Gas Prices – Harvey Not President Trump

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Hurricane Harvey 2 President Trump thinking

Please blame Harvey not President Trump for the gas prices that will be increasing at our pumps for at least the next few weeks. It was Harvey’s decision to visit Houston instead of taking a nice trip to the Caribbean instead (avoiding landfall of course). Harvey is the one with the real attitude problem and we all will be glad when it’s taken out of the picture. Then give it a month or so before we past the blame on to the politicians and business people who will be working as if another storm is on the way to rebuild the oil refineries that Harvey screwed up.

Just a WALL!

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cracked wall 3 cracked wall

I guess I’m just a wall to you where you can throw all your garbage at me and I’ll just stand and take it but this wall is beginning to CRACK!  Yes over time you can help heal the seams but after a while there isn’t enough cement to keep me up from the abuse I must stand for.  You believe you’re the only one who tries to knock me down but there is a world full of different elements that can attack me from all different angles until it becomes too much. All I hope is that when the final brick becomes lose that you aren’t standing beneath me for when this wall falls it won’t pretty to be standing near it!

Wall Falling Down

FOOTNOTE- What will it take to keep you from having your wall fall or are you the one causing such cracks?


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Relaxing 3

I’m going to try and observe the real feeling of labor day as I attempt to “relax”.  For this holiday was meant to celebrate the hard working individuals who don’t have much time to observe this simple word.  This way we don’t have to worry about making some big plans going here and there but just observing a bit more “chill in time”.   I will calmly let the world take me in it’s direction instead of pick up and try to change it for at least an extra hour or two on this “Labor Day”. Labor requires us always to be on the go and therefore those that want to truly appreciate the day should learn to appreciate where they are even if it’s just looking at the clouds.

HATE “Yeah”

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Hate 2

I know I’m supposed to love all words but some have me typing a whole different word “HATE”.  “Yeah” has got to be on the top 10 because it is between yes and maybe with no direction on which way to go. “Um” is also on the list for it is a filler word that means I’m thinking and thinking and that’s why the brain is silent when it works, or supposed to be. Getting back to “yeah” it’s a lazy word that means I sorta don’t want to respond but since you asked me here’s what I got. Of course those that “Yeah” with a bit more emotion can change the connotation and even feel of this word but usually people I notice who utilize it are more like Eeyore rather then Tigger.  My solution is to type a different word in my head when “yeah” is heard like “YES”and try to assume the person has received a bit more Tigger in their life. It might not be reality but “yeah” shouldn’t be there as well.

Silly Solution

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silly 1

When  life appears to be getting a bit too serious or just plain boring silly is the solution.  Silly allows you to break away from the reality in the moment and create a whole new reality that might slightly annoy those around you or even make them laugh. Silly is a whole lot cheaper then medication but warning “to loved ones” it can be addicting. To the point of where ever joke might seem a whole lot cheesier Cheddar or even Swiss (many holes in this one).

Hurricane Harvey -Need For Boats-

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Small Boathurricane harvey 4\

Hurricane Harvey proves that every household on flat land should have a boat and basic survival supplies.  If every cruise ship requires lifeboats shouldn’t all house owners have at least the knowledge that they should possess this equipment as well? This could occur when a mortgage is about to be signed, 2nd mortgage is applied for or even through a simple PSA announcement geared to those who own their own house. It’s time we prepare our citizens for the worst so that G-D forbid it occurs they will be prepared.


No Angry Time

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busy 2busy

It’s not right I have no time to be angry… at work. I’m just too busy with other emotions especially exhaustion that anger has to wait for an appointment.  Maybe anger comes out in a break period but usually that’s time I have to eat just to keep going.  Well at least I have time for anger when I get home but oh no nobody took out the garbage. I guess it will have to wait for vacation time.

Melania Trump and heels?

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Melania Trump 1

I understand the media are not the biggest fans of the President but when they attack the first lady’s heels they’ve stepped into their own mess and it isn’t pretty. While the rest of the country worries about the victims of Hurricane Harvey and applaud the united front to help it’s victims including the Administration some in the media worry about Melanie’s wardrobe choices. I for one give her credit because I couldn’t walk in her shoes literally even in the driest condition.  Yet was this really a story or is this just something meant to distract the American people who are seeing what a competent administration looks and walks like?

Louisiana Tropical Storm Harvey

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hurricane harvey 4

After the devastation Hurricane Harvey has brought on Texas will we have enough empathy to help the victims of it’s remnants in Louisiana.  Can the news media keep the coverage as strong when it hits Louisiana as a tropical storm or has the news story died before it even hits there?  Is it too many negative stories at once for our mind to conceive of and will we just switch the channel?  Let us do our best to continue to help those in need wherever this storm will hit and pray that the only death will come to Harvey itself.

Cult Draw

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At some point in our life we all can be drawn to the magnetism of a cult. For there are times when we seek a higher meaning to our “life’s” and purpose thereof and these groups can make us feel as if we are truly on a special plain. While others might ridicule us for spending monies, time and effort on such fruitless accomplishments they have no idea of what we have achieved for the “higher good”. After investing hours upon hours and hard earned $’s into this group it must work and if there are any difficulties they must come from within me. We have such great knowledge because we were willing to step further into this world even if it took days on end with little sleep to accomplish it.  While those outside continue to suffer for their lack of faith in this cause/movement.   To tell you the truth I’m sorta drawn in already and I haven’t even joined.

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