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Rosh Hashanah/ Yom Kippur-Cliff Notes

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Maybe G-D expects more from us but with fewer words so let me summarize the holiday just in case.   “We’re sorry, especially the one in my mirror for all the mistakes we’ve made whether they be open or one with the door partially closed.  We not only ask for you to forgive our mistakes but all your children those just starting out to those who appear closer to the gate . We pledge to try and be a better person and will fast in some way to make amends. So that in the end you can extend our end for the year to come and bring, happiness, health, success and love to the world. AMEN!

FOOTNOTE- In case the synopsis isn’t enough I plan to be in Shul for the longer version. 

CUTE & Annoying

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I’m CUTE and maybe a little annoying. Let’s face it you can’t resist this face even if it won’t stop barking. I have the looks that kill for your stress level goes up a bit more wondering whether you’ll catch me on time or I’ll leave you a little surprise. Yet in the end, though I can annoy you hear or there CUTE is the one you’ll keep.

Feet Freedom

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I love to feel things from the opposite side of my body usually. Walking barefoot allows me to absorb the world beneath my toes whether it be a soft rug, a nice heated matt, or light raindrops on my deck. I can tell you sometimes that walk isn’t so comforting though as sharp and/or mushy substances I’d rather not touch hit these bottoms.  Yet in the end opening your world to such a touch can be comforting and put you in a whole different realm of existence from the bottom up.

Missed Sunlight

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I just realized I missed the sunlight! My mind was filled with such darkness that I felt the clouds were continually over my head even as the sun pierced through. So many moments I’ve missed by having episodes of rage, hopelessness, and loneliness that have filled my skies in my mind.  Specks of sunlight passed through as therapy and treatment enabled me to see clearly but not enough to know that it was actually working. I wish I had listed to loved ones who had stood in the sunlight my mind covered for years previously but now I have and boy is the light brighter than ever.

FOOTNOTE- Time doesn’t stand still ones treatment should move forward as well.


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I’m so confused. I don’t know why you take me out for so many walks and then get mad when I do my business on a different source.  I really don’t understand what you’re saying for your language is very different than bark except that you get mad when I speak too much. I’m just lost as I think you are well at least we both have that in common and also we’re both trying to figure each other out yet are so   confused?



Is This So?

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Is it so or is it not that is thy question? Some might say it’s the words that count or is it the rhythm that brings one to a unique beat?  What makes one consider something “brilliant” while another song is just “ordinary”?  Well, the answer will reside in your ears and mind as you listen to one that is one or the other but not both.


My Life

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“My Life” is the story of your 4-legged friends in a great book to be shared with all your loved ones.  Whether you want your 4-legged friend to be a Super-Hero or just one day in their life this will be the book you’ll have to own.   “My Life” because your best friends have their own story to tell.


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Sorry, but you know everyone makes mistakes.  You really looked like the person I was supposed to take down and I left my contacts at home. It’s actually sorta funny your names were so close as well.  Hey, don’t take it that hard weren’t you complaining just recently now you get a whole new start and it’s all because of a little error on my hand. Okay, a big error but at least everyone gets a 2nd chance even if they are 6 feet under.

Community “Script”

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Here’s a concept how about we all write a script together? This would be a script that would actually become a film.  All those who want to be part of this film community would have to pay a nominal fee and then they could add their own content to what is already written. Of course, this writing would have to be approved for context and budget by those producing the project yet if it moved in the “right direction” your writing would actually be in a film scene on the big screen.  “Community Script” it’s time the world saw your vision one page at a time.

Rebel Flavor

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Theo has fully gone into the RebeL category with their “Salted Black Licorice” flavor though it’s still to be determined whether it’s a Bud flavor.  Or in more simple words yes, it’s quite unique but does it actually taste good? I guess first you have to determine if you like black licorice because if you’re already eating a Theo bar you love good chocolate and who doesn’t love a bit more salt? In the end the Black Licorice is a bit too powerful of a taste so I wouldn’t put it in the Bud the category although the effort on being such a strong Rebel in this category makes it taste a bit better.

** 1/2 Theo Salted Black Licorice. You can add an extra 1/2 star if you LOVE (and I mean love) Black Licorice.

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