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How much applause?

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As a child we all received applauses for even the smallest of act (finger painting, going to the potty etc).  That applause is harder to come by as we get older. We are expected to achieve greater and greater feats with less and less errors.  I believe one of the greatest keys to determine your happiness is not necessarily the money or power you receive in a position (although that is nice) but the applause you get from that work.  That applause doesn’t need to be from strangers, employers, or co-workers but an inner applause that you feel from the success you achieve.  Therefore find your applause meter and happiness is just around the corner.

Please Explain?

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Even the proponents of Obamacare admit that it is not ready for prime time.  For example the prime sponsor of this bill has said that in it’s current form that it is a train wreck ready to occur.  The Labor Unions who were one of the biggest supporters of Obmamacare have demanded that it be revised. The President himself, is delaying certain aspects of the law that were legally supposed to be implemented because there not ready.

Then why won’t the Senate and President agree to the House plan to not implement the bill for at least a year?  During that year they can make revisions that insure that this bill actually does like it was proposed to do  (ex enable you to keep your own doctor, lower  medical insurance costs for all of us, insure those uninsured and actually work). Maybe during that year they can listen to advise from all sides to get the best bill forward. If we can wait and wait months and years to deal with enemies of the United States surely we can wait a year to work with fellow Americans to find the best way to help those less fortunate.



Please watch this video then read below

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Please read after video

It is amazing in life that we only see what we perceive we should see when many opportunities are right there before our eyes.

The beginning is key

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In the beginning


The Agnostic will try to separate faith from their source (the Bible/Torah) especially the first verse. “In the beginning of G-D’s creating the heaven and the earth… If they can ignore this section and say that instead the pieces were here and that G-D just assembled then then they could conclude that everything can exist without the will off G-D, Therefore they would conclude that we aren’t depending on G-D.
That is why the 1st words of the Bible/Torah are the 1st words because  they are essential to our faith in one G-D.  A G-D who loves each one of his creations and plays an important role in our lives everyday. It becomes easier to see that when one reads the holy book and open their heart, minds and soul to the beauty within the book.


Stuck in a box

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Stuck in a box

I have learn the art of “friendly  speak”.  This type of speech enables you to be friends with a wide group of people on “friendly terms”.  Yet it leaves feeling like you’re stuck in a box for the topics you want to bring up are just too controversial.  The truth is those topics that you hide are really an important part of the person that you are.

I believe it’s time that we get out of this box. Yes we should have “friendly speak” especially when we meet new people but at the same time we shouldn’t feel afraid or intimidated to state our beliefs even the most controversial. As long as their is respect  from both sides then we can achieve this goal and truly escape living in a box.

Gym machines that can hurt in a bad way

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I guess my trip to the gym wasn’t as productive as I thought (see below)


From Fox News

1. The Machine: Lying Leg Press

Your legs are strong (after all, they carry your body around all day), so if you lie down with your legs above your head for a leg press, you have to load more than the equivalent of your bodyweight onto the machine to achieve significant resistance, Gaddour says. Problem is, all that weight goes straight to your lower back, which flexes under the pressure. The risk? A herniated disk. Plus, the move doesn’t even work any of the stabilization muscles in the hips, glutes, shoulders, or lower back. The result: All pain and barely any gain.

Try This Instead: Goblet Squats. Apart from working just about your entire lower body in a single move, this squat variation involves holding a dumbbell or kettlebell in front of your chest to keep your form in check and the weight off of your lower back. Sometimes, a lighter load delivers a better burn.

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2. The Machine: Seated Leg Extension

Since the weight is placed so close to your ankles, the machine puts undue torque on the knee joint, which can wear down cartilage and cause knee pain, Gaddour says. Plus, the common gym contraption is built around a motion that has little real-life benefit.

Try This Instead: Step Ups. Besides working your quads far better than any machine, step ups also train your glutes, hamstrings, and calves. By calling up more muscles, your knees are actually strengthened, not worn down.

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3. The Machine: Seated Chest Press

While sitting is less than useful, the bigger problem here is that the machine can cause lopsided muscles. How? If one arm is weaker, the stronger one can end up doing all the work—and getting all the benefit, Gaddour says. To make sure both sides of your chest are strengthened equally, you need to load them separately.

Try This Instead: Pushups. An oldie but a goodie, pushups equally engage both sides of your chest. If it didn’t, you’d fall right over onto your side. What’s more, they tap your core for support and balance. After all, hot bodies aren’t built on chests alone.

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4. The Machine: Hip Abductor/Adductor

If it looks ridiculous, it probably is, Gaddour says. And squeezing your thighs together—or pushing them apart—over and over definitely counts. Besides actually working very few muscles, it also strains the spine and can make the IT band so tight it pulls your knee cap out of place—not a good look for anybody.

Try This Instead: Single-Leg Squat. When you’re not in the gym, your inner and outer thighs largely work to maintain stability. So they should do the same thing when you’re in the gym, right? Single leg exercises—like the single-leg bodyweight squat—require those muscles to brace your body and keep you upright, all while putting your quads, glutes, and hamstrings to good use.

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5. The Machine: Loaded Standing Calf Raise

While the idea here is to lift weight with your calves, the machine’s setup—specifically the shoulder pads—means that all the weight presses down on your spine before it ever reaches your legs. If it doesn’t turn you into a hunchback, it’ll at least cause you some back pain.

Try This Instead: Bodyweight Standing Calf Raise. If regular standing calf raises don’t have the resistance you need, try standing on one foot during your next set. Besides doubling the weight each calf has to lift at a time, it also puts your legs’ smaller, stabilizing muscles to work.

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