Killers- Pre-production- Stallone

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filmmaker Filming Sylvestar Stallone

Last night I had a discussion on how, where and when we would film the  “Killers”  a short which will be sent to Sylvestar Stallone directly if not his top associates. We hope this short and it’s script will G-D willing result in a full length production with talents of Mr. Stallone associated to it. The basics are being covered so the “Killers” can be executed in the style and cut that will take them out …. from an idea to art.  Just a note killers are individuals that are so committed to an act that their entire minds, bodies and bones can feel it before the strike.

#1 ….. Song

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“Slide” by Calvin Calvin Harris  Frank Ocean & Migos is currently the #1 Drunk song in the world.  As more drunk people have been shown singing this lyrics in bars around the world … or something like it.  A matter of fact those who aren’t intoxicated can’t seem to remember any of the lyrics.  “I’ve really tried to sing this song but unless I’m completely hammered it just doesn’t come out right “said every individual in the world.  “Slide” sponsored by Smirnoff Vodka.

[youtube_sc url=””]

FOOTNOOTE- It’s get a catchy beat so maybe drinking isn’t so bad for you after all.

Fences Or Manchester By The Sea

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fences  Manchester by the Sea

I’m 24 hours left till the Oscars and have missed 3 movies that have been nominated.  I’m dropping Moonlight out of the list since this story is not my cup of tea that leaves with the opportunity to see either Manchester by the Sea or Fences. Let’s see which one  (below) get my vote on tonight’s viewing screen.

(1)  Manchester by the Sea only $4.95 to rent – Fences- $15.00 to buy-  (Manchester +2)

(2) Denzel Washington is one on my favorite actors (Fences +1)

(3) My mother gave Manchester by the Sea a bad review   (Fences by + 1/2)

(4) Manchester by the Sea did better with critics and  Audience on Rotten Tomatoes (Manchester by + 1)

(5) Manchester is know to be depressing  (Fences by +1)

(6) Fences was on Broadway and I never got to see it (Fences by + 1/2)

 It’s a bloody Tie- WHAT SHOULD I DECIDE 

Maybe this should help (below)

[youtube_sc url=””]

La La Land- A MUST SEE !!!

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la-la-land-1 la-la-land-2

If you’re going to see a movie in the theater here is the movie you have to see. For it takes you to a magical place called “Hollywood” where anything appears to be possible. Can it be occasionally slow sure but so is traffic  (hint link below).  Great Acting, incredible cinematography and a musical score that has won the Oscars even if another was to be given.  See La La Land and it will take you away as well and might even keep you there even after the credits have run.

**** La La Land – I gave it an extra 1/2 star because of the incredible beginning.


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Fast & Furious 1 Million

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They have milked this movie series till the have to get a goat to stand in.  How fast and furious can they be after  7 tries before? The way this series is going it is going to Van Diesel Vs the world in his walker or scooter.  I guess the incredible scripts and dialogue  bring back the audience or could it be they just have the exact formula that allows people to escape their brains for 2 hours.   Fast & Furious 1 million because sometimes the $$’s is truly more important then the Art.

Mick Jagger living the life …. again

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Oops he’s done it again and this time at 73.  Starting to be a dad at 73 has got to put another wrinkle on Mick Jagger’s face but he’s living the life … again and again. It shows it’s never to old to act like an irresponsible youth when you have the monies to pay for it all. For before this new Jagger enters High School there’s a good chance his dad won’t be able to walk the steps without a few extra aides.  Mick Jagger the  singer, father, grandfather and father again how times fly and never really change.

One Actress saves- My Guardian Angel

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My Guardian Angel

The movie “My Guardian Angel” demonstrates how one actresses performance can make an okay movie brilliant!  Without killing the story Holly Jacobsen must play too characters completely different characters in one body and do it in a way that is completely believable for this film to work. She not only is able pulls it off but by so doing makes  the film more compelling and deeper then it is written to be.  The other actors on stage are basically black and white but Holly is field of brilliant colors. Colors that although dark are deep with emotions.

*** 1/2 Stars-  1 1/2 Stars added because of Holy Jacobsen.


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Donald Trump Ted Cruz stare down

The gloves have come off with “PUT DOWN FIGHT” without any physically punches landing but a hell of a lot mental one’s instead.  This show will match the wits of two opponents in the ring as they go round to round putting each other down on different topics until the final anything go round comes to blows.  They will be judged by their response time and how hard the remark sticks by 3 top comedians from various walks of life.  Any opponent who gets physical or walks away automatically loses.  Opponents will come from various political, religious and cultural backgrounds and in the end must hug and smile at each other. “PUT DOWN FIGHT” the most politically incorrect show of our time and hysterical as well.

Oscar Nomination- Bridge Of Spies

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Bridge of Spies

“Bridge Of Spies” is one of those Oscar Nominated Films that receives this accommodations not for it’s artistic achievement but because of it’s political message and the friends it has in Hollywood. Don’t get me wrong “Bridge of Spies” is a fine movie but is it truly exceptionally I beg to differ.  The characters aren’t well drawn out, the action is predictable and the ending is so,so.  The political message of National Security VS constitutional liberty, Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg is the real reason it’s up in this category.  It is worthy of Oscar nomination for it’s set designs and cinematography.  “Bridge of Spies” is worthy of 2  hours of your time but only if you’ve seen these  Oscar Nominated Films before “Room”, “Brooklyn”and even “The Martian”.

*** “Bridge Of Spies”

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