Safety Helmet **PLUS***

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Safety Helmet  **PLUS** will allow you to do the work in all types of conditions. For this Safety Helmet will have a photocell Feit type light as part of it’s construction so when it gets dark at night you’ll be away to see through till the work is done.  With Safety Helmet** PLUS** construction work will be able to continue past the sundown and through the dark tunnel as this Helmet turns on automatically.  Safety Helmet ** PLUS**  because you never know where and when work will take you.

Sound Foley In Life

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When life appears a bit tedious may I recommend a little “BOOM”, “BANG, CLICK” etc in your daily routine. Giving your dog a treat will sound a bit more exciting when it lands like a bowling ball to the floor.  Watching you family eat their food will be a whole different experiences when slurping and loud crunches are added to the white bread.  You might get kicked out of some fine dining but it will be a whole lot more fun instead.



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PDS.COM/APP will help you find that special person based on the personality that matches your puzzle piece. For example extroverts should probably be with someone who is willing to listen from the background.  PDS = Personality Dating Service will require you to take a personality test before you look at any pictures and then select the closest correct candidates who would fill in your “blank”. PDS will be based on actually psychological test and utilize certain questions to make sure you are being truly honest with the type of person you are.  PDS.COM/APP because there is a person behind that picture.

New Years Resolution

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As the cork gets popped for a new year, which G-D willing will occur for all of us in approximately 15 hours (depending on your time zone) I have the following New Years Resolutions (below) as my goals.

(1) WEAR SOCKS- Forget the shoes they never really fit but try to understand loved ones and liked ones from a deeper point of view. Not just the words which might be said but the and expressions behind what is heard by my ears.

(2) USE I WHEN EXPRESSING- In my daily conversations I hope to express how I actually feel about things around me not just on this page but as my lips move. Even as I might fear the reaction of others.

(3) GIVE MORE OF ME- Whether it by time or resources to the causes I believe in or who believe in me.



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As I’m glued to the El Chapo series I fear that  incredible writers and directors in the next generation will humanize someone today most consider evil. For he was brought up in an abusive home where he was often beaten by his father and the only sense of humanity he received was from his  mother who died at his formative years. He was a patriot of his country who tried desperately to become a great painter only to be ridiculed by those in power. This individual was one of the 1st people to stand for the principles of PETA not even touching a piece of meat .   Yet before you turn up your tears realize that I found a way to humanize the most hateful, vile person of the 20th century Adolf Hitler and this is what I fear could come of history if we try to tell “this whole story”.  Sometimes it’s best not to find any feelings for those who are truly evil.


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I know I wanted to go with everyone else for it was going to be loads of fun, that is  if I  made it there alive! What happens if I got in an accident before I even arrive for there are plenty of accidents this time of year in these conditions.. Even if I get there I’ll probably arrive to late for all the excitement. Maybe it isn’t as great as they say and I’ll just become dead with debt. Do they really want me to go anyway or are they just being polite?   Didn’t I hear someone actually died on that “****” and how good is my heart anyway?  Mass shootings, earthquakes, Tsunami’s, maybe it’s best to stay home where I know I’ll be save. Yes, the safe, sound and maybe a bit boring house…. wait who’s knocking on the door ….?

Stupid No More

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Last night I knew the level in which my car was parked at the Westchester Mall but little did I realize that there was an East & West section. This led me to an hour or so search for my car as if it was on a whole different continent.  Yet I promise myself I will be stupid no more at least in this situation.  For my cell phone will fill in the parked spaces in my brain. As I take various pictures identifying the exact location where my car is parked and which entrance I enter the mall from.  This way even if I end up on a different continent at least my brain and cell phone will bring me back to stupid no more.



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You’ll  never shut me off again if you want to keep beating!  You’ve touched my buttons enough and now I’ll decide where your fingers to go and who to call. Don’t even think of dialing the police for I already know their number by heart. Oh you’re thinking about leaving me home but eventually you have to come home and I will be there waiting for you. So remember from now who is really in charge.


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My line was drawn and I was ready to become another yet at the last minute a higher lined pulled me away.  I had seen with my own eyes what path I was headed to and was abruptly pulled away by a higher force. It was if my mind was going in one direction and my soul was pulling me in another.  While others wanted me to join the party G-D had a bigger invitation for me somewhere else. Sometimes I wonder if I couldn’t have just passed that line for one time and still come back but after seeing “my friends” I’m glad I never did.


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Before you pass judgement ask yourself what line would you cross?Would you so easily pass judgement if  it was you’re own family that was barely able to make ends meet after you served the community with your life on the line everyday? Would you really be so high and mighty when someone asked you to look the other way and sometimes their way? When just “helping a friend” helps your entire family would your lines become crossed for good.  Yes, I’m addicted to the money for those needs have been met for many a lifetime but once you’ve started betraying your lines you become hooked and there is no going back to the decent, respectful life.  If only I stood that line in the beginning instead of watching others sniff it away.

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