Contacts, Contacts, Contacts

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In the movie “The Graduate” it is said that the future lies in one word “Plastics” and when dealing with real estate the word location is repeated 3 times yet I say that both words can be replaced with one that spans generations “CONTACTS”.  Many a talented individual is hidden because they lack the right door to knock while on the other hand how many movies scene at a fancy film festival should have been reserved for the bathroom instead?  The truth is to move up the ladder of success talent is important but contacts are key and knowing how to build/strengthen these relationships will have you jump further up then those with greater talent trying to cling to the first step.  Therefore developing personality traits that are warm, fuzzy and fun might just be as important as knowing your A,B,C and 1,2,3.  Maybe if I had spent more time having fun with those around then studying books on success I would be shaking hands with the President rather then my dog.

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