Comedian In Cars -Jerry Seinfeld & Barrack Obama

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Jerry Seinfeld & President Obama

Who knew this was all it took to get Barrack Obama out of the White House. Jerry Seinfeld should have arranged “Comedian in Cars”  with President Obama on Inauguration Day and we all would be better off.  Barrack Obama is hysterical as he tries to portray the President and now he’s even funnier out of the office.  So I ask, no I plead with Mr. Seinfeld to continue this episode until 1/20/2017 and pick up Joe Biden as well as Hillary Clinton along the way.

The TRUTH …. for now

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What I’ve learned with my association with other human beings and even sometimes myself that the truth can change in an instant especially when it deals with feelings.  I’ve heard many a time “I’ll never speak to them again” and later in the day see them communicate as if they were the best of buddies.  Hate can become love if you give someone an hour, day or even sometimes a year in between.   When those metamorphosis occurs it’s best for the outsider not to acknowledge that this has occurred because then the excuses and denials will be thrown back at the outsider for as long as the heated emotions occurred in the 1st place.  Let someone have their TRUE emotion even if it’s just for the moment, acknowledge it, then move on and soon the truth might change before your eyes.

Happy New Year

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Happy New Year Happy New Year 2 Happy New Year 3

By the time you read this blog it might be already 2016 but for those who don’t live in Australia or China I want to wish you in advance a Happy New Year. May G-D bless you, your family, friends and associates you can tolerate with success, fun, happiness as well as the one ingredient that ties them all together health.

 Happy New Year 4

My New Years Resolution is to act 20 years younger then my age and let’s just say I’m not 21 anymore.

BIG NIGHT- then silence

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Camera's Flashing 2

It was the most exciting night of my life and then it suddenly become silent.  The “World Premiere of my film ASU” was such a night, in which we packed the house with fans and even some of the individuals with flashing devices.  I was never more popular but then it ended and as I walked in silence to my parked car it appeared as if this was truly a photo of my life.  For there are moments  everyday when I don’t have a chance to breathe and then in the next moment I could take a Yoga class. I can be exhausted trying to deal with what has been thrown on my plate and yet suddenly feel moments of loneliness and sadness when it all comes crashing down in silence.  In the end savior the moments of fame and peace because both last shorter then you think they will.

Old Men

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rocking chair

From the moment  he awakens to the time he closed his eyes there was always something to complain about. If it isn’t a pain here or there it was the pain that others bring on him. Yet he doesn’t have the strength or will to try change the course that he is on. He continues to hit the wall even though an alternate path is just around the corner but that would take effort and this  is what he’s used to so “why change and it wouldn’t work anyway”.  The crinkles of pain line down his expressions.  I just wonder what he’s going to do with the next 80 years of his life?

Contacts, Contacts, Contacts

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In the movie “The Graduate” it is said that the future lies in one word “Plastics” and when dealing with real estate the word location is repeated 3 times yet I say that both words can be replaced with one that spans generations “CONTACTS”.  Many a talented individual is hidden because they lack the right door to knock while on the other hand how many movies scene at a fancy film festival should have been reserved for the bathroom instead?  The truth is to move up the ladder of success talent is important but contacts are key and knowing how to build/strengthen these relationships will have you jump further up then those with greater talent trying to cling to the first step.  Therefore developing personality traits that are warm, fuzzy and fun might just be as important as knowing your A,B,C and 1,2,3.  Maybe if I had spent more time having fun with those around then studying books on success I would be shaking hands with the President rather then my dog.

Noise Neutralizer

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Water drip 1

You’re trying to concentrate or get a bit of shut eye yet the house noises pull and push you away. Whether it’s the buzzing sound of an old boiler or the water torture of a sink that won’t shut up the noises can drive any person batty that is until the NOISE NEUTRALIZER. This device will mimic the tone and pace of such distractions and replace them with sound of a light summer breeze or peaceful symphonic music.   Until your house is just perfect the NOISE NEUTRALIZER will make it sound like it is.

Gun’s & Roses Reunite 2016 Axl Rose & Slash

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Guns N Roses

For any die hard rock fan from the 80’s this is equivalent to the Beatles deciding  to reunite.  Axl Rose and Slash are going to perform together during the Coachella Festival which means the festival prices have just increased tenfold but it’s worth it.  They might have the looks they once had but if they still have the talent then this is the ticket to have for the 2016.  I guess all we needed was a little …..


Bud -The FUTURE for me and maybe you

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The Future

As much as a person can actually plan their future  (for only G-D knows our true path) these are the options (below) I’m working on achieving. Who knows maybe there is a path for me to achieve them all or maybe my current path is where I’m station to be.  I’ve also listed the benefits and negatives of each path.

(1) **PRODUCE A NEW FEATURE FILM**– I have the talent and scripts to formulate a project that will truly be outstanding and a piece of art that will last many a lifetime.

POSITIVE-  It’s exciting to see a part of your mind on the big screen.  I also have talented family members and friends that will have the opportunity to showcase their wonderful skills to the world.

NEGATIVE- Must locate a Producer who can utilize the network I’ve created along with their network to help finance this project. In todays markets even the greatest film projects are having difficulty returning their investment and where do we go after this.

(2) **VIDEO & MUSICAL PRODUCTION**– We are looking at organizing a video a musical production facility that will produce Hollywood/NYC/Nashville type work without the increase cost of producing this wonderful art.

POSITIVE- I have the talent that can do this work and have started the process of looking into locations.

NEGATIVE- Putting all the pieces together to make it profitable can be more time consuming and difficult then projected plus it’s not as exciting as route 1.  It also is a lifetime commitment when many people can’t even make it to work the next day.

(3)**BREAKFAST CAFE** I have one of the most exciting concept breakfast restaurants that I would love to bring to the world.

POSITIVE- It’s a breakfast restaurant so the hours of operation will be easily managed and what is cooking will open up the taste buds.

NEGATIVE- Restaurant businesses are very fickle and I need to find the right partner to put this project together. A partner that will understand that I’ll put in the capital and creativity while they’ll put in much of the sweat with a few tears (they’ll have to cut the onions).


AWA-the Ultimate Restaurant

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AWA restaurant

***** AWA might be the best Japanese restaurant I’ve ever dined at.  This restaurant serves all you can eat Japanese food with wonderful service and still has a unique collection that can’t be found in any Japanese restaurant.  The sushi is only one part of the menu that you can choose from as they also have an excellent collection of hot dishes including delicious soups (my favorite Coconut).  AWA difficulty is that it’s location isn’t well known but when you find them find it’s as if you found the Diamond Pearl of Japanese cuisine.

AWA 22 North Middletown Road, Nanuet, NY 110954 845-501-7277