The Few

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Our numbers kept dwindling as everything around us appeared upside down.  We kept it together even as the world around us fell apart. What was right was wrong and what was wrong suddenly came to be right. Crime, war, injustice, destruction kept creeping closer and closer to our door but we the few wouldn’t give up the key. Then, suddenly when the clouds appeared to let loose a storm that would blow us all away G-D revealed the eternal truth.  The few that had stood the test of the times saw this was not the end of times but a new beginning and were glad they stayed true through these difficult days of destiny.

Banana UsA

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First they came for those who refused the Covid shot and I believed it was for the good so I didn’t say a word. Then I realized later that their apprehension was well founded but it was too late.

Then they came after those that took over the Capital on January 6th and I felt it was for the good so my mouth stayed quiet. Yet later I learned that their judgements were far from just as individuals were put behind bars for years on years without a trial on frivolous charge but it was too late.

They then took on Trump with charges even those who hated him new were ridiculous but who was I to say a word.

Later they went after those who openly protested injustice and I was just too busy to say a word. If I just keep my voice quiet then they’ll leave me along right?

Finally they came after ..

Living in Eeyore Land

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I’m Tigger living in Eeyore land.  As much as I try to bring happiness and energy to the world around me the Eeyore’s continue to try to stomp on my parade. I must admit this isn’t a cartoon as every once in a while, they get me to stop jumping and seeing it with their sad droopy eyes. Yet even though there are many a Eeyore to battle once in a while another Tigger appears in my mirror and then we start jumping again.

Tennesse Shooting- Common Facts

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The latest horrific mass shooting this time in Tennessee has the same colors all over again.  We have had schools, guns and bullies forever so I believe we should look at factors that promote such recent hideous attacks on the innocent. Here are a few (below) we must look at and some solutions that could make a difference.


  1. Steroids and other drugs being prescribed to individuals at younger ages without knowing the full consequences of such actions.
  2. Transgender procedures and medicines given to individuals near or right after puberty. Could this have a detrimental effect.
  3. 24-hour coverage of such incidents. Is the publicity that could be contained or at least reduced?
  4. Isolation of young people during Covid and less communities for them to connect to.
  5. Faith observation reduced in society as a whole.


  1. Adopting similar security measures to protect the public as one’s taken to protect our politicians.
  2. Tazer Drones run by the police force to monitor public events from the sky and stop a threat on the ground before it becomes one.
  3. Evaluation and deep study on medicines given to our youth and the effect on the behavior.
  4. Deep study of those who commit these heinous crimes to find patterns. These then can be used to effectively care for those who have violent minds.


Anywhere But Here

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This place was bustling with people 7 days a week and now I walk alone. A matter of fact or city had many places where things were produced now the jobs have been exported elsewhere. Yes, the regulations put on the owners added to the flight but the minimum wage increases was the maximum cause. For, customers wanted items that they could afford and therefore factory employees could not afford to work here anymore.

We Rule The Streets

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We rule the streets. For when we walk down them nobody comes near. We’re a gang of three that creates fear with our every footstep. Wow what power we have or maybe our neighbors don’t really come out at 5 AM in the morning.

Rebel Sign

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When one see’s injustice then those being oppressed must see the sign as well.  This sign will give them hope that others stand with them even if society appears to come crushing down. This sign is the silence sign with the one finger quickly moving up and one’s eyes as well. It is quick enough for those who oppress not to fully understand what is said but gives a bit of hope to those who truly need it.  It’s time that injustice is conquered one sign at a time.

Don’t Ban Tick Tok

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Whether one hates, likes and even feels the content can be dangerous to our children Tik Tok should not be banned! This service though must be regulated as we see with content on a movie screen where some is not permitted due to age. Just as Tik Tok shouldn’t be banned neither should the video’s they allow except if it directly incites violence or is against the law such as child pornography.  The answer for poor content is not banning but more content. Therefore, those that are against what they see on this platform create your own and maybe Tik Tok will turn more in the right directions.

FOOTNOTE- Any personal data that a foreign country obtains from a citizen due to this type of service should be reported and regulated as well.

Join US

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If you feel left out your included here. For we are a community of people from all walks of life that aren’t afraid to express our authenticity without being a jerk. We might wear a different look, see the world in a different light, walk to a different cow bell yet not try and force these views/ideas on others. We not only welcome differences but love them and the people that hold them.  Open discussion with understanding of those that see it differently is invited in our community.  So be your true self without being a jerk and help build our community together.

2+2 =5

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If 2+2 = 5 than four plus four equals nine. This then throws every calculation we made previously into a quadrium and challenges almost every mathematical and scientific theory we have today. Of course though if we change the equation back to 2+2=4 than the climate is a whole lot cooler then we previously thought.  Or in conclusion if our basic theory is wrong all our calculations thereof can be incorrect as well, no matter the brilliance that went along thereafter.

FOOTNOTE-  If you believe deriving such an initial theory is just plain foolish look at the initial proof below.

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