It Lives!!!

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Gene Wilder Young Frankstein 2

My cell phone was expected to die but it’s alive! Alive I tell you! Yes I know I’m being a bit dramatic but it’s my cell phone and it’s breathing on it’s own.  Yet who knows what will happen because coming back from the dead can have consequences. Maybe Frankenstein is real after all.

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Phone CPR

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surgery-on-cell-phone dead cell phone 2

You are ready to bury your cell phone but with PHONE CPR there is still is one chance left for survival. This device will drain your cell phone of all malware, clean it’s hardware and restore enough power for you and your cell phone to be together again. PHONE CPR will not just be a charging station but a way for your cell phone to extend it’s life and give it the additional boost that it needs. PHONE CPR for your phone deserves to live another year or at least a few months.

New Year Eve – MURDER

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new-years-eve breathing in blood

I couldn’t think of spending another year with you and with 24 hours to kill now was my last chance.  You had drained me of all the excitement to live another year it was time that I had a reason to live again … killing you. Yes I guess I’ll have a lot to make up in the upcoming year but at least I’m starting fresh with 365 days to go.   For now I am free to start the New Year with true freedom until the steel door slams on me.

FOOTNOTE- Trust me this isn’t in my plans but I wonder how many are thinking about adding this to their New Years Resolutions.


DEAD phone…..

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dead cell phone  dead cell phone 2

There were no real signs that my cell phone was going back to it’s maker before it passed on. I remember just before Star Wars The Last Jedi was to begin that we were looking at old emails and going shopping and then it died as the credits started to roll.  Was it just too cold for it to go outside, was the force against it,  or did I go to far with the Apps? I may never know all I know is I lost my life partner well at least for the last two years or was it 3. Life went so fast with this cell phone as my friend and now it’s gone in an instant. Where will I go what will I do… for I believe Verizon is closed for the holiday. Yet I’ll always have the good times to remember.

(1) TIME- You were always their to make sure I knew what time it is and now I don’t know when to begin or end. How will I spend my time without the many books and information you have provided me with a key stroke?

(2) FRIENDSHIP- We shared many friends together but now they are hidden in your memory banks. I hope Verizon can restore them.

(3) LOST- I will not be able to count on you to help me get around but have to actually use my own mind.

(4) HIP- Your searches helped make sure that I was always in the know.

(5) WEATHER- What will I do to find out about the weather without you step outside?!

(6) CONTACT- I have no contact with the outside world when I leave these premises.

(7) REALITY- My escape will not be the same without you. I will actually have to imagine a whole different world

FOOTNOTE- With your passing I know you will understand if I have to move on before the burial (in a Verizon bag), maybe from the deep fields of your circuits you can give me one last recommendation …on which model? Maybe?

Found !!! Lost?

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Cleaning Kitchen

The greatest aspect of cleaning up is not the shine that you get on the materials but the shine that grows on your face when you find IT!!  The item that has been lost for so long you didn’t even realize it was still missing until it was FOUND!  From a lost piece of clothes to that extra $20 you thought you had but now you know you do, cleaning up can be well worth your time.  So become a bit less lost and clean up for you never know what you will find even items that you never knew were still missing.

Star Wars -The Last Jedi- The Last ….

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Star Wars The Last Jedi

Star Wars The Last Jedi is probably the last Star Wars movie I will see because I believe I’m too old for this film concept. The truth is this film series has aged me from the very beginning.  Star Wars films have incredible special effects, cinematography, sound score and even some great acting moments but each movie is way too long.  What could work well in 90 minutes is drawn out for at least another hour and so is my ability to stay awake. The Last Jedi had some really neat cute new creatures but even they couldn’t help me from having my eye’s get heavier and heavier as the same basic story line from movie one continues to the last one tonight.  To put it simply those fans of the series will love this movie and those that have felt it aged them will add another wrinkle.

** 1/2

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Iran Green Revolution Part II

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Iran Green Revolution 3  Iran Green Revolution 2

Let the world not squander the resurrection of the Green Revolution in Iran as we should stand fully in the corner of these brave citizens battling for basic respect, freedom and dignity against a Tyrannical Theocracy.  We can not let their revolutionary cries be unheard as we should support them by all means necessary to overthrow these dictators that hold them captive.  For the good of the people of Iran and world peace let us wear green in solidarity with them if not on our body then in our prayers that G-D will answer their cries and justice will be served.

Craps – A spiritual Side

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Playing Craps Playing craps 2

I bet few clergy believed I could come up with a spiritual side to playing craps but let me roll the dice.  For unlike other gambling games your success spells success for others and every roll brings hope and even faith to those that don’t have it, even if it’s just for  a moment.  There might even be a pray to G-D before and an amen after the roll depending on when a 7 comes up.  Just when your rolling well and start to believe you can control this game you realize there is a higher authority that truly is in charge.  In Craps as in life you have to know when to roll and when to enjoy the fruits that have been given your way and have the faith to understand it’s just a game for another day …. probably month.

Mr. Getty/ Average Joe

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Jean Paul Getty 3 Average Joe

There still is a desire for me to gain additional wealth but after seeing and now reading the book “All The Money In The World” I understand that greed can be as destructive as poverty. Jean Paul Getty never appeared to enjoy the wealth he acquired as it was only used as vehicles to gain additional wealth instead of ways to “truly make a difference”. While the “Average Joe” might struggle to make ends meat they usually enjoy it to the bone and if there is even a smidgen left Joe will donate it to the less fortunate. “Jean Paul Getty” might have acquired the means but the Average Joe was able to somehow laugh and smile a whole lot brighter. For wealth can help create some happy moments but only when used to make others as well as yourself happier along the way.

Just Exist

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puppy day 3 unborn baby  grandchild-listening

While many will try to conquer the world to gain more attention others basically exist and we’re just happy to have them around. We don’t need our pets to go to work to earn a smile. Our grandfather can sleep a bit longer as long he is still sleeping here and we won’t disturb his rest.  While just the presence of another’s beating heart allows an expectant mother to smile and a slight  (empathize slight) kick can make the whole family laugh together.  Existing even after a terrible accident gives new hope and insight in others that we might have expected more from before.  Of course as our abilities and strengths develop more is expected but just remember there were and are times that our presence is enough to make others smile as well.

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