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I have several hard copy full length scripts that I would consider for my next project. The problem is that with the cost of producing a film and the chances of loses in revenue great I’m really not sure where to go if at all. Of course for the “art” I’d love to see them all in a frame but then I wouldn’t have a house to hang them from.  Here are those in consideration comments appreciated.

ASU 2 1/2 TRADING PLACES FOR REAL- A factory worker and employer discover what it is like to live in each others bodies as an Elephant Beetle tranforms their life’s for real.

POSITIVE                                                   NEGATIVE

  1. Predictable but w twist                     1. Predictable story
  2. Building on ASU                                2. Locations difficult and expensive
  3. Heart warming                                   3.  Trapped in one film format


HELL CAN WAIT…PLEASE!!!- Dan has 24 hours to change himself through another person’s body or face eternal damnation

POSITIVE                                           NEGATIVE

  1. Hysterical                              1. Confusing for Audience
  2. Unique                                    2. Challenging locations/acting difficulties

IT’S A WONDERFUL RING- A ring brings magical powers to a young boys life but with that power comes destruction.

POSITIVE                                                                       NEGATIVE

  1. First X-Mas/Chanukah Movie                     1. Type cast as a film-maker
  2. Big Market for such movies                          2. A bit drawn out in parts-lecturing


MINDERELLA-  It’s a punk version of Cinderalla

POSITIVE                                                               NEGATIVE

  1. Audience knows basic story               1. Audience knows basic story
  2. Musical score                                        2. Cost of Musical Score
  3. Dark                                                        3. Shocking could be offensive ending

SEDUCTION- A woman has the power of a drug to intoxicate a simple man into a monster or….

POSITIVE                                                      NEGATIVE

  1. Sex Sells                                              2. Moral dilemna in the home front.

ZOMBIE THE TRUTH- People are told to leave a hurricane zone but it’s not the rain and wind that do the killing.

POSITIVE                                                             NEGATIVE

  1. Controversial-media attention                  1. Controversial – refusal to watch
  2. Horror movies sell                                        2.Difficult CGI/Special Effects
  3. Zombie movie-audience                              3. Zombie movies-competition


KILLER’S in Coffin ready….

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Filming 2 killer 2

Killers (the short)  is now in the coffin or can if like and G-D willing will come out of that grave to see you real soon.  It took 5 hours to produce a 5 minute at max film short because all the weapons needed to be throughly sharpened.  In the next month or 2 we will edit said project so that it can bring new life to some older established artists who we pray will be dying to shoot it.  “KILLERS” the short worth gunning for. 


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Filming filmmaker

I have a great script, new talent, a basic budget, experience now all I need is this one individual to jump aboard for this ship to sail.  He’s a very talented individual who has years of experience behind the camera as well as editing it’s work afterwards and I believe this project will give him just the push to move ahead during a difficult period in his life.  I won’t push him if he’s not up to it but if he is then before you know it we can shout ACTION and my next film project will be under way.

VIP Party

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You're invited

You’re invited to the “Private Party” everyone is talking about even if you can’t get through the front door with “PARTY” the show.  This show will take you into some of the most exclusive and/or crazy parties from the preparations until they’ve dragged out the last dancer or whatever he is doing. You will feel as if you’re dancing on the ceiling as the build up to the big event is finally there.  “PARTY” the show because even though you’re invitation got lost in the mail there’s no reason you can’t join in the fun.


Private Party

KKK Horror movie

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KKK Horror 1

KKK Horror will be one of the most scary movies of a lifetime because their hooded past is true and painful. It will take some of their most despicable acts and blend it in a movie that shows the fear this hate group brought on individual life’s from outside their mainstream to all different creeds and cultures.  KKK was one of the first terrorist organizations in America that wielded power in police stations and political officers at their prime. Their hoods allowed them to live one life which appeared warm and kind in the open and another of evil violence when it was closed.  KKK Horror a movie that should be feared because it’s all true and painful.

FILE - In this Jan. 30, 1939 file photo, members of the Ku Klux Klan, wearing white hoods and robes, watch a burning cross in Tampa, Fla. In 2016, KKK leaflets have shown up in suburban neighborhoods from the Deep South to the Northeast. (AP Photo/File)

FILE – In this Jan. 30, 1939 file photo, members of the Ku Klux Klan, wearing white hoods and robes, watch a burning cross in Tampa, Fla. In 2016, KKK leaflets have shown up in suburban neighborhoods from the Deep South to the Northeast. (AP Photo/File)

FOOTNOTE- The concept of this film came to me in a nightmare where I saw three men hung from a tree as I was the one they were looking for next.

Behind the Scenes- Bud Rebel show in Fine Can

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behind the scenes Behind the Scenes

The Bud Rebel Show’s first production is basically in the can although the lid is not sealed. For I’m sure the incredibly talented crew will come back to take a shot that they will fit the puzzle better as the editing begins. I can’t commend the crew enough for their professionalism and the ease in which everything came together as if it was all ready written.  In the end I can say is that  if 1/2 the accolades are true and G-D is watching this will becoming to a screen near you before I know it….?

Deep State – THE MOVIE

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Deep State 3 Deep State

Mr. Smith had a different perspective that had to be stopped at all cost and with the $’s as well as the power they had would it even be a question.  The media as well as “real government” were all in state’s corner could Mr. Smith really be the one rebel to truly have a voice that was heard. For some are allowed to speak but only so far and Mr. Smith was challenging that red line.


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Illegal Immigrant 2 illegal 3

 ILLEGAL will be the miniseries that truly explores the good, bad and ugly of those that cross our border illegal. From the young man struggling to find a life in a new country to the person looking to make a profit on another’s misery and finally to the drug dealer looking for another avenue to distribute his products.  Plus all the people impacted in between their struggles, gains and loses.  ILLEGAL their story should be told even if it’s not what you’ve been told.

Nocturnal Occurrences

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nocturnal animals

Great Acting and a great soundtrack doesn’t necessarily make a great movie but it helps make it a very good movie. Nocturnal Animals is such a film that has many artistic angles that don’t get fully painted to become a Picasso. The inner film based on the script the main character is reading is flawless but the one who is reading is a very flawed character who loses empathy from the viewer. Once that occurs the overall film loses the pull and ends where we really don’t care about the person we should care the most about.

*** Nocturnal Occurences

[youtube_sc url=”https://youtu.be/-H1Ii1LjyFU”]

“The Arrival” -Great Concept told by a snail

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the arrival

“The Arrival” is a great concept so slow that a snail would fall asleep before it’s over. I’m sure there is a powerful message but I was so bored by the story telling that I forgot what it is.  I have no clue why this was even nominated for best movie of the year except that those in the nominating process must have had good dreams while they were watching this film.  Yes it’s artistic but watching paint dry is artistic as well. “The Arrival” should be a place you shouldn’t go to because it’s better to be lost.

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