Elections Matter

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Slavery 1  Adolf Hitler Evil 2

Anyone who believes elections really don’t matter needs to study history a bit more. For not only are issues decided on war and peace but slavery as well as freedom by a simple ballot. Tyrants can be born through an initial democratic that gives them the air to control.   Today great countries have been brought down because people voted the wrong way.  Economies can grow or collapse by a simple measure at the ballot box. So get out and vote for who knows how life can turn when you don’t.

Venzeula Protest unborn baby


Talking Loud to…

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Thinking 6 thinking-3

Have you ever thought you were thinking so loud that others could here you?  That the words in your head might have slipped out of your mouth as well?  I had such an experience when I was in a daydream moment only to see reality or what appeared to be staring at me. I’m actually not sure that my lips were moving but the way this person looked at me I felt as if the conversation should have been moved … deeper in my head.

Guatemala Trip-Day 3

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lake atitlan

Waking up to this view took a bit more exercise then my legs initially felt like showing me. Let’s just say the steps kept going and going and… We went for an awesome Kayak ride and when the heat of thev moment was too much a jump in the cool lake relieved the feelings. The day ended with a quick speed ride to a small town called San Jose where we picked up unique items for our loved ones and saw how Chocolate was made the Mayan way.  Finally a trip to a Macademian Farm where we learned about how this nut could crack new opportunites for the Guatemalian people, as well as tasted the best Macademian pancake of my life. To be honest it was my first Macademian Pancake but I’m sure it will be in the top 10.  Finally we rested in Antigua and had traditional Guatemalian food which won’t become part of my tradition.

Look Alike

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Hillary Clinton Confused Hillary Clinton Confused 2

If we aren’t familiar with a genre or art form we might not see the distinction between said objects of the same category but when it comes to people of a certain “group” it can show real ignorance. Those who only spend time in their “bubble” can’t truly tell the difference between those who are from a different group and not being able to make such distinctions shows they aren’t ready to lead a group of diverse souls. Even one’s claims it was a passing joke reflects poorily on those who frown from such jokes of others (political correct).  You might ask why I’m not referring to the woman above but I can’t tell the difference between one jack ass and another.

Hillary Clinton Confused 3

Actors Needed

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Feelings 1 Feelings 2

Let’s face all we want to do is be felt not even heard. We want our words to cause a certain reaction in another’s body so that we can feel they really understand. At times even the greatest acting skills becomes worn down emoting and another replacement must be called in to fill this role. We live our own part and sometimes the other actor hasn’t even read our script or appears not to understand it.  Therefore actors are always needed even if the pay is only found in another’s smile.

Guatemala Day 2-

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Caoba Farms Restaurant 1 Caoba Farms Restaurant 2

Caoba Farms really took our mouths away after our legs and bodies had gone that way the previous day (see yesterday’s blog piece). From the best Mimosa’s on the planet to a Fish Burger that you you’re mind would swear tasted more like something tha you ate for Thanksgiving then something swimming, Caoba Farms had it all for the senses.  There was even a light band playing in the background to add to the cool atmosphere.  By the way I can’t forget the vibrant Chocolate Maker who came all the way from Upper Manhattan to live and taste her dream in Guatemala.  It was an experience that allowed the rest of the body to relax while the other five senses got to work. From there we went on a long bus ride to one of the greatest lakes in the world…. COMING SOON.

Now I Understand

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Feelings 1 Feelings 2

Your facts don’t feel right and therefore they are not.  A matter of fact they make me feel uncomfortable even confused and that is why I don’t accept them. The more I think about them the more they make me angry so you better not bring them up to me again unless you want to see this part of me.   You say they’re the facts that can be studied to be true and I say your wrong… at least it feels that way.


Stop Mass Shootings= Allow Vile Speech

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freedom of speech

If we want to prevent “mass shootings” we must openly allow even the most vile speech in a public forum.  We must also comfront those that speak in such dark tones with light and make sure peace officers monitor such speech so it stays only verbally offensive. When necessary that monitoring should allow social workers, counselors and even police authorities to encounter said individuals to insure their words never turn into action. Under cover operations can also help to round up those who might be most likely to act instead of just speak. Yet through it all we must keep open dialogue and speech going for even the most  vile speech is better then any act silence might lead too.

No Name Required

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Pittsburgh Shooting 1 Pittsburg Shooting 2

You’re name should be wiped out of existence for the death of destruction it only brought to a loving community in Pittsburgh. What a shame that you’re loved ones spent endless years trying to steer you on the right track when they should have let you get run over instead.  I consider myself Pro-Life but would have a made an exception for the disgusting ilk that you are.  Your name should be erased as the hate that it stands with maybe gone as well.

Guatemala Trip -Day 1-Walking on the Moon

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20181020_164324 20181020_155853

It was a trip that took us through all elements as it did with our emotions as well.  The journey was dangerous up a steap mountain to see in action an active volcano that took our breath away literally for it was truly exhausting in every way. Physical our legs could only stand so much as we allowed our 4 legged friends and their Guatemala lead team take us to the final resting place. A 12 year native Guatemalian was one of those brave young souls that lead me to see the moon on earth. A place where smoke came out of the death of lava enough to roast a marshmallow from upon the ground.  We also ate a wonderful traditional Guatemalan lunch which our friendly dog friends enjoyed as well.  Cold, heat, rain, darkness and sun were like the emotions we felt along the journey which will stay in our heart and soul for a lifetime.

FOOTNOTE- In the aftermath we quenched any hunger we had left at a French restaurant in Antigua, Guatemala.

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