Heaven Pass- A Heavenly Story

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Don’t get me wrong I’m grateful I got to walk through these golden gates but honestly, it gets a bit boring, so I’m glad we get that pass. Heaven is filled with so many awesome, good souls yet sometimes you just want to let loose and not be so close to “perfect”.  As a matter of fact, if it wasn’t for that life I saved I probably would have been in the hot spot myself as I was no angel through it all.  Therefore we are given a pass to visit the “in-between” where things aren’t either too hot or cold but enough for us to just let loose a bit. In the end, heaven is great especially when you get a pass for the spot in the middle.

D’var Torah/Pasha- 2022

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Life took me down a turn I had no clue how to recover from but somehow led me here today. How many times have we predicted someone was going to be the victor only to see them clouded in defeat before the sun actually rose? Joseph was destined for greatness at least that is what his dreams and coat told him but his brothers had a different plan.  Yet could they feel victory when the sale of the brother lead their father to what appeared eternal grief?  What appears to be one person’s victory suddenly is their loss. Joseph thought he touched victory as he moved up the ladder in Egypt only to see it snatched from him several times. The truth is we have a plan but G-D often writes a comedy act.

In my own life, a person falsely accused me of a despicable crime and although I was completely exonerated it left a stain on my heart and soul until G-D revealed a way to make me win. First, I had to release the hate from myself by forgiving the individual without forgiving the sin, and then I had to utilize what was meant for bad and turn it into something positive. What this person had meant for my destruction turned out to be a brick toward success.   For, once I learned that I could stand up and speak about this situation I then had the freedom to not fear embarrassment anymore.  Whether it is playing a role in some comedy skit that I would never have done before, take a risk on a idea that could easily publicly flop, or just be truly myself what was meant for evil G-D allowed me to turn to good..

Setbacks and setups will always appear on our path called life and many times we often feel trapped. In the end, let us realize that the script is still being written by the greatest author G-D. Through all our trials and tribulation may G-D ensure that when a chapter appears to be written in the negative that suddenly out of the blue it is full of happiness, fun, success, love, and peace. Shabbot Shalon


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I really have no idea. Yes, I know I have the “title” but truly never understood why for I don’t understand much.  I guess I should have been more informed about what was going on but they said it was important that I don’t get wrapped up in the details and just follow along with their playbook. Maybe it was the look that I could bring to their plan which pulled them into me.   My mind is not quick enough to remember who exactly they are but these were the individuals who said I should run in the 1st place. It appears they had a bigger plan with what they were going to do with me than I could even understand. All I can say is now that it’s falling apart I’m the only one standing to take the blame even as I don’t have a clue of what I actually did?


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Untied” will be the Rubix Cube for this generation. Each game will have complicated notes one of which the contestant is challenged to untie. You can compete in your world or against others who start the game at the same time.  “Untied”  will have Beginner, Intermediate, and  Expert/Professional size challenges so all different individuals can compete together at the skill level they acquired.  “Untied”  the game that is all tied up.

Security -V-O-T-E

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The 1st responsibility of Government is to make sure one feels secure wherever they might live, walk or work. We can debate social and educational issues and how policy might affect the outcome yet there is no debate that the policies that those in leadership today have implemented have had a drastic effect on the safety and security of us and our loved ones. Cashless Bail, defunding the police, ending qualified immunity, etc etc have had a drastic impact on the lifes we are trying to live.  Shortages and inflation can also be tied to government excessive spending, over-regulations and, just plain disincentives to business the community as a whole.  Therefore on November 8th, I ask you to vote for you and your loved one’s security and vote Republican. We truly need a change now.

Last Chance

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How many times has our Noah reappeared?  Is there a time when we as individuals with some action or words keep the clock rolling past doomsday?  G-D is just about to have the wind move a bit too hard or the earth shakes a bit too much and then out of the blue one act changes our clock again.  Maybe one vote changes how we as a people lean toward a rebirth or destruction. Only G-D knows but remember your actions and words might be just the ones to keep the floods away from our door.


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I went to the doctor’s a week ago and discovered my weight was in the overweight category. Yet I go to the gym regularly, swim, eat responsibly and take the dogs for endless walks what else could I do, and would it really help?  This week I went for an extra swim, took the dogs for too many walks, and cut out all the fun stuff from my diet and it’s working but to what point?  Yes, I’m almost down to my goal of 158 from 160 ish but is the BMI truly on my scale for life?  For, what happens if I get sick and actually lose too much weight or if G-D forbid during this diet the t drops off? Do I want sauteed broccoli as my last bite?  The point is I’m bringing my weight to a number that looks good for M-E and then I’m back to casually enjoying this life. Of course, that is until the scale at the doctor’s office reappears and deja vu might just as well.

FOOTNOTE- Where do you stand on this scale of life? 

Amish Move- Might Become A True Story

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I’m moving way out because society has pulled me way too far. With modern society getting way too expensive to live a move to the Amish way of life might just fit into this budget. Yes, I don’t have much of a green thumb but I figure I’ll have plenty of time to learn once I turn off all the necessities of today’s times.  Just think about it this winter I won’t have to worry about my gas or electric bill and my grocery cost will be grown right where I put down these boxes. Have you heard about a crime wave hitting the Amish or stepping over the homeless just to get home?  The only problem is my faith path is a bit different then thou’s. Oh well if they’ll accept me maybe G-D will as well. Amish move it might be the modern way to go today.

FOOTNOTE-  This is not in my story but I believe many will consider it if the times we live in continue down the same path.

In The Dark

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There are certain times and places when one is best to be in the dark. For example,  when the eyes get a bit too heavy then the light is not what one wants to see.  Darkness is also great to be seen when what you would see is something the aroma will give away. That is why I wonder do we really need lights in a bathroom?

Married- To Live Long

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I wanted my marriage partner to live a long life so I went a bit bad. For, I’ve lived the Billy Joel song and didn’t want to find this partner six feet under as well.  It might seem wrong but either way, I think I win.  If they live a shorter life than the song well then they weren’t so good anyway and if they live a long life well at least I had them for some more good times than if I had chosen the other path.  To conclude If only the good die young then at least my partner will have to bury me now.

FOOTNOTE– I personally hated the words too that song and am trying my best to prove they don’t fit in my mirror.