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You’ve just discovered that there is a good chance you won’t be around as long as you like whether it is due to extended business trip that is about to occur, service to your country mission, or service to a higher authority it’s a fact your footprints will be missing in their life. That is where REPLACED.COM/APP comes in as this site/app  will help you find the perfect person who can fit in the different roles you fill when you  can’t be in that suit.  This site will allow you to view as much of the minute details of your replacment so you can feel more comfortable about your departure. Whether it’s a week or a lifetime REPLACED/COM/APP will help insure that your loved ones feel that they can continue to move in their life even if you’re not there.


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You have been replaced and it’s all for the better. While your time has expired another has been coming up the ranks to take care of those left behind.  Your replacement will fill that spot in your workplace, social calendar as well as your lover’s empty bed.  It’s not that you are forgotten but continue with the others that come in the picture even if your picture  is taken off the wall.

Rush to/or Wait

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running out door 2Wait 4

If you’re like me you are rushing to wait a matter fact I’m the Rush while I have to many Wait’s in my life.  They tell me something is needed to be done and I complete the task on time only to wait days, weeks, months and you get the point, till my work is actually put into action.  Too me it’s a world of quick decisions and action but to those that wait we’ll take care of it when I’m rushing to another task.

Shut It Down!

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Build The Wall Build The Wall 2

If Congress can’t vote to BUILD THE WALL then I say SHUT IT DOWN!  For if the people who voted for the Republican Party in the election based on the wall principal of the  man at the top don’t get the funding then what is the point?  Closing the government down over this principal will not hurt the Republican party in the upcoming election but energize the base to get out and vote for those who live within their principals. I was a recent convert to the wall principals after the Democrats open borders became a flood and now I’m ready to put my vote where the cement is.  Listen Republican Congress fund the wall or shut it down a philosophy that is the right thing to do for those who voted for U!

Thank You

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Kyle Bush 2

With over 40 drivers starting I want to Thank G-D for listening.  Yes, I know Kyle Busch has won in the past and he had a great car but I believe there was a little push to make sure he got over the checkered and  it might just have a been  a few extra words upstairs that led him down victory lane. Either way it’s good to feel that  I might have had this impact and there is only one that really knows. So thank you even if you were listening to someone else because it felt great either way.

My Movie

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film production Film Director 2

Let’s face it all our life’s can be movie which have comedy, drama, action and tragedy (well at least until the Messiah returns) in it.  Yet I haven’t read your script but lived mine. My life not only has one script in it but trust me there are many sequels in it as well. Here are just a few plot points (below) that would go with the scripts. Now to see if it’s only to be experienced in this small theater of my life or the big stage.

(1) CRIME &  KARMA PUNISHMENT-  This is a story told many times in my life on how those who tried to screw me only got screwed themselves.

(2) FILM-MAKING 8000- How someone with no film experience led a campaign to make a full length feature film which was shown worldwide or as far as Netflix goes.

(3) MENTAL HEALTH SIDE EFFECTS- Do many others really understand the effects when mental health isn’t treated with loved ones? Trust me I do and the peace that occurs within one’s family when treatment actually occurs?


(5) REBEL IN ME- What it’s like to be a rebel from birth but never leave the one’s you love.

(6) FAITH THROUGH IT ALL- A journey of faith in all it’s different paths it took in my life.

(7) NON STOP- How it is to be type A Personality when many around you are Z’s.


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Redneck 1 Redneck 2

I officially became a Redneck yesterday now the only question is how long will I last.  Yes, I went to a NASCAR race where plenty of Rebel flags could be seen but that wasn’t the acceptance letter.  I also drank “Southern Comfort” from a plastic bottle and that moved the needle but I still wasn’t there.  What moved me to this category actually was an item I forgot for my neck and back are officially red and there is no denying that.  Now I love my fellow Red Necks but when does it stop hurting. Sun tan lotion the cure for any real Red Neck.


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Mexico vacation standing ovation 2

Many times the big events aren’t felt until they are over that’s where INTHEMOMENT.COM/ APP  will leave you with a standing ovation as it’s occuring.  For this App/Website will remind you that this is the vacation, show, race that you’ve looked forward to and keep you excited as it occurs with photo options, souvenior discounts, and other ways to keep you clapping even as it occurs.  This App will also shoot a whole bunch of exciting messages and pictures that could along with this excitement. Life is too short not to live those moments and INTHEMOMENT.COM/APP will help them last a whole longer with options that make it even more fun. 

Three Identical Strangers- MY PAIN

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Three Identical Strangers

“Three Identical Strangers” was a pain that I brought on myself.  For if I watched the trailer in advance instead of listen to a loved one I would have went to a whole different showing.  This documentary (I hate 90% of documentaries) forget the key element of film-making to be entertaining.  Watching a documentary (did I tell you I hate documentaries) that repeats the same scene’s over and over again at different parts of the film is as dramatic as watching paint dry.  There are so many unnecessary scences in this documentary (yes I hate documentaries) such as watching one of the main characters shave his face that you wish you grew a beard over your eyes so at least you could get a good nap. Three Identical Strangers takes an interesting story and keeps it in the boring zone a place no movie goer should have to visit.

Home Experiment

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medical research

You will never be given a Nobel prize and your works aren’t studied at “prestigous schools” but the experiments you do at home might be remembered by those that count most in your life for generations to come. Whether it’s that recipe handed down from grandparents to grandchild or that experimental art that leads to a painting hanging in your own lobby, home experiments matter to those we love. These experiments in taste whether through the tongue, eye, ear, nose, touch or combination of them might just leave a lasting record that can’t be duplicated in any “official lab”.  So get out your lab coat or just an apron and experiment just try not to burn the lab down or their taste buds.

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