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Death Party – “IN DEVELOPMENT”

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abandoned house halloween costume party

When a group of high school entrepreneurs need to find the place for the big senior Halloween theme party they turn to the abandoned house down the block.  A house that no adult would be caught dead looking in but others will make sure it’s a party that won’t be forgotten in … hell!


Business Boycott

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Business Boycott

There are companies that take stances, fund organizations and  support policies that we might find abhorrent but should a boycott be utilized to voice our disdain? If we boycott a whole company we not only hurt the CEO and board who take such a stance but the hundreds if not thousands of workers and their subsidiaries that might vehemently disagree with that position.  At the same point a boycott might just work and we have shut another door to free speech even if it’s speech we disagree with. If the boycott doesn’t work we end up hurting ourselves by denying us of the products and services we desire.  It is also fair to note  that the CEO or Board member (s) might still go about and support those organizations we disagree with but keep it secret instead of in the open.  The truth is a boycott might have to be the avenue we take if the practice passes our red line but here are some other ways (below) you can make sure your voice is heard and still enjoy the products and/or services.

(1) INVEST- Put your monies where your mouth is and invest in companies that share your general philosophy. You not only will support your core belief’s but make some money along the way.

(2) COMPETE- Purchase items from a company that produces similar items and shares your philosophy without an actual boycott. If such a company doesn’t exist work with others to form such a company and G-D willing  make some monies along the way.

(3) GET INVOLVED- Become a shareholder of the company that has taken these objectionable positions and make sure your voice is heard with others at the shareholder meetings.


Mar’s Water + Mar’s Movie = Martians?

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alien 2

If you were trying to prepare the world for “Alien Life” on Mars would you let it out of the bag all it once or would it be safer to have bits and pieces (water, cells etc) in a way that could slowly gauge the reaction.  Maybe if a movie about “Mars” called the “Maritan” was coming out about the same time as one of these revelations was being revealed that it would be easier for humanity to digest.  Imagine if the Director “Ridley Scott” of such a movie said he saw these pictures before but didn’t reveal it the public would this generate not only more publicity for his film but the conversation of “Alien Life” as a whole.  Ridley Scott says he knew about the pictures of water before they came out and his movie “Martian” is set to be released this week is this just a coincidence or is there a deeper conspiracy of information going out.  I’m not sure but if I see black helicopters and this blog stops before …..

Erik Roner – RIP – Steve Irwin

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Erik Roner steve irwin

We mourn the death of extreme athlete Erik Roner from a Skydiving accident and wish his family and friends some peace during this difficult time knowing that he died the way he lived on the edge.  Yet similar to the death of Steve Irwin this was just the beginning of the edge when they already crossed it many times before. It’s bizarre that Steve Irwin would appear with some of the wildest animals in the world and then die from one of the most calm ones a Sting Ray, while Erik Roner would experience jumps off wild mountains and yet die from a relatively safe one.  Maybe this adds some truth to the term when it’s your time to go it’s your time.  Yet I wouldn’t have challenged that truth as much as these brave individuals did in their life’s.  RIP Eric Roner G-D has a bigger cloud for you to jump to.

America’s got Clergy?

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audition 2

Today many of our Synagogues, Church’s, & Mosque’s are in need of a new “Clergy” to lead their organization and “America’s Got Clergy” is just the television show that brings this to life.  From the initial audition in front of the board to the response of the layman to their sermon’s “America’s Got Clergy” will showcase what it takes to get this higher calling position.  This show will deal with the truth of who thinks their in charge and who actually is in charge. With attendance to our Church’s & Synagogues declining “America’s Got Clergy” is sure to be bring the faithful back at least to their television sets.

Over the top “The Beggar Show”?

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a beggar 2

Is this television concept (below) over the top/pushing the envelope too far?

Many of us see a beggar/panhandler on the street asking us to spare some change to help them out “The Beggar Show” will take it a step farther by bringing them to your television screen. Three individuals will broadcast live why a $1000.00 dollars will change their lives as a  group of expert panelist (private detective, charity manager, small businessman etc)  try to determine if their claim is true and if it this money would make a difference.  These panelist would then give their opinions but it’s up to the television audience to determine who if any receive such funds.  The following shows will have more beggars/panhandlers asking for funds and a review of those that have received such funds.  Would this show be too controversial to go on the air?

Presidential Elections & Lamborghini

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Lamborghini 1  Lamborghini 2

Many of us dream of owning a Lamborghini but when reality checks in we realize that it’s not the most practical choice.  It’s not just the expense of buying such a vehicle but is it really practical to drive it in traffic and how well does it perform in our weather conditions. If we invest all our monies/efforts in this car and if it crashes we’re stuck with nothing but the bus.   Similarly many of us have a certain candidate that we dream about taking the nomination yet we must understand that realistically their path to the White House will be more difficult to navigate through traffic and the storms then the candidate that isn’t our top choice.  We therefore have to decide whether it’s best to end up with riding the bus or at least a candidate that has the Lamborghini tires.  Maybe in the end it’s up to us to take that trip in the Lamborghini and see whether it really will do the job or will lead us to that bust.

hillary laughing

Please note I’ll take a ride in that Lamborghini any day.

Basic Judaism- Synagogue

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One of the biggest difference between the more traditional Jewish person and the less traditional is the “Mechitza” which separates women from men. Most that are Orthodox will not become a member of a Synagogue that doesn’t have this separation while those who are less traditional will not become a member of a Synagogue that has it.  “Basic Judaism” believes all should be able to pray at one place therefore all sides must get what they need. A Mechitza should be placed for those that are more traditional in one section of the Synagogue while mixed seating in another section. This should be done in such a way that everyone’s view of what is going on can be easily seen. There also must be someone who keeps people informed of the what is occurring for those who are not as custom to the service and might otherwise feel intimated to speak up.  Basic Judaism believes in observing the traditional service at the Synagogue but the flexibility to allow a more concise service which has give an take for those who are on different paths to the truth but keep the basic faith.

Sukkot & Real Strength

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Sukkot & Real Strength

Many of us believe that we gain our strength by working out in the gym or by a strong foundation such as a brick house but on Sukkot we learn where real strength is.  On this holiday we’re commanded to dwell in this flimsy building called a Sukkot with an open ceiling to boot. The strength that we rely on to keep this weak building  (similar to the first Pig in “The 3 Little Pigs”) afloat comes from G-D all around us. For at this moment of dwelling we should notice how our lives call fall apart in an instant just like the Sukkot that we’re dwelling in.  We might get a great work out at the gym and feel strong but without G-D’s help in making our heart pump it can suddenly fall down. Real Strength comes from a relationship with G-D and an understanding that those walls we are given are as strong as we allow that relationship to be.

Fear the Walking Dead-Falling

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fear of walking dead 2

I’m afraid that I’m falling off watching “Fear the Walking Dead” because it’s too predictable.  Another evil governmental conspiracy that we’ve seen in hundreds of movies and television shows appears to be the reason for this evil to exist.  It becomes tiresome and irrational for the viewer who understands that governments can turn bad but not on every television show.  Of course it probably won’t just be an evil governmental agency but the military that has gone rogue wow what a new twist…not.  I will turn on an episode or two more but not with the same urgency of an zombie apocalypse for this apocalypse has become too predictable for me.