Pet Swap

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dog leaving 1 dog leaving 2

It’s the show that will bring you to barks, a few meow’s and even a tear or two as people swap their pets with total strangers.  Will the pets learn new tricks or send unwanted presents to their new residents?  How will the family react to their new pet when only one knows what is actually occuring?  PET SWAP  the only show that is good enough for people and Pets alike.

Money Down the drain

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money down the drain

Money ($$) literally went down the drain, well maybe not literally but medically.  For as I was taking my statin medicine one decided it was better to go down the drain then into my bloodstream.  At a dollar or so a pill that was money I could have used for milk with my Starbucks coffee or a McDonald’s coffee as a whole.   So when people say to me that I am throwing money down the drain I can now say with all honesty I did that and now will keep the drain covered (even figuratively).

Death Opens Birth

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heaven's gate 2

As I walk up to the gate I wonder what was the final sin that led me to this door and am told it wasn’t a sin but a birth. Don’t get me wrong maybe if I had done that one extra good deed I’d still be with you but it’s actually more of a mathematical equation then a final judgement.  For it was about time for my replacement whether it was actually in this year or the next a rookie needed to come down.  How many millions of blond hair, blued eyed babies with the love of pickles in ice cream can be here at the same time?  So I accept my new position knowing that my replacement may not fill my loved one’s spot but the position that G-D had for me on that earth.

FOOTNOTE- I’m still alive at the point of writing this blog piece and only G-D knows when that replacement will be called in to play.

CNN = Canned News Network

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bored 2 CNN

I’m really trying to be open minded but instead my eyes are shutting as I listen to CNN.  For it’s the canned network repeating the same Russian collusion story for over 16 months and even the most Anti-Trump individuals must be getting a little bored.  Yes, they added the Stormy angle but this weather report continues to fail as sun comes across the sky.   Too be fair my friend Sean Hannity has me closing my eyes as well as his Deep State is putting me into deep sleep.  It’s time that news network actually broadcast news not canned diatribe, well that is unless you need a little help getting shut eye.

Keys to Success

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keys to door

You feel as if you’re in a dead end job but have you used all your keys? For even a door that appear shut has an entrance somewhere. From over 27 years in the business world here is how I found some shiny keys (below) that I believe can fit in anyone’s hand.

(1) FIRST & LAST- Be there before the clock begins and stay after the clock ends. Being there is something every employee loves.

(2) SPECIALIST-  Develop your own unique talents or expertise and they’ll be nobody who can replace you.

(3) ATTITUDE- It really is a gold key in business where employees will ignore other less desirable aspects if a great attitude appears instead.

(4)  TAKE RESPONSIBILTY FIRST AND FIX IT-  Don’t wait till someone else notices an error be the first to admit it and the first to clean it up. Everyone spills Milk but few grab the paper towels.

(5) LISTEN-  Not just to the words coming out of your employees mouth but the emotions behind them. If you can empathisize with their feelings they sure will empathisize with your paycheck.

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We all can’t have our personal bouncer in our life and even if we could this might not create the best atmosphere when someone really should leave. Whether it’s an individual who has taken the party way to far or someone who performs if they are the center of attention while others haven’t had the chance to even speak, it’s time for THEYLEAVE.COM  This website will help locate a stronger desire so this person will want to leave quicker faster then if Mr. Muscles was hired.  With an appeal that is geared to their desires.

sexy woman 3  Good looking guy

This website will have many people to chose from and other tactics to make sure your party or event can really take off without them.   THEYLEAVE.COM for some people really don’t belong with you or your event.


Roseanne Barr Cancellation Consequences

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Roseanne Barr

While Roseanne Barr is not even making excuses for the Twitter rant she had made, which resulted in the cancellation of her show, one wonders whether the punishment fits the Tweat? For it is not only this individual who has lost her position but the hundred or so other souls that have worked tirelessly on this show at a much  lower return.  It is also the concept of lines where stupid insulting words become stones which damage entire careers of people even associated with them. Whether we as a society have to put more restrictions on what people say in the middle of the night because they are so “toxic” and whether the hurt factor becomes a pinch rather then a punch.   Therefore let us restrict not what people say but our reaction to it.  It’s okay to be hurt by words but not enough to end careers.

FOOTNOTE-  Individual citizens and/or groups also have a right to not help the employment of others that they find “offensive”.


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snow in face 2 HOT WEATHER

If your day starts out a bit cold and gets way to hot or vice versa then PANTSHORTS are the way you should be going.  These will be the pants that easily convert to shorts when and where you want them to be. The zipper/velcro where this all occurs would be hidden below a unique pattern so nobody needs to know the look and feel you are creating.  This clothing item will also be able to be rolled up and look perfectly normal for those who don’t want to carry their clothes along for the ride.  PANTSHORTS it’s time you were comfortable all day and night long.


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Autism mentally challenged

When a loved one is out of the spectrum it brings new bright spectrums to the entire family. They might not achieve what society has put in front of them but they can help others achieve more then with someone who isn’t so “special”. Here are just a few special colors these wonderful individuals add to our life’s.

PATIENCE-  Learning that life can move at a slower pace and feeling just as productive is a lesson we all can add to our life

ORIGINAL-   Normally a person will feel embarrassed when a certain action occurs but these individuals help us to realize it might just be an original and that these moments pass as memory before we know it.

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE  Many times we fear that others might fall out of love with us because of “this or that” but these wonderful people teach us what unconditional love is truly about and help us to share it with the world.

KINDNESS-  As we learn to appreciate the smaller things in life through their eye’s we also appreciate the simple acts of kindness and how it can help bring joy to others. This then becomes a pattern which we can share with others.




Lighted Menu’s

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dark restaurant 2 dark restaurant

You want to create the “right mood” but do you really want your patrons to have to waste their battery?  LIGHTED MENU’S are the solution you need allowing your patrons to actually see what their ordering. Imagine a menu that has just enough light to make your individual customers happy without hurting the eye’s of all those around them. These menu’s will also allow the patron to enlarge the font so those who are a bit far sighted will fear a bit more near to your service. LIGHTED MENU’S  because moods count but so do eye’s and batteries. 

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