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In America we assume that we control our own destiny but their are a few who we don’t know that really decide if and where we are going.  Of course we understand that the President and his Russian &  Chinese counterparts hold the nuclear suitcase that they can launch on a bad day but how about those commanders below them that actually can start a war? Who are these people and how competent are they?  How easy would it be for the water we survive on to be manipulated by a some low level technician at the the water plant that supplies thousands if not a millions. What about our electrical grid system and nuclear power plant do we have an idea who stands behind those controls? Would we have any idea if these key individuals had enough coffee to make sure their fully awake and don’t press the wrong keys? It’s enough to make you paranoid? Yet having faith in the one above else who watches and protects us gives us just enough confidence to believe we might still be in control… G-D willing!

Cyber Monday’s real sales

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Cyber Monday's

Cyber Monday is not for the shopper but the buyer who wants to get er done quick, cheap and to the point. With that in mind I believe I found a website that makes the waiting on the web more efficient (attached below).  I already tested the waters on Sunday and picked up a great pair of  Blue Tooth Ear Buds for 1/2 price (don’t tell my daughter). I’ll be back later today hopefully the specials will be there as well.

Cyber Monday -Get er done


Patriots Vs Bronco’s – A New Day!

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Patriots Vs Broncos

Who would have seriously thought that when I awoke this Monday that this would have been such a new day? I mean I expected to read about some terrible weather condition somewhere in the world, another crime and the Patriots sudden victory at the last minute but today the news has turned upside down. Don’t get me wrong there probably still is some lousy weather in the country and unfortunately I’m sure the news will report on an innocent victim of crime (even if they report last night’s news) but the Patriots somehow lost their winning edge 30- 24 to the Denver Broncos.  I guess you still can believe in Monday’s.


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If someone/something was in your house enjoying themselves without your permission you probably would call them a freeloader and have them immediately evicted but how about on your property? A squirrel/ bird could just as easily say  (if they spoke or had legal representation) that you were freeloading off their property that belonged to their family for generations.  Of course you can claim title to such property but how about their right to eminent domain.  If you had good legal counsel you can justify your claim to the property by saying that you maintain it for everyone at your expense and a mutual truce would occur. That would work until you decided to build in a fenced in pool or garden and some of the residents decide to move in.  This case would probably go all the way to the Supreme Court for a final verdict.  You can claim this whole blog piece is silly because animals don’t talk and very few lawyers will take on their case pro bono and  you’d be a 100 % correct but sometimes being silly is what you need on Sunday morning.

Paid Party

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Party one

Instead of going to a Party that lasts all night why not go to a PAID PARTY that lasts until the liquor runs out.  This type of party would exist in an old abandoned type factory location and would consist of the best liquor and DJ in town yet when the liquor ran out so would the party.  Individuals would pay one fee for entry and be able to drink as much they want until the initial purchase of liquor ran out.  This way those moments would truly be special because they were limited.  Of course some legal hurdles would have to occur but a  PAID PARTY could be the best party and within a time frame that made sure every minute counted.

Tyson Fury Vs Wladimir Klitschko??

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klitschko Vs Fury

Is my last name Winkle because the last time I heard a Tyson fight it started with a Mike and lasted 30 seconds.  It appears I’ve been asleep in terms of the boxing world and hope this Google search will wake me up. I know it’s not just me (I hope) but others who have seen boxing lose much of it’s luster/hype from the days of Ali, Foreman, Frazier, Tyson, and Holyfield till today’s days where I can’t even pronounce/spell the world champions name. In our days there was the great white hope that would bring diversity to the sport today that has flipped upside down where this title is as white as Vanilla ice cream.  Where is that American dream who comes from the rough streets to battles his way to the top. Yes I’ve seen all the Rocky movies and without going off point too much Creed was great. I understand that with a 1000 channels and competition from Ultimate Fighting that it’s almost impossible to return to the glory days but with Mr. Winkle now awake at least I’ll be in the ring even with a Tyson that doesn’t begin with Mike.

Creed is a knockout even if ….

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Creed creed 2

Creed is a knockout even if no punch landed. For it is a movie that deals with the human psyche that is surrounded by the sport of boxing.  It takes you deeper in the mind and surroundings of the sport then any of the Rocky movies have done in the past. To be honest the movie didn’t grab me until the 1st round but once it started moving I didn’t want to leave till the ending credits.  Yet even if one is not a fan of boxing the need to fight our own battles is a message that should ring in all our hearts.

Creed ****  (I added a 1/2 star because I’m a big Sylvester Stallone fan.

Red Dot

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small imperfection

Everything is just right but then someone tells me (or I notice)  a small imperfection and my eye’s can’t move away from it. Yet who am I to judge small imperfections can be seen all around me and my works.  It isn’t if I’m trying to notice them they just beat on me as if that drop of water from the sink was all around me.  It could be the greatest movie but once I observed that stain nothing else can draw me away. Yet if that imperfection could turn out to be the truth behind the work then “art” could truly be created. Stay tuned….

Bud’s Class- D102- Cheese

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Classroom cheese

Okay class how many of us have eaten cheese? Good but do we know the history of this product and how we can’t make it ourselves well tonight you will learn if you pay attention. Here are the notes below.

(1) It is believed that cheese was discovered approximately 4000 years ago.

(2) The Pilgrims took cheese in the Mayflower.

(3) A cheese factory didn’t occur till 1851

(4) 1/3 of the Milk produced in the U.S. is used to make cheese.

(5) Salt is the additive to make Cheese last longer.

(6) It is believed that the different forms of cheese depended on the area that it was developed and the need for it to last the time period needed.

(7) The Key ingredient is Milk which breaks up into Casein (Solid Part of Cheese) & Whey (liquid part of milk).

(8) Less Moisture the longer the cheese lasts

(9) Some of the steps in making cheese include (A) Adding bacteria or it might already exist (B) Cutting curds expels more water (C) Heating expels even more water.

(10) Most cheese takes 3 to 4 years to make but some can take 10-20 years to make and are of course more expensive.

(11) EAZY RECIPE  (A) Add a tablespoon or two of vinegar and a tablespoon of salt to milk that is being cooked on a saucepan (B) Add spices or other ingredients to add flavor (C) Separate milk curds from liquid – (D) You now have produced Cheese. ,,

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