Real Royalty

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Royalty is not found by the crown you wear but the role you’ve been given. It might be passed down by blood but earned in a way everyday. True royalty is not based on a person’s designation or a battle you’ve won against another but by a higher authority who has designated you for this role even as it may separate you from the one’s you loved. This royalty prohibits you from being with loved ones during their most dreadful times (funerals) in most cases and then makes you stand in front of them to say a prayer. It requires you at all times to consider the role you’ve been given and act accordingly in kindness, warmth, love and strength.  In times to come G-D willing soon this royalty will show it’s true power as a time of peace, prosperity, rising of the dead and togetherness throughout the world. It is not by act of boldness or swagger but modest that I state that I’m part of this Royal class of Kohen’s and only pray that I’m worthy of such a title.

Pelosi Trump Same Road?

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In the end it doesn’t matter as much as where you’re starting as to whether your going in the same direction. This is the message of the Torah portion I read and one our leaders need to read as well. For the many tribes of Israel had there own look, function and different flag but they all new in the end their were all heading in the same path yet today that path has many cracks and potholes.  Instead of trying to fix our roads with an infrastructure bill that we all can agree on they are thinking about the other I word which tears us and even our structures apart.  G-D willing  we will table the Mueller Report for awhile and read the good book instead as the people need a true path to walk and drive on.

Push, Push…. Push

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Sometimes I feel as if I never got out of grammar school but this time instead of being the one who is being pushed I have to push  and not in the physical way. For what seems obvious to get from one to three causes too many of the people I know to be stuck in 1.   It’s a continuous battle to keep things moving forward because as I’m trying to move forward others just stand and look.  These individuals say that they want more in their life but never put their foot down to make that occur.  Pushing might appear rude but standing in my way is as well.

SHINY & NEW – Well at least not Green or Black

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The newest product is being launched to the Bud Rebel family and like it’s brothers and sisters it does the job with a bit of ReBellion in it’s formula.  For this Mildew Cleaner works inside and out so Mildew, Mold and Algae have no place to hide from your trigger.  Please see more of  our products on


COMING SOON- G-D willing a hat that will change everything!!!!

Father Son – Gangster/Minister

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A father can bring their son to the sky or throw them down the ground but in the end it’s up to them to decide where they finally end up.  I’m reading about a son who’s father was a gangster and how he followed in his blood steps and initially I felt that was where the blood was flowing so what choice did he have? Until I looked at others who decided to walk in a different path, from the son of Minister who becomes addicted  to the wild life to the one who takes up the ministry even though his father never walked through a church. I personally often walk in a similar path as my father but on different steps that he might feel are a bit too dangerous.  There is no doubt our father’s have a great influence on who we are yet we are the one’s who ultimate decide to look in their mirror or find our own look.

Bud Rebel Show Balloon

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It appears the Bud Rebel Show and brand is about to be blown up in the next few month(s) but with something more then air.  As a balloon can fly to the sky who knows where it can take me/the cause.  Yet balloons are also fragile and once they go to far they often rip apart. Furthermore I’m one who likes to keep these flexible and not be kept in some “controlled” atmosphere so if this is your standard balloon it might go pop before it even launches off  the ground. Yet with the right team I’ve assembled G-D willing this balloon will rise and still be willing to take a bite   from what is expected. 

Cyber War 2036

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11-02-2036 Everyone thought a war would be fought with planes, tanks and missiles but this one has been launched by another G.  For once China took the technology to  7G they  took over the world without a bullet being fired. Suddenly the machines that worked for us turned against in a blink of an eye. This trade war which was  only in dollars and cents escalated to where bodies were lying in the street.  Self driving cars drove over cliffs and the grid was shut down across the country if not world leaving the helpless without a prayer,  Those that are left live in bunkers hiding from an impeding doom that technology brought to our shores and leaving us wondering why some thought the reward was worth this risk.



Trade Wars- Winning

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As we see the prices rise on many of the goods now imported from China we can look other ways to win. Here are just a few options.

(1) BUY AMERICAN- American goods are not effected by these tariffs except that demand could outpace supply and then new plants with more workers will have to be opened.

(2) MEXICO/GUATEMALA ETC. ETC- Buy and open up business deals from other countries around the world. China might be the biggest player but smaller players can jump in and keep prices low.

(3)  SUPPORT UPRISING IN VENEZUELA- These individuals are literally hungry for a change and can feel where socialist policies have led them so once they are free they will be open to a capitalist push.

China needs to feel the pain before it opens up the door to real negotiations and that only can occur if we make sure that they are not the only player in this game.

Dream Revelation

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One dream opened the world to why many in my tribe are so liberal.  It took me back to a time where Antisemitism was not only open in the public eye but supported by governmental policies. A time where those of my tribe leaned to the left because they were treated as the bottom of the barrel so they felt it was their duty to support those  who were now scraping at the bottom, due to “societal ills”. This meant supporting policies that helped the “underdog” at all other costs. The problem is those with this “good heart” failed to realize that they now put  in charge of  “helping the disadvantaged ” individuals/groups with no real over-sight or incentive to actually do so and instead made sure they helped themselves 1st, 2nd and 3rd before those in need.    It wasn’t a wasted dream for now that I  understand  the reason this occurs I have a better chance to help those  in my tribe understand the difference between a dream and reality.

Scared Myself

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Last night someone who I thought was a loved one suddenly opened the locked door to let the monster in and then had this  evil smile. It was  discovered with that smile that she was an Alien or robot (I’m not sure  you’ll have to check with my other side of the brain) all I can tell you is it was so shocking that I nearly jumped out of bed.  Yet how could I be so surprised when this dream was written and played out in my own head even if I was asleep?  I mean shouldn’t have I known the ending if even a part of my mind was writing it?  The script was so tight that it had me sleeping until the final climax.   I guess sleep pays over all especially if you want to be really scared.

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