Cruz Trump Deal

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Ted Cruz 2 donald trump 4

If G-D willing Ted Cruz wins in Wisconsin he has to make a deal with the Donald that even he can’t refuse.  He should have his surrogates tell Mr. Trump that if he is elected President that he would insist on having the Donald be in charge of negotiating trade deals with foreign countries and building the fence between the U.S and Mexican border.  Mr. Trump will stay want to fight to win the Presidency but knowing that he will be in charge of running these key elements of his campaign should lower his rhetoric and play somewhat nice.  This way Mr. Cruz will be able to run on the specific issues in depth and G-D willing win the Republican  nomination as well as move to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in January.

Last Days & Goodbye

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heavenly gates Coffin 3

“LAST DAYS & GOODBYE” will be the one show that will pay respect to those who are truly coming home to the Lord.  How do the individual family and friends deal with knowing their loved one is in their last days and how do they deal with their passing? Will the families come together during these difficult moments or will it pull them further apart?  How will they allow the memories of such individual hold on to them as a unit and as individuals? What do the different cultures, family styles and faiths say about such a passing? “LAST DAYS & GOODBYE” a show that needs to be told if only to pay respect for those that have passed and those that are left behind.

Tesla Model 3 – TEMPTATION

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Tesla Model 3- 1  tesla model 3 -x

“Tesla Model 3” is extremely tempting for all the right reasons.  First of all the price is within my margin of error of $35,000 without even the government incentive programs kicking in. There is also a claim that it has autonomous driving feature for times when you have to get there but aren’t in the right mind set to drive. The warranty is insane with supposedly an 8 year infinite miles on the battery pack and drive unit. It’s also supposed to go 200 miles without needing a charge. Finally Tesla makes beautiful cars and who doesn’t want to be beautiful?

Dream convict

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handcuffed heavenly gates heaven hell

If G-D was too judge me for the dreams that I’ve had unconsciously as well as the occasional daydream I would be handcuffed already, waiting to enter the hotter zone. For although I have committed my share of  sins in the conscious world it is nothing compared to what my unconscious mind slips through.  There are things I’m truly embarrassed to mention if I could remember them at all.  Not every daydream is perfect as well as moments of frustration and anger lead me to a path wear it appears I smell the smoke. Thank G-D he created these two worlds and I’m only judged by the one I act on …. I hope.

J Lo butt not here!

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J lo Butt J lo Butt 2

I will not be writing about how J. Lo claims she hasn’t insured her butt for 1 million dollars (although it would make sense) at this blog post. For Jennifer Lopez is an extremely talented star from her singing, acting and dancing abilities that too much is made of her physical attributes but I can understand how others see things.  It’s just that we should be looking at the whole person and by focusing on one part we sometimes can miss that but we are only human and eyes do drift.  If I was to write about Mrs. Lopez rear end it would be quite complimentary but that is the least (well maybe not so small) of her fine and wonderful attributes but …oh forget it.

The Truth Text

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Sometimes you can’t find the right words together to say exactly what you need to say, in such times THE TRUTH TEXT will arrive just in time.  Call the 1-800 number and answer a few questions related to how you feel and we’ll deliver those right words right to your phone, so you’re text message will hit your recipients heart and soul. Our professional staff has the writing and psychology training to make sure we deliver that special message.  If you’re unsatisfied with the text respond no and we’ll send you an alternate version. “THE TRUTH TEXT” will receive income through the “ads” you will listen to as the text is being prepared and other waiting periods. You also will receive an add to your phone along with the special “Truth Text”.  A text is a terrible thing to waste, it’s therefore time  for  “THE TRUTH TEXT”.

Egypt Air Hijack

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Egypt Air Hijack

How?  You have to wonder with a rash of terrorist attacks and all the security messages put on air travel  how could individual(s) hijack a plane today?  Thank G-D it appears that this standoff is moving in the right direction with all the passengers from the Egyptian plane being released in Cyprus. Yet how could this happen in the first place and who would even think they could smuggle a gun or explosives on a plane?  It comes down to this you could have the state of the art security equipment in effect but without the right people controlling it you might as well leave the door open.


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leaving prison

For those given a 2nd chance (or 3rd) will they get it right this timeOUT is the one television show that will explore such a topic. From their last day of prison to their return home and all the steps it takes to get on the right coarse or wrong along the way.  How will the relationships they left behind be saved and will the new one’s they met in prison continue?  What will it take to land that first job and how hard will it be to keep it if found in the first place? How about those who feel they were unjustly convicted will they be able to get this part of their life behind them or will angry/revenge be the only emotion that lingers? OUT the one show that will see if the prison makes the person or the person can change from prison.


Public Speaking Start

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public speaking start public speaking 2

The best place to start your public speaking may be right around your corner. It is a location that there won’t be any film to record any mistakes and you’re in front of a loving crowd (most of them).  The only problem is you may have to convert and make sure you’re on the agenda.  It can be found at your local Synagogue/Shul  on Shabbos where no cell phone’s are permitted to be seen.  Yes I understand there are many difficult challenges being Jewish but the open mic day can be added to the positive side of this ledger.

Instagram Changing Feed – Combo plan would be better

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Instagram changing feed according to what’s most popular instead of most recent is a good idea, with a few tweaks. The user should be able to link one of their most popular shots with a current shot so that they can get the best of both worlds.   This way users will build new followers and keep their family and friends in the loop when exciting events occur today, even if they’re aren’t as exciting to the rest of the world. To conclude I have been a bit addicted to utilizing Facebook but since Instagram is putting in this new procedure I might snap a picture there as well.