Perfecting both lives

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Cruise ShipsBusy working

It’s taken me years but I think I can enjoy both lives without too much regret. I’m a workaholic when  it comes  to 8-5PM ish but I do enjoy my weekend,s yet vacation time is scary. For when I’m on vacation can I truly leave work behind and more importantly when I come back how many more arms will I have to grow just to catch up? I have feared that the laziness of being on vacation might enter my work life as well.    Today I find out  as my relaxed fun vacation time comes to an end and work begins again. G-D willing I’ve learned my lessons and realize  NYC can’t be conquered in a few hours but might take a bit more patience and even time. That I can go on a vacation without having the vacation take over me.  It’s time that I perfect both lives and therefore learn to enjoy life as a whole.

A Different World

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bottle cap


There are two worlds we  can experience and still be conscious. The first world is similar to the opening of a bottle cap where we become part of the existing world around us and all the experiences related to it. The other is the closed bottle cap  where our lids to the outside world are shut and we experience our own vision from inside.  We  might see  flashes of lights or small patterns emerge that don’t occur in the open world. Both visions can help you relate to these separate worlds that exist even when we are just in  one.  Sometimes when  that bottle cap of our life is wide open it’s best to close  it for a moment and see  the calming images that pass by whether they be real or in our mind.

Complain or not

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silent or speak

To complain or not that is the question.  The shower for my cruise  was too hot but I assumed that this was  just the way it was so I waited 3 days before I said a word as if my thoughts could somehow fly to others.  When I spoke up they had told me this was a normal plumbing problem and fixed it 10 minutes. Yet when I started my  trip there were many who complained that they couldn’t get on a  special ride  and that they would never go on a cruise again because of this situation. I instead was calm and waited until I felt the moment was right and instead of complain implored these individuals for this opportunity. The next day I was on the ride with the same individuals who vociferously complained about the situation in the 1st place. The point is there is a balance, don’t accept things as they are but ask politely and as Teddy Roosevelt would say have a big stick in case the answer is negative.

Marcus Willis Wimbledon & Sports

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Marcus Willis

Marcus Willis is a perfect example of why individuals such as I watch sports.  For Marcus shows how  giving it one more chance can turn your world upside down.  If you decide to stop feeling sorry for yourself for where you are in life and instead dedicate yourself to a dream sometimes those dreams can awake into reality. Marcus was  ready to give up his life shooting for that tennis dream but a girlfriend who truly was special convinced him otherwise and he caught the last spot in the Wimbledon tournament. He moved up to play the top player in the world and although that win was not in his hand and racquet that day just being there was victory enough.   Marcus demonstrates that it is not life diversions that get us to the ultimate goal but hard work, determination and a little help from a friend or two.

Sports illustrator Caitlyn Jenner Cover= Jumping the Shark

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Sports Illustrator Cover

Sports Illustrator has jumped the Shark (T.V Term) with it’s cover of Caityln Jenner which has more to do with political corrections then anything to do with sports. Of course the cover on a sports magazine will grab some initial attention but what does Caitlyn have to do with sports or more importantly their customers today.  They forgot the key ingredients in any business their customers for imagine going to KFC and finding they only sell carrots and celery. They management of that KFC might believe it’s good for the customers but those same customers will vote with their dollars to go to restaurants such as Popeye’s instead.   Magazines such as Sports Illustrator are dying to do online reading but I’m afraid that the cover of Caityln Jenner has just given them a new shovel.

Cruise Planner

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Travel Agent

    With all the little details in planning a cruise wouldn’t it be good to have an expert figure it all out a “Cruise Planner” would do just that. This planner would go through all the details such as where to park, what activities you need to book in advance, which restaurants serve the best food for you to even understanding how your shower door and lights work.  They will be with you along the way so if things don’t go according to plan you have someone with a name that will help find another route. Most importantly they will ask all the pertinent questions and have the answers that we often over look when planning such a trip. It’s time  that your plans for Cruisers including more fun and less hassle then it’s time for a “Cruise Planner”  .

2 Day Cruise

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Cruise Ships

Sometimes time and $ aren’t on your side  when planning to get away but with a 2 day cruise you would find a way for it all to work and most importantly have a great time. A 2 day cruise could take you from NYC to NJ, The Hampton, Virginia Beach etc and have fun as soon as your feet hit the boat. It might not be as large as the Anthem of the Seas but it will have enough fun activities to keep you having fun all day and night long even if your idea of fun is  sitting in the sun drinking a Pina Colada. 2 day cruises for those that want to have a great time even if their time is short

Kellogg NYC – Wins even if loses $$$

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Kellogg NYC

Even if the Kellogg Restaurant in NYC isn’t a financial success it still will be successful for the brand.  This concept restaurant is all over the media making it the buzz in marketing and advertising without the expense of putting together an ad.  The idea of adding unique flavors to a cereal and then charging a great deal more at restaurants will spread like wild flower because it’s easy and very profitable and this is one concept Kellogg’s would love to spread. Therefore  raise your bowl to Kellogg with this toast ,”Congratulations on your genius marketing concept may many bowls be raised in your honor … now pass the milk.”

Still the youngest

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old person acting young

As the years way on we  can turn to the grey side  or stay in the black. I continue to stay in the black while many of those around me even the one’s  20 or more years  younger  have drifted toward the gray.  Maybe I have a Peter Pan trait but to me getting old is state of mind and sometimes  body, in which that body part can be thrown overboard. I may not be the last one to leave a party but am always one that wants to go to one even if it’s for a short stay.  Those that get easily embarrassed  should stay far away from my path for I’m not afraid to sing, dance and generally look like a fool if it’s all for fun.  I hope to hold onto this trait for as long as I can even if those around me get grayer by the minute.

Red Cross “Cool Poster” = What

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Red Cross Uncool Poster   Urkel NOT TYPICAL

The Red  Cross poster that portrays being “Cool” as white people following the rules  and  African Americans as doing the opposite  is not only racist but stupid. Betraying African American’s as being uncool is like  betraying an Apple as rotten for although their are some  Apples that might fit such a description we don’t assume most are. In other  words African American’s have had to suffer from many stereotypes that are hurtful but being cool is not one of them. How a marketing team came up with this concept is behind me but watching too much  Urkel from Full House must have played a role.

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