Presidential Elections & Lamborghini

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Lamborghini 1  Lamborghini 2

Many of us dream of owning a Lamborghini but when reality checks in we realize that it’s not the most practical choice.  It’s not just the expense of buying such a vehicle but is it really practical to drive it in traffic and how well does it perform in our weather conditions. If we invest all our monies/efforts in this car and if it crashes we’re stuck with nothing but the bus.   Similarly many of us have a certain candidate that we dream about taking the nomination yet we must understand that realistically their path to the White House will be more difficult to navigate through traffic and the storms then the candidate that isn’t our top choice.  We therefore have to decide whether it’s best to end up with riding the bus or at least a candidate that has the Lamborghini tires.  Maybe in the end it’s up to us to take that trip in the Lamborghini and see whether it really will do the job or will lead us to that bust.

hillary laughing

Please note I’ll take a ride in that Lamborghini any day.

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