Cyber Monday’s real sales

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Cyber Monday's

Cyber Monday is not for the shopper but the buyer who wants to get er done quick, cheap and to the point. With that in mind I believe I found a website that makes the waiting on the web more efficient (attached below).  I already tested the waters on Sunday and picked up a great pair of  Blue Tooth Ear Buds for 1/2 price (don’t tell my daughter). I’ll be back later today hopefully the specials will be there as well.

Cyber Monday -Get er done


Cyber Monday begins Sunday at Walmart

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forgot pants Walmart Cyber Monday starts Sunday

Walmart has allowed me to keep my pants on for “Black Friday” and wait till Cyber Monday without missing an hour at work because it now begins Sunday.  Getting up extra early on Friday is all for the birds and I’ll eat a worm or two by stopping by a store or two but at least now I’ll have time to put my pants and maybe even socks on because Cyber Monday is starting on Sunday. My holiday shopping should be done before the work week begins allowing me to recover my expenses before the after Christmas sales begin.

Respect not accept others

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Their is a difference between respecting others beliefs then having to accept those beliefs as your own. There has been a discussion in NYC public schools about adding Islamic holidays as days off for the school calendar.  If we continue to cancel school for different religions children will eventually start their own religion that has holidays Mon-Friday from 7:30-4:30 PM (a bit of an exaggeration) but I think you know where I’m going.  Yet how do we insure that we don’t trample on others faith without pushing that observance on others that don’t belief.

(1) Start each school day with information on a holiday or special occasion that might occur on that day.

(2) Allow students who celebrate such a holiday the day off without any penalty. If they had a test or homework assigned for that day give them extra days to make it up.

(3) Insure that all students not only respect each others faiths but also understand the basics of these faiths.

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