Joan Rivers we still need your laughs.

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Joan Rivers

  I ask that G-D grant a speedy recovery to Joan Rivers.  She is the one comedian that not only says it like she sees but doesn’t apologize for those visions later on, no matter who it might offend. Joan Rivers knows that comedy is just that, to say things that make people laugh and those that are easily offended don’t have to listen. In a world that’s getting more PC by the moment it’s refreshing to have her voice of comedy out there. So I ask G-D to see that Mrs. Rivers continues to make us laugh because she’s the outsider we need inside today.

The more you clean the more you…

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The more you clean, the more you clean until there is truly nothing left.  The truth as you clean you find messes that are hidden under the clean spot you’ve just made and it can truly drive you clean crazy. For example I knew a young man who would spend hours cleaning his car only to see those clean spots destroyed once it got on the road. It’s very important to be clean but like any obsession it can drive you to the the state of insanity where cleaning isn’t just a daily activity but the only activity. Therefore it’s best to have a limit of how much time and how clean you need to be within a daily time frame so you can still enjoy the messes that you create.

Good News- Wall Street Weekend-August 2nd

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wall street Journal  head in sand

I decided that with all the bad news from the ISIS threat to Russia’s invasion in the Ukraine, that it was time to report only the good news. I know that for many this is putting my readers head in the sand but it’s the weekend and a figure some good news can help uplift a few spirits (without reaching for the bottle). So enjoy the brief and some what positive news from the Wall Street Journal (below).

(1) Old enemies are coming together to try to fight ISIS.

(2) Europe is seeing falling prices for their goods.  It might not be the greatest story for manufactures but consumers love it.

(3) Young teenagers are getting paid adult wages for creating new APPS.  Mom and Dad find this especially good news as college costs loom in the future.

(4) The UK is restricting travel by radical Islamic extremist.  The extremist aren’t happy so the civilized world is.

(5) An experimental drug cocktail has cured monkeys of Ebola.  Now if it could only work on people this would be one the best news stories of the year.

(6) Revenues are up for the Jersey Shore. After Sandy it’s great to see this recovery

(7)  Google and Amazon are competing to produce Drones that will deliver packages.  In the future you might be able to get the items you purchased on the same day that you purchased them.

(8) Radio Shack’s stock price doubled this week.  Maybe their deal on batteries wasn’t so bad.

(9)  A new source of energy  is being developed where fresh water meets salt water.

(10) Finally, Cocoa Future prices have declined after a surge in supply. Now forget your problems and grab that Lindt bar instead.

Needle in Hackstack can actually hurt.

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needle in heart


I hope I’m not being quite the contrarian  to myself but there are times it’s best not to look for that needle because it will only rip open your heart (figuratively  and G-D forbid literally). There are individuals that have committed heinous acts that of course we need to distance ourselves from but there are also individuals who had a pattern of hurting the “ones that they love” that we should also be very wary of. For when we build a friendship or even acquaintance with such individuals we can become their next victim and that might in turn make us wary of positive relationship in your life. The truth it’s a difficult needle to thread and sometimes you should leave it to others to begin this process.

Needle in haystack

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needle in hay 3


When individuals who seem so far part find that one item that unites them it’s truly a beautiful thing. For this item can help to end hostilities and bring a friendship where only animosity appeared. The truth is sometimes we appear so far apart but when we think of it we are all humans that have the same body functions, the same basic parts (I have an extra wing though) and need the basic items to survive. Therefore if we try harder enough we’re bound to find not just a needle but an entire sowing kit in that haystack.

Would Vegan’s starve?

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Lettuce 2

   A recent article posted that plants have the ability to feel and sense things around them could we be on the verge of discovering that vegetables can think and if so would Vegan’s starve?  For most Vegan’s this discovery would add plants to the list of the items they couldn’t eat and I’m pretty sure that you can’t eat live on rocks and water alone.  Plus if they were to discover that living organism suffered an untimely death by drinking water (ask Mr. Diatom) what would a Vegan due?  I don’t mean to make light of my Vegan friends (okay maybe a little) because I truly respect their integrity and beliefs but you got to admit this could create quite a dilemma. Maybe boiled rocks isn’t so bad afterwards.

Poverty programs keep people poor.

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goof off 2


When an individual “loses it all” from the loss of a job that employment is taken much more seriously. When such an individual takes their job much more seriously their is a better chance for growth and promotions for such an individual and growth for those in the company, as the companies productivity improves.  If on the other hand an individual can lead a fairly decent life while not working through food stamps, housing, free phones, free medical care; while those with menial jobs struggle you have just created a disincentive to the  work ethic.  Am I saying that all aid to the poor should be stopped? Obviously not but their needs to be a new course if we truly want to lift individuals out of poverty.

(1) Any person receiving any government assistance must perform some work based on their abilities or lack thereof. It could be as simple as folding envelopes for an hour a day for those with severe disabilities to cleaning a park for those in better condition.

(2) Unemployment benefits without working are cut off after 6 weeks. You will receive the benefits though while you work even if it’s in a public service works. A private sector company will continue to search for the position you seek and will receive incentives for finding you such a position.


(3) I.

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