Worst Fights

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There is nothing worse than being in a fight with someone who you truly tried to just help.  You literally feel as if you stepped into the hot zone when you should have been flying through the golden gates. What the hell (literally) do they not understand with your good intention? You could have been just the “yes” person and been safe but instead, you actually tried to help them with the truth.  You were even willing to put your time, effort, and monies toward a true solution that would actually work !!!  Now your in the dog without the bowl. Let me just feel as if I did something “wrong instead” please! In the end, the worst fights are when doing something good ends up making you feel like doing something bad instead.

FOOTNOTE- Has this happened to you? Please share…please


Innocent Affair

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I’ll never get caught because the proof has been cleansed away. There are no witnesses to the act and honestly, it was a one-time event  (I think)that lasted only for a brief moment. Before you pass judgment please note it wasn’t even a choice I had just something I literally couldn’t stop from occurring. It’s probably happened to Y-O-U as well but mum is the word. In the end, all I can do is sleep through it and worry about it in the morning.

FOOTNOTE- Arent you happy for forty winks.


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Be WARNED I’m back !!! “. I was down but not out and now it’s time for some vengeance by putting up a bigger, bolder and, stronger wall against those who will try to bring me down without a fight.  For 72 house they broke through my wall with malware but be warned blog world I’m back and will stop at nothing to entertain/inform  Y-O-U again