Opposites that don’t match

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siamese fighting fish

Just like a magnet certain people just don’t match.  They both can be wonderful people but put them in the same room and they become like Siamese Fighting Fish, ready for the attack.  There is nothing that can truly bring such individuals together as friends but they can learn not to want to kill each other; maybe assault will be good enough. Seriously though when individuals find another individual that repels them they should try to discover why and still be civil.  It might be the quickest conversation between two individuals but it’s best to talk and move then talk and hate.

Prejudice that makes sense

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angry look

Not all prejudices are wrong, a matter of fact some might save your life. I’m not talking about prejudice based on race, religion, sexual orientation but on the way someone actually looks and more importantly looks at you.  Sometimes you see someone who looks at look you with a glare that instinctively appears sinister that instinct might just be right. I know it’s wrong to judge someone on a look but that doesn’t mean you can’t be cautious. We need to walk a tight line between not judging an individual but also not put ourselves in unnecessary danger.  Slowly approach such an individual in a non-threatening way and be willing to turn away if your life antenna continues to send bad vibes.  It might appear wrong to others but they won’t be there if harm comes your way.

Why babies are cute.

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excited 2excuse letter

G-D in his infinite wisdom made babies of humans and animals so cute so we could deal with them. Imagine if babies were ugly and woke us up in the middle of the night; let’s just say we wouldn’t be rocking them to sleep. Ugly babies that had accidents would make those accidents a lot worse. It’s hard to get mad at cute babies with those little eyes and smiles they can destroy anything and get anyway with it. If only we had this power for one day what would you do with it?

Donald Sterling defenders

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Here’s a few that I believe will be used.

(1) He’s old and didn’t know what he was saying.

(2) His comments were taken out of context.

(3) He was having a fight with his girlfriend and spoke out of emotion not logic?

(4) His girlfriend gave him drugs that caused his crazed mental state.

(5) That was an impersonator not Donald Sterling?

(6) An Alien took over his body during this period (Hey I’m trying)

( 7) It was a comedy skit he was trying out for called “An old Racist”

Ted Cruz 2016?

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Ted Cruz 2016


I’ve started to fall more in line with the Cruz supporters because he has the gumption to stand up for what’s right no matter what the consequences.  What has moved me more to his camp is that he is the only Senator to call for the resignation of the Secretary of State after his disgusting remarks equating Israel with an Apartheid region.  I’m still not sure if he comes across a bit too abrasive for the White House but maybe that’s what he need at this point. Either way he’s earned a great deal of respect from me.  WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Sterling won’t be winning this award

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sterling la lakers# Sterling, #LA Lakers


This was actually news.

Sterling not getting the NAACP lifetime achievement award is as obvious as…

(1) Miley Cyrus not winning the Dove Christian Award.

(2) President Obama blames the Bush Administration.

(3) Abbas not calling for new election in the West Bank

(4) Russia not leaving Crimea after the Sanctions take effect.

(5) Howard Stern  saying  “Hey now”

(6) Justin Beiber being arrested.

(7) Eric Holder not investigating the IRS scandal

(8) Losing a sock in the wash.

(9) Having my daughter saying “I’m embarrassing her”

(10) Watching another comedy television show and wondering why they are laughing?