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Confessional 1 Forgiveness

“FORGIVEN” the reality show will test if  your heart is open to forgiveness or has it burned crushed too many times before. This show will focus on those that have confessed their sins whether they be convicts, adulterers and others of lesser crimes to see whether their tables have been turned or whether they will eat their again.  Situations will suddenly appear where they can back to there previous acts or truly find a different path. “FORGIVEN” does everyone truly need a 2nd chance?

Pet Swap

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dog leaving 1 dog leaving 2

It’s the show that will bring you to barks, a few meow’s and even a tear or two as people swap their pets with total strangers.  Will the pets learn new tricks or send unwanted presents to their new residents?  How will the family react to their new pet when only one knows what is actually occuring?  PET SWAP  the only show that is good enough for people and Pets alike.

Teenage Swap

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teenage & Parent Conflict 3  Teenager & Parent Conflict 2

Teenage & Parent Conflict 5 Teenager & Parent Conflict 1

Have you and your teenagers been on the edge for too long then maybe it’s time for a “swap”!  ” TEENAGE SWAP” will be the one television reality show that is probably too real for some.  Where teenagers will live with different parents so that both sides can learn a bit more about themselves then they would living together.  If you want a show that is full of ups, down and inbetweens this swap will be something you will turn into.  “TEENAGE SWAP” where reality T.V becomes a bit too real. 

VIP Party

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You're invited

You’re invited to the “Private Party” everyone is talking about even if you can’t get through the front door with “PARTY” the show.  This show will take you into some of the most exclusive and/or crazy parties from the preparations until they’ve dragged out the last dancer or whatever he is doing. You will feel as if you’re dancing on the ceiling as the build up to the big event is finally there.  “PARTY” the show because even though you’re invitation got lost in the mail there’s no reason you can’t join in the fun.


Private Party

Stars Star

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Karen Gillianhidden gem Tye Sheridan 2

They may walk the streets of fame but did you or they know they were also a grant farmer, plumber or painter? Stars  Star will be the show that will explore hidden talents of some of the famous celebrities in the business and then send them on apprenticeship of a lifetime. This show will be fun, enlightening and even more personal then one normal see’s in their profile.   Let’s face it fame doesn’t last for a lifetime and sometimes it might even get a bit “tiresome” so when that break occurs naturally or by desire Stars Star will at least point our star  in the right direction.

Not Funny!?

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Trying to hold back laughter 1 Trying to hold back laughter 2

It’s “NOT FUNNY” will be the only show that “you shouldn’t be laughing too” but you probably will or slam it off.  For this show will take the most extreme, politically incorrect comedians from the left, right and way out there and put them on  the air to talk about today’s political stories with their incorrect tilt. This show will either be dead to you or have you dying for more.  It’s “NOT FUNNY” because maybe it just is.


Laughing 4

Art Undercover

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ice sculpture 1 Scaling fish

“Art Undercover” will be a show that tells the story of artist in fields which showcase their talent for only a temporary period of time or are seen with their many other senses as well.  These talented individuals have stories which are hidden from the public eye but who experience their art form in a closer frame then a Mona Lisa. “Art Undercover” for art comes in all different shapes, sizes and even flavors. It might bring tears to your eyes but leaves a legacy you may never forget.

Preparing dead body

Revive Network

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When your channel says your show is through Revive Network will bring it back to life. This network will focus on restoring the shows that were rubbed out of the big 4 and bring them back to the audience that love with new exciting episodes. Instead of paying top $$’s to formulate new shows from scratch this network will look to produce excellent shows that already have a drawing at a discount price.  “Revive Network” because your show deserves a 2nd chance.

All in the Jewish Family

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Hasadic Jew and Punk Rocker

Can two brothers separated from life find a way to live together now? Josh and his daughter are forced to move in with their brother Moshe and his daughter after life hits hard times. There lifestyles and traditions couldn’t be more different but can they find brotherly peace or at least not complete hate? This hilarious new sitcom will test the possibilities in a new world that they are both emerging into.


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Illegal Immigrant 2 illegal 3

 ILLEGAL will be the miniseries that truly explores the good, bad and ugly of those that cross our border illegal. From the young man struggling to find a life in a new country to the person looking to make a profit on another’s misery and finally to the drug dealer looking for another avenue to distribute his products.  Plus all the people impacted in between their struggles, gains and loses.  ILLEGAL their story should be told even if it’s not what you’ve been told.

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