Elephants and The Green Movement

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Let’s face it this is not good for the “environment”. These creatures eat up so much of the green on a daily basis and drain the water supply as well. A matter of fact if you think cows flatulate take a look at these bodies and what else they secrete. Humans’ breath out a whole bunch of CO2 but we are mouses compared to what Elephants release. Therefore, if you truly are green to the core these animals much be culled at all costs.


FOOTNOTE- Please keep the “extreme environmentalist” away from this post especially if they live where Elephants roam free.

Love Masks

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Wearing your mask is good for you and M-E.  It allows us to breath more easily without affecting others.  Even for those that don’t believe in a mask as a whole they should wear it anyway because let’s face it your breath has a garlic smell to it.  No matter what everyone should wear a mask especially at night for it makes me and my fellow Comrades job a whole lot easier.  Wearing a mask might just be the way for you to eternal life or living death depending on your perspective. Thank you again for all your help.

Yours Truly

Count Dracula

Superbowl Judge -The Decision

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G-D has to decide which team to support in the Superbowl Kansas City Chiefs or the Philadelphia Eagles and your prayer could be the one that tilts the trophy. Let’s face it they’ll be many prayers leading up to the date and until the fat lady (pleasantly plump for the politically correct) starts getting her vocal cord workout many more prayers will be added to the list with promises galore. In the end I don’t think G-D will be deciding on quantity but quality and maybe that’s where your hail Mary comes in.

FOOTNOTE- G-D, please note “hail Mary” is not in reference to any specific religion or prayer it just goes well when writing about football or in other words please don’t cast my prayer vote against KC.

Brittany’s Defender

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I was Brittany’s defender. She was being taken advantage of by another person in her orbit and I jumped in to save her day.  A matter of fact it got a bit physical before this confrontation suddenly came to an end as my alarm clock told me so.  Oh well at least now she knows I’m on her side even it’s in the unconscious world.

Move Over Pretzels- A Business Idea

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Move over Pretzels, Doritos, Potato Chips and even dare I say it Popcorn for Crouton Mix.  Yes, crouton’s need to become the next snack mix.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not talking about the ordinary white grain type put one’s made of various grains and spices that are crunchy /crispy to the core. They could have unique flavors such as BBQ, Sour Cream, Cheese etc.  For why leave croutons in some salad when they are truly delicious everywhere. The “Crouton Snack” will it be coming to a grocery store near Y-O-U?

Veggie Grill

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Veggie Grill has taken a piece of my dream and brought it to a taste bud near you especially if you live in California. The place has all the great meat-type dishes without the actual meat yet makes your taste buds feel as if they’ve eaten another.  This is all done in a way where your wallet doesn’t have to feel that it lost weight. I would love to someday incorporate these types of ingredients in a future business but ad entertainment, a larger drink selection, and maybe even a kosher certificate or two.  Veggie Grill, you’ve entertained my dream zone and it’s delicious.

Awkward Silence- A Strange Story

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Are we really not talking?  I can’t tell whether you’re mad at me or you’re just in one of those quiet modes where every story I would tell would end up in a one-word response or which sounds more like a “grunt”.  This leads me to think am I speaking to someone walking on two legs or a new species? I’m sorry, maybe you’re just not in the mood to talk and I’m taking this way too personally.   Wait I forgot these are just your ashes.

Two Dimensions of M-E- A True Story????

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Maybe it was something I shouldn’t have been looking at but who knew the reflection in the mirror would point to a whole new M-E.  I  don’t know what possessed me but during an electric storm I held out a mirror and as the lightning struck me it showed me a new realm in which my body if not mind and soul was out. Suddenly, I saw myself far from the pastures I had lived under toward a metropolis it appeared I controlled. This was a more confident maybe even arrogant side that I had never shown when milking a cow. This led me to believe that this image through my mirror only saw bulls at Peter Lugar’s.  The strangest thing there was an innate feeling which shook the very marrow in my bones that what he and I did in our realm would impact the one we were actually living in. The sad fact is the lightning left a hole in which only I could see a truth hidden from both our worlds.

FOOTNOTE-  Yes, the mirror part is not based on any current reality but can you prove the other side is not?

Pacific Ono = Chicken

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Pacific Ono is chicken at least according to my taste buds and eyes as I devoured at Rosine’s Restaurant in Anaheim California last night. I’m telling you from the texture to the look (cooked with seasoning of course)  you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. The flavor had not a hint of the one swimming in the water.  In other words Pacific Ono at least cooked at this restaurant will make you believe that fish really have feathers and a beak.

Richard Nixon & Me

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Richard Nixon was a complex person who become even more so after visiting his library in Yorba Linda, California yesterday. His resignation was my first public experience of politics and although those around me had an exuberance upon hearing the news something inside made me very sad instead. I had just started reading my ABC’s but somehow understood that there was much more to this story. So here below are some of the positive and negative legacies that the 37th President left behind to me.


  1. Clean Water and Air Act- This enables us all to drink and breathe in a much more safe environment.
  2. The EPA – It’s important that our environment stays safe.
  3.  Richard Nixon brought a certain warmth to the cold war through Detente and the ABM Treaty with Russia.
  4. Title IX – Prevented discrimination on the basis of sex on education and/or sports.
  5. Desegrated Public School In the South
  6.  Provided essential aid to Israel in the 6-day war with its enemies.
  7. Started The DEA-  Which provided necessary tools in our war against illegal drugs.
  8.  Opening the door with China
  9.  Ended the War in Vietnam 


  1. Lost the War in Vietnam-  With a resounding and embarrassing defeat.
  2. The EPA- Initially a great organization but after several administrations now an intrusive and abusive one as  well
  3. Watergate- It was a silly break-end and cover-up that was worse than the crime.
  4.  Opened the Door W China a bit too wide.  Other administrations would later take out the door as a whole.
  5.  After Roe Vs Wade – Richard Nixon did nothing to stem the reckless abortion decision and the millions who were slaughtered because of it its wide-open use.
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