have a friend who has recently passed away and the tradition for close relatives is not to shave but I’m not part of the family so I think that excuse can pass as well.  Maybe it’s not so cold after all and I believe it’s important to look marvelous even if you’re shivering to prove it.

FOOTNOTE- The razor has not been released so a poll will tell me which way to turn.


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I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a person living in Venezuela today as one of the governments in power has no legitimate reason to be there. Where that power is derived only by force not the true laws of the land and/or the will of the people? Do you just follow the government because you fear the bullet or do you stand up for justice and the law against all odds?     Maduro must go not only because his government is illegitimate but at this point criminal as it enforces it’s own form of gang violence on the people he has pledged to serve.


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I’m coming to you Doctor because my previously physician was cold and blunt. Yes, I was able to lose weight because he put up barriers which wouldn’t allow those elements which caused me harm to get through. It’s also true that since he cut out some of the wasteful medicines I’ve saved monies and was able to earn extra income from my position.  I can’t deny that since I’ve seen him all those other foreign invaders to my body have also been substantially weakened.  Yet I need a doctor that has a more professional mannerism to them and will say the words I want to hear whether they are actually true or just a bit exaggerated.  Maybe I’m winning too much and need a break even I feel sick again.

FOOTNOTE- How many people do you know who seek such a doctor?

Beautiful Day

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It’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood a beautiful day for sure so why don’t I see any neighbors? The dog and I are enjoying are daily brisk walk (maybe a bit more brisk then normal) yet know one is on our trail or similar trails out there. It’s like they’ve been warned of an imminent attack and are hiding inside. Yes, my neighborhood is quite secluded but usually you’ll hear a car go by or even a bird chirp but today it was if me and my dogs were the only living organism on this path. Could it be that it was literally 0 degrees Fahrenheit outside or was it not such a beautiful day after all?

Should Have Done More

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After my previous blog piece it pains me to say I should have done more.  I wonder if I just gave me into fear or even selfish inner ward thinking.  Did I feel I couldn’t make an impact in a liberal state like mine so why even try or did I just feel that someone else would act instead?  I can’t take back the past but somehow I hope I can help make a change in the future so my voice will be heard by those who are silenced forever.

Andrew Cuomo’s Legacy

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We all want a legacy that will live way past us and sadly this (above) won’t be the legacy that Andrew Cuomo will leave but this  (below) instead.

A legacy of  a dead child/children who were killed just moments before they were able to breathe the same are as we can. For the bill he signed allows unborn babies to be killed moments before they are actually delivered.  People might have disagreements of where life begins but for G-D’s sake can’t even the most uncaring person conclude it’s after 8 months? How barbaric has society become for even if one child is eventually slaughtered this way do to this horrific legalization this will be the blood that stains Andrew Cuomo’s legacy for eternity.

FOOTNOTE – I didn’t use the term Governor during my blog piece because signing such legalization has made him more of a monster then a public servant.

Toasty Sleep

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Whether you’re a kid or just one of heart there are few things that beat cuddling with your blanket. Yet with TOASTY SLEEP we are working to top that with just the amount of warm or coolness you will need to make your cuddling extra special.  This blanket will fit in a small container that will get it warmed up or cooled down in minutes so your cuddle will top anything else in the market place. TOASTY SLEEP it’s time  we took cuddling to a whole new warm/cool level.


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I met this man in his later part of his life and the way he lived inspired all that walked in his footsteps. He was the type of person who might have looked old on the outside but was as young as a spring chicken inside. At 90 + years old this man sang in front of group of rockers who let’s say didn’t know the song but still sang along with him.  He was ready to dance at any party even if he was the only one on the stage.  Bill Farber was a man who showed us all that age was only in your head even as his body told him differently. Some build legacies with great wealth or fame but Mr. Farber left it with the way he lived his life to the fullest especially as the years went by.  This man was a person of exceptional faith that accepted G-D would be knocking on his door to call him  home yet we who knew him will continually miss him at our door.  RIP Bill Farber.

Nag to the TOP!!

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If you want to make it to the top you better be comfortable with being a full time nagger. This doesn’t mean you don’t do it alone when you must but in between you’re going to have to nag others so they’ll do it as well.  For others might not be as motivated by your pep talk as you like and feel that your words of inspiration are just pushing them off their comfortable couch of life.   Getting to the top requires hard work, due diligence and the ability to nag others until they push their own weight as well.

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