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Life isn’t exactly adding up as those that bring you down appear to have the balance in their favor then that’s the time to have true faith in the eternal judge.  For, these people might try to stop you from opening that door to new success but you can still keep walking. G-D has the true key and a new day is dawning. The walk might appear to be full of mud so get on your hiking boots and drudge through for in the end justice will be done as long as you don’t lose faith in the steps you are taking. Business Idea

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TakeMy will allow you to rest assured while those loved ones who aren’t being so loving are moved away from your sunset.  This website will match those who want to go on vacation but don’t have the resources with those who want a loved one to go away even if it’s for a weekend or 2.  It can be a planned “chance encounter” that sets up this exchange or one based on a “past friendship” that suddenly becomes alive. In the end you will have time to be with your thoughts/friends while your loved one finds their own space away from your own Nirvana.

Bubble Girl/Boy World

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It started with Covid then the Quebec fires sealed the deal as Bubble Boy Girl/Boy was created. No longer would we let the outside community effect what was going inside as we would be protected from whatever came your way. Bubble Girl/Boy World was created and the damn with the rest of Y-O-U nothing would stop us from living well maybe life but that’s not the point!  These sealed containers would make sure only the purist O2 and your filthy dirty environment stayed out. We might not have affection in these balls but at least we could have huge bounces. Only deflated for bathroom brakes we were safe wait who cut the cheese. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all.

What Joke

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If this is the image (above) well I guess it didn’t work. For, it was supposed to make someone laugh but it looks like I was the only one who got the punch line. Which still makes it funny just in an explosive way.  The intention was there to turn ones grin upside down even if I received anger honestly it still was hilarious just needed another audience.

Help Wanted

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Here (below) are the positions I’m looking to hire. So, make me an offer and who knows maybe this ad can go down.

(1) Publicity– I need someone who can grow what has been done on this site, my podcast, youtube channel and general life. I’m willing to split the gains going forward 50/50 after said costs.

(2) Product Development- Several products are ready to launch or at least get in the capsule for the individual(s) who will help with a strong marketing plan. Those that worked for Bud Light should not apply.

(3) Clone-  Well, not actually like me but someone who follow up like me to achieve the goals we set for the day, week and year.

Can I What?? Does This Feel Like Your True Story

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Can I what? You can’t be serious, can you? Do you really want to? Is this true for I know the fork has been on the other end but it’s never been brought to me so is this real or just me hearing things?  Maybe I should really see that psychiatrist after all.  Well the answer is… yes I guess. I just wonder where you or anyone else has been in the last 30 years or so? Yes, you can help M-E !

Cheating Realm

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I didn’t cheat just ended up in a different realm, right?  For, one dip in the lake brought me to a world where I actually was married to my previous love of my life even though before the dip, I hadn’t seen her for over 25 years. She lived with this form of me in a whole different realm and now this was my world and my old one had been waved away. Now to decide if this lake is worth diving into again?

You Can’t Always Get What You Want But

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You can’t always get what you want but when you do it’s amazing!!!  G-D is no genie that grants you every wish yet sometimes when one truly prays with their heart and soul answers are suddenly right in front of them.  For, those that don’t believe they will when the time is right and if the look through their clouds will see the full picture for what it is. Though one can’t always get what they want in the end they often get what they truly need especially when they least expect it.

Conversation . **E**

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All of a sudden, I’m drifting where no man wants to go beyond. The “dead space” of conversation has just occurred out of nowhere as if I suddenly was shot into orbit. I feel lost and don’t know how to return yet just a moment ago my feet were fully grounded as the words flowed like a river.  It was so enjoyable that I took it for granted that it would end. Maybe another conversation will bring me back to earth but for now I’m lost in space.


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I started out not so “pretty” but if you waited, well let’s say I aged well. Those that didn’t see my inner beauty from the beginning never understood where I was going yet this one person did and allowed me to sprout into something truly special. I would have probably rotted in a tree if he didn’t pick me up and allow me to grow into who I am now. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and also just might ripen with age.


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      TakeMy will allow you to rest assured while those loved ones who aren’t being so
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