Hate !!!

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Hate 1 Hate 2

I’ve been told you should never “HATE” but I believe there are times for this emotion as well. Here are my top then things and evil people I hate!!!

(1) NAZI’S/ISIS – You wont find any love in my heart to those that have wanted to or continue to destroy the world. Don’t feel neglected Al Qaeda and other Islamic Terrorist groups you’re included as well in this #1 spot.

(2) CANCER/DEADLY DISEASES- If you don’t have this hate there is no love in your heart.

(3) BRUTAL DICTATORS Bashar al-Assad /Hassan Rouhani/Kim Jung Un- Or any dictatorial leader that has/have used brutal means to suppress basic human rights for their people and has been a menace in the world community.

(4) ABORTIONIST- There is no point to getting up and going to kill.  You can also add murders and  violent rapist who kill from within.

(5) PEANUT BUTTER/PEANUTS- This is a personal hate because it will kill me slowly if consumed.

(6) PASSWORDS- I really hate these words that I keep forgetting.

(7) NJ DEVILS/ YANKEE’S – These are fun type of hates where I don’t worse harm to any of their players or organizations except that they continue to lose.

(8) MOSQUITO’S- I know G-D has a reason for all that is created but can’t find a damn reason for these pests that bring itches and sickness.

(9) POTHOLES- This is a hate every driver or passenger should have.

(10) COURTROOMS- Yes maybe in the end justice will be served but that’s usually after breakfast, lunch and dinner.



Venezuela and Gun Laws

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venezuela protest 2 venezuela protest 3

First they come for the guns then they go for your rights. Venezuela is only the latest country in a long dark history where those in power who want more power will suppress the rights of the individual to defend themselves before destroying basic G-D given freedom.  For when an evil government has the ability to hinder rights with impunity they will take such steps.  Citizen’s must have the ability to defend themselves and their families from any foe whether it be a criminal bent on doing them harm or a lawless government that will act in such a manner as well.

Fame & Fake

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Fame 1 Fake News Alert

If you’re famous even if it’s just on your own block fake news will follow.  For some will make assumptions on tad bits of information that help them deal with their jealousy or make them feel more important in their own minds. This is especially true if you don’t fit in the mold of what is the “normal red carpet”. They will do there best to knock you down and trample on top of you if they can.  The best way to deal with those who say things behind your back or along your side is be so nice to all even if it kills them. Don’t let them make you hateful even if what they say disgusts you just have the upper lip to take the punches.  You are only human and therefore should express how disappointed that others could act in such ways, without have the gumption to say it to your face but never let them bring you down from the achievements you’ve earned.

Cat Spy’s

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Cat Spy Cat Spy 2

According to the Daily Mail and The Sun the CIA attempted to use cats as spies as they tried to get information on their Russian counterparts… what a brilliant idea? For as much as they might get caught the cats would only turn over meow’s instead of information. A cat could go in spots other people couldn’t or wouldn’t and who doesn’t trust a cat. Well the last part depends on the one who is doing the petting. They actually implemented equipment in the cat’s body so that they could record important conversations which might be occurring so unless the cat was having a bad hair day or something upset their stomach nothing would be known.  Which begs the question how many people are getting ‘help” from being “paranoid” that were right all along?  CIA monitors through microwaves, computers that are shut off and now cats I’m glad my life isn’t that interesting to them…. I hope.


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Maybe it was an experiment that I shouldn’t have taken or a sleep I never truly woke up from for today I find myself on a tree.  Instead of arms that help me along my way wings allow me to soar. Where yesterday I was wondering what tie would go with my suit today I have craving to put a worm around my neck and to devour it.  A matter of fact for some reason I’m entirely naked and truly feel free as I fly from tree to tree. Life is not taken for granted as I try to hide from an approaching storm that can blow me to my death and you can’t be picky with what you eat when nature is your chef. I try to find my way back home to see family and friends but even if they saw me they’d never realize I was still in here as my voice is a chirp from yesteryear.   Will this be my new existence or is this just some flight of fancy I don’t know all I can say is the choices I make/made have some how left me where I am as I fly away.

[youtube_sc url=”https://youtu.be/ddNqkqIWMKA”]

Fyre Festival- Good For Us

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Fyre Festival Fyre Festival 2

No matter the mistakes you’ve made in your life it probably won’t be as big of a disaster as the Fyre Festival. It was built as a concert event in the Bahamas that would first class food, accommodations and music for an incredible weekend but turned out to be the fever without the cabin/food or fun.  This was the modern day equivalent of the Titanic but without the bodies for this event sunk before it even begun. It’s great to plan big but you should always have a little plan if things don’t go according to plan.  Yet what makes this great for the rest of us is the founder of “The Fyre Festival’s”  Mr McFarland taking full responsibility for it’s failure and his determination to come back from his cliff.  If he can do it with his life then surely we can do it with the mistakes we’ve made.

Artists Just…

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Young Child Painting Young Child Singing 2 Young Child Singing

After reading a number of books on the greatest artist as well as dealing with many in my 0wn life (including myself at times ) I realize that most are children that never fully grew up and I thank G-D that this transformation didn’t fully occur. Artists find a youthful and exciting way to deal with life which many of the regular people will just drudge through it day after day.  They laugh as well as play as if their still in grammar school and some will even cry as if they are as well.  Just as children can be temperamental some of our greatest artist have their mood swings and most crave attention indeed.  Yet without these childish points life would be a bit too black and white so bring on the child who might just be hidden in an older artistic body.

It Inspired Me!

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This song inspired me today! Instead of a regular drive home with news and political commentators singing was my new inspiration.  It didn’t matter the traffic or the tone of my voice I sang as if I was playing in front of Carnegie Hall (empty of course).  It brought back memories and dreams that have long since vanished but for the moment came alive.  Yes it was the great escape and I thank the Thompson Twins for allowing me to have such a moment tonight and maybe they’ll inspire you as well.

[youtube_sc url=”https://youtu.be/H9694K85Xc8″]


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Branding 18 Branding 36

I’m slowly trying to build the brand of Budrebel to represent excellent as well unique/artistic products and/or services and my 1st attempt will be made with garbage bags.  A bag that if produced will touch all your senses except taste… it’s garbage you know.  I’ve decided to hit the marketing campaign first without producing the product by working on my ad, sales and pre-orders before production. The reason I’m going in this direction is I can test the market without the market testing my entire bank account and storage facility.  If it works then this blog will blow up with colors, shapes and sizes of all different products and if it doesn’t well then I’ll have some room to try again in a different format.  Do you agree or disagree with this formula?

Pain I caused!

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Pain 1

I absolutely was responsible for the pain I caused and got no gain from it.  It all occurred because of a poor choice I made in the morning that impacted my entire day. One wrong choice of a shoe left me soul hurting (foot soul that is).  I should have tossed these shoes away a long time ago but maybe I thought if I exercised I’d lose weight on my toes. See one poor choice can change your entire day so be careful which shoe you want to wear literally and figuratively.

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