High Enough!?

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K Flay is the new artist that years from will be studied as a visionary or someone who looked at sounds in a whole different way then those surrounding her.  I’m not sure I like, love or hate this song I just know it’s unique or K Flay.

[youtube_sc url=”https://youtu.be/FkFVMDlcJF8″]

Michael Flynn Immunity how about ….

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Michael Flynn Immunity Immunity

While Michael Flynn is asking for immunity before speaking to Congress how about the rest of us get a day or 2 of relationship immunity. Where we could say whatever we want to our loved one(s) and it will bounce off them as if no words were exchanged.  For this one day we would truly tell them those dark secrets and maybe some a bit lighter  that have been on our chest for more then a day.  I don’t think our loved one’s  would sign such an agreement and if they did it would probably be with invisible ink.

Footnote- I ask for immunity for stealing this concept from Greg Gutfeld of the Five but if prosecution must be made let me at least appear on this show.

Zookeeper’s Wife

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We must never forget because man’s cruelty to men and woman continues today so it’s important that another big film about the Holocaust reappears for a whole new generation.  Zookeeper’s Wife (trailer below) tells the story of a woman who risked it all to do what’s right when everyone around her was doing things totally wrong.  I just hope someday a Holocaust movie will take the next step and tell us about those courageous individuals who were able to create Heaven after going through the Hell of the Holocaust.

[youtube_sc url=”https://youtu.be/eiEfrA6MWs4″]

Totally False

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Howard Stern Scarlett Johanseen Scarlett Johansson.jpg 2

It’s a painful memory that I thought Mrs. Johansson would have let drop but after a through interview with Howard Stern I guess she felt she had to bring it up, now it’s my time to tell the truth.  Me and Mrs. Johansson met at a party in which we had some mutual friends concerning the film industry and a bridge that was up for sale.  We initially hit it off for know one can deny she has quite the look especially in the Pink hair days. Yet I noticed even in the first conversation that I was basically left out it was all about her and what new project she was starting or finishing.  I decided to give it a try and we agreed to meet for a cup of coffee after the party but when she said at the last minute that there was a change in her schedule for some emergency hair work I decided not to pursue it with her. We’re just too different in our philosophies, work life and even interests (I sometimes like to speak about me).  She kept calling me day and night for weeks to try and find a way for us to get together but I just knew it wasn’t in the cards and told her straight to her face. I guess my words were lost in translation as she continues to hold a grudge whether it be real or made up.

Further note – We can still be friends. 

Individual Faith Observations

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Personal Prayer 2 Personal Prayer 1

I have tried the right individual way to observe these two parts of the Shema ( a prayer that comes right from the bible/torah) and believe this one fits just right for me.  Here are the two verses and how I practice observation.  These are not traditional ways to observe the faith I practice and maybe that’s why they hold a bond unto me and hopeful my maker as well.

(1) You shall bind them as a sign upon your hand and they shall be a reminder between your eyes.  I bind a band aid with a special Blue cloth upon my hand and wear a hat in which when I look up can see the rim between my eye’s.

(2) Speak to the Children of Israel and tell them to make for themselves fringes on the corners of their garments throughout their generations and to attach a thread of blue on the fringe of each corner. I take a piece of blue cloth and put in in the 4 corner pockets of the clothes that I’m wearing.

(3) Sabbath Observation– I observe the Sabbath by not performing the work which produces revenue and try to have my mind refrain from such thoughts. I also try not to have others work on my behave by not visiting businesses during this time period unless emergencies occur.  I believe that G-D wanted us to take a break from our routine and take a bit more time to appreciate what has been put on our table without our effort.

(4) Sacrifice In a symbolic gesture I will need eat the first of my portion or the last thereof and instead give it to G-D who gives me everything.

Bipolar Days

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Happy Sad 1 Happy Sad 2

For those who are mentally sane we still have our “bipolar days” where events that occur  can turn our frowns quickly upside down. While some will express gratitude toward us others will be disappointed and it’s hard to figure out which face should be shown.  You can’t make everyone happy so try your best to make yourself that way even though sadness might be just around your neighbor’s corner.  Bipolar days we all live with them but do they have to live with us.

Russia Yawn

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Russia Yawning Yawning 5

I don’t know about you but I find this whole “Russian Interference in our election” a boring news story that keeps on repeating day after day after… .  It is if the news media didn’t exist before the Trump/Clinton election where it was obvious Russia had there favorites and found ways to “get involved” oh wait that was when they supported liberal Democrats. The Russian government even had people working in our government and many institutions as the news media turned a deaf ear. This was the days of the Soviet Union when Russia was really the Evil Empire with expansion tendencies that dwarf anything seen today but the news media yawned on this story. Now it’s on page 1 almost everyday as if we’re already singing the Russian National Anthem.  Please give it a break and cover some other news I’m sure there other ways you can try to hurt the Trump administration.

“IT Trailer” = Maybe Clowns are Scary

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Wow if the movie is 1/2 as good as the trailer you will be scared very scared of ….CLOWNS!    It’s a beautifully crafted piece of art that leaves you full of goosebumps and will haunt you better then many of the horror movies out there do.

[youtube_sc url=”https://youtu.be/FnCdOQsX5kc”]

Healthcare Reform- Piece by Piece

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American Health Care Act 2  Donald Trump Oops

Before Paul Ryan hands Donald Trump another “oops moment” maybe he should break up the America’s Health Care Act into the various letters/parts it’s made up and let each part be voted up and down by the Congress. These separate votes would occur all on the same day and the parts that passed would go to the Senate to vote on in reconciliation and the parts that failed could be tried again.  By having such votes health care reform will truly move forward and our elected officials will be held accountable for their direct votes by the American people. Here are some of the individual votes that should occur.

(A) Individuals and corporation can buy healthcare plans across state lines.

(B) Groups can make up their own health insurance pacts (farmers, gun right owners,  actors, etc) which would cover their specific needs.

(C) Medical Malpractice lawsuits would be capped on punitive expenses.

(D) No Mandates on the insurance packages one may get but full disclosure of provisions absent and possible cost must be clearly discussed with individual and/or companies.

(E) Repeal Obamacare



Seinfeld or Star Wars Move

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Seinfeld 2 Luke the Force

Last night I tried a move that either came from Seinfeld or Star Wars, I guess it depends on your perspective or maybe it was just a combination.  For just as a famous episode on Seinfeld I said exactly the opposite of what I was expected to say and felt that maybe the “force” would help convince others to do as I said.  A loved one was telling me how we were to spend monies on another loved one and I responded “then you can mail me a check”.  For a moment it caught my loved one off guard as I could feel her pulling out her checkbook and writing my name on top. Unfortunately I wasn’t trained enough in the Force or Seinfeld and reality hit as she said “what” before any monies were exchanged  in my hands. I guess I must study harder for the force and Seinfeld success don’t come overnight.

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