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The 5 Letter Word Often Forgotten

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Imagine if a politician would use this word instead of making our hole deeper.  I wonder how many relationships and marriages would continue if this word became a larger part of their vocabulary?   Would Motorolla and other past great companies still be great if this word were used to cause a course redirection and how many movie bombs would only be screenplays?  The word, of course, is sorry and as Yom Kippur comes to ahead and our books are being sealed there are still a few more days left to say it.  So let me be the lead the pack with this 5 letter word sorry. I’m just a work in progress and G-D willing there is still some clay to fix me and all those who seek improvement so we can all have a peaceful, healthy, happy, and, successful year together.  G-D Bless

F’D up Mental Health System

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The pieces are not fitting together. For, they say I have a sickness in the mind but then leave all the pieces on the floor for me to gather them with one hand tied behind my back.  After my hospital stay, there are few places I can go to ensure that I keep my feet on the ground, and unlike other illnesses when I have an episodic attack it affects many innocent people. I’ll repeat my stay at a hospital over and over again because this is an illness that never truly goes away but with transitional housing, my life and those around me would be much improved. This could be a place where there is a coach to help me regain my foothold in the job market, ensure I keep my proper medical treatment, and help find a community that builds on the strengths I’ve gained with treatment. Why does this only exist for those family members with means when this sickness affects us all in some way? The mental health system is truly just F’d up.

FOOTNOTE-    Thank G-D I found this type of housing for a loved one but I am one of the few where many, many others continue to suffer.

“No Exit” Hulu wait for the door

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” No Exit” streaming on Hulu is not the greatest film but it’s worth waiting to find the door.  Yes, it’s predictable and the acting isn’t something seen on an award show yet the ending is worth waiting for even if you believe you know the exit.  The truth is with the limited locations and characters in the film it’s still pretty compelling, especially with the action scenes that staple you in.  “No Exit” worth waiting for the credits before actually looking for it.

*** – I gave an extra star for the last 10 minutes.


Dog Excuse

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It’s the dog’s fault but not for that (above) at least for now.  Instead, it’s for this 2nd image and if you were in my household you’d understand why.  Two dogs is trouble enough but at a third puppy to the list and the clock is running right past Y-O-U.  Don’t get me wrong the dogs are great just exhausting and demanding. So if my clock is a bit off and my papers are even a bit more chewed please blame the dogs for they are guilty with fun/responsibility even when the clock is running.

A Memory Return- Star Blazers

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Although I spent many of an afternoon after school watching this show my mind hasn’t allowed it to reappear. I’m not going to tell you there is any academy award for animation but it sure kept my interest over 40+ years ago (maybe a few more pluses). Star Blazers was the show I was enthralled with at the time and then my life as my favorite toy truck Tonka although I think that’s deeply hidden as well.  Google brought back a great memory “Star Blazers”  that was previously just in the space of my head.

FOOTNOTE- Warning this show is for adolescents at heart.  

No Exit- Real Life

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For those who’ve lived through the “fight life” the fact of G-D is just a fact. For, suddenly out of the blue the one who has put up their fist (figuratively I hope) suddenly brings them down to make peace. Yet just a moment before you feel there is no way this ship can keep sailing without sinking further into the abyss. G-D can find a way to suddenly divert the pain and anger of a fight into a whole new storm or even bouts of pure sunlight. In the end, many a fight ends with the help of a divine referee.  Thank G-D.

Political Move

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I allowed the opponent to make the 1st move in the political game without a counter-offensive and in so doing lost a golden opportunity. The truth is when having a political discussion it is key to attack early with your strongest offensive moves this way your opponent will lose focus on the plans they had set for the game. Yet understanding the moves your opponent can make still allows you to set the trap for a win. Once the opponent throws over the board (anger or name calling) you can be declared the winner.  For political discussions are not only about the facts but how the game is to be played.

Three Dogs, Sleep & Melatonin

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With this new addition to my dog farm, Melatonin is the only thing keeping me sane. In between the whining, barking, and yelping I need a few hours of sleep and Melatonin allows me to not get ugly.  Counting sheep doesn’t work when they’re are real sound effects in between.  The little gummy does though and now I’m productive enough to deal with the world ahead even if it has got a whole lot more crowded.

FOOTNOTE- A dog farm is any household with more than 2 dogs in it especially if one is a puppy.

Precisely Imprecise

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To avoid this (above)  I’m precisely imprecise. For when you believe something I know I must go along with your feelings even if it is the tooth fairy. There is no arguing with your emotions unless I really want to argue. I can’t win and sometimes a draw is just fine with me as long as the yelling and bitter terms end.  It’s not that I’ll say you are right just that I understand how it makes you feel … well sorta. I guess in the end being precisely imprecise saves the peace even if it still confuses one’s mind.


Rosh Hashanah- In 4 Words

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For those that live in the twitter world. Rosh Hashanah is “I’m sorry pass it on”.   Of course, that sorry must come from the heart, mind, and soul. It must be the type of sorry that attempts to lead someone down a different path that is closer to G-D and must be reciprocal to the world.  In other words, if one wants to be forgiven for their mistakes known and unknown they must be willing to forgive others and move forward. Therefore these 4 words take a whole lot more effort than just saying them in the 1st place. L’Shana Tova may you be inscribed in a year of health, happiness, success, peace and love

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