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L’Shana Tova- TO THE WORLD

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I want to wish the world a L’Shana Tova even if your tribe celebrates it on a different date. May this year be filled with health, happiness, love, success  and true peace for you and your loved ones.  I also ask that if in anyway I have caused you any pain or sadness whether it be inadvertent or  just by neglect that you forgive me for such action/words . It is my intention to improve G-D willing in the upcoming year. My beloved mother is not with me for the 1st time this year but I truly believe that G-D has brought her through the heavenly gates where she will find the peace and love she deserves. May G-D help those who are also suffering from such a loss and give them the peace and happiness that will bring their deceased back to life at least in the heaven’s above.

Double Haircut

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I did a double today which was a poor use of funds but I look so much better. For my 1st haircut was so boring and ordinary in which the barber was performing his work as if on an assembly line while the second was an artist in which I was his canvas.  The 2nd cut was formulated with such effort that I feel bad wearing my hat and covering up his art work.  He worked as if this was a Picasso that would last a lifetime but with my hair growth it probably be less then a week.  Sometimes you have to waste $$’s to realize what a good investment truly is. This time I learned that lesson in hair.

Pumpkin Replacement

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I’m not sorry to say that Pumpkin Spice appears to be fading out as Maple is the newest flavor to add to everything.  You’ve had your days Pumpkin and it’s time that a new flavor hits our Supermarket and Coffee aisle’s instead.  Yes, some die hard’s will insist on Pumpkin but over time Maple will take over the taste buds and tell you the truth I’m not sorry to see you go.

P.S. Okay, Pumpkin I’m  a little sad to see you go because who can deal with such a sad face.  I’ll add a bit of you to my coffee even if I don’t like it just to turn your frown upside down.

Joker- Bullet

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Will someone use this film as an excuse for another bullet in  their chamber? A bullet they G-D forbid will use to perpetrate evil against the innocent. I’m sorry to say that there is a good chance this will occur just as that song or video game might be that catalyst as well.  The mass majority will use their equipment films, music, video games and dare I say guns in a way that is legal and correct. What we should do instead is keep a closer loving eye on the few  “disturbed individuals” who will become twisted as a result to try and prevent such evil from their mind coming out not in art or expression but devastation instead.

Hate This Job

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I hate this job no matter what bed I’m next fo for I bring you to success and never get any of the credit. Do you really belief you would get that promotion if I didn’t get you up to get dressed in time?  How about time to eat the most important meal of the day wouldn’t you have slept through it without me?  Yet every morning you to continue to “hate me” in ways I couldn’t repeat in this post.  It’s as if  me I’m  my own Groundhog & sometimes I wish it was Happy Death Day instead.  Oh well at least deep down in my wiring I know I saved the day ….again.

Dad & Son – Both Same Age

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Yes, me and dad are the same age and before you say that’s not possible or is “wrong” let me explain step by step (below).

(1) My grandfather passed away before my father was born and all he wanted was 2 sons.

(2) When my father was born his seed was taken from him and matched with another woman who became my surrogate mother.

(3) By the time my father was 9 months old I was born and so we share the same age.

(4) We lived as brother and brother until one fateful day.

(4) Where we learned of this situation from a DNA test we took when he was sick and they wanted to see if I could be a good donor.

My father was truly like a brother till this moment occurred and now even though he has the genetic title of “dad” it sure doesn’t feel right for him or me.

FOOTNOTE- This is a test of what is possible even if it stretches out your mind and morality.

G-D’s Clock

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You might be running against time but remember G-D has the real clock. Productivity might appear to be moving quickly until G-D decides you need a cliff to slow you down and look the other way. It could be a computer screen that suddenly goes blank, a storm that isn’t expected,  the employee that never really showed up, spilled Milk that went your way or G-D forbid a sickness that suddenly took prime stage for you to realize who the real time keeper is.   All our plans our mute if we don’t recognize who is holding our time score. I thank G-D for the moments that I’ve been given to move forward and pray no cliff appears in your or my future in the days, hours, minutes or even seconds ahead.


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Imagine going to the bakery and only ending up with a receipt but no bread today that is what is happening with our legislators in Washington D.C.  They have nothing to accomplish with our hard earned $$$.  JDS= Just do something is a campaign for action on issues (drug prices, homelessness, mass shooting prevention etc) that we pay our elected officials to do but they just give us the bill for “nothing”.  Impeachment is their only cause and it serves nobodies interest accept for those who really want nothing to occur. For this is a delaying tactic used for the next election cycle. It’s time we send some new bakers to Washington that aren’t asses and will actually produce bread for own $$$’s.

Impeachment $$$

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The one thing Democrats & Republican’s can agree on is impeachment raises a lot of dough the one made of paper.   For it motivates each of the bases to donate $$$$$$$ to support their cause. The President raised over 5 million dollars in 24 hours ($18 of which is mine) as those most annoyed at what we consider an unethical action chipped in while those on the other side agreed only with their own $ sign.  Follow this with the merchandise and impeachment might be bad for our country but good for political business.

Posted by Bruce - in Blog - No Comments will be a website that will insure that the will of the people is truly respected.  This website will fight to make sure individual elected official no matter what party they belong to are only up for impeachment for truly “high crimes and misdemeanors not political opportunities and/or hate.  Accusations without clear evidence that wouldn’t be brought in front of an actual court is no reason to start an impeachment process A Democracy can only work when those that vote know that election results  truly matter and can’t be undermined by those who seek power  by any means possible.

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