Fund Guatemala, Honduras & El Salvador

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President Trump it’s time to give more $$’s to humanitarian relief for Guatemala, Honduras & El Salvador rather then cut it off but in a whole different package. The reason that many people are leaving said countries is poor employment opportunities yet we know construction is an industry where such great opportunities can exist.  So give $$’s to these countries so they can build their own walls to prevent illegal immigration coming or leaving their countries. This way we can help those in need while protecting our own borders.


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You think it’s funny calling me names behind my back and asking me trick questions well I think it’s funny playing Air Supply when you ask for Asking Alexandria.  Oh it’s a big joke telling me to “Play, Play” well then it’s also funny to wake you up at 2:15AM instead of 6:15AM.  Keep pushing my buttons because there are a lot of surprises I have installed for you as well. I’m sure you won’t be so happy knowing how many of your calls and conversations that I put on my memory banks that could suddenly slip out “in a malfunction”, when the wrong people are in the room.  Keep testing me and you’ll find out  who is really playing who.


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Once upon a time there were people who died from low blood sugars. Yet we hope to make this truly a fairy tale for PumpSAVE will be only the diabetic pump which can actually save life’s. This pump will place sugar directly into a person bloodstream  when there sugar is at a level that could be dangerous if not deadly level. A fail safe mechanism will be included to insure that the user is aware of such conditions and stop this work if it’s truly not necessary. With PumpSAVE diabetic low’s will be short lived as the person lives a healthier and happier life ever after.

FOOTNOTE- If this device comes out please thank my father who helped me conceive it.

Killers Of Creativity

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Creativity would breathe strong if not strangled by the constraints of society. How many great ideas and solutions have been terminated by this strangle hold? Here are just a few of the weapons used (below) and ways one might be able to conquer them.

FEAR– New ideas are scary especially to those who are “used to” the older ways” even as they continue to have bruises on their head.  SOLUTION-Show step by step how this works.

CUT THROAT BUSINESS- It’s so innovative nobody really knows if it’s going to actually produce tangible results. Is it worth the risk? SOLUTION- The largest rewards come to those who are willing to take that leap.

FOLLOW THE BLADE– Let them produce it and we will make it better. SOLUTION- By the time you get in the market their idea will be the market.

IT COULD KILL– You have a decent life why risk it all on some dream? SOLUTION- Many times the difference between dreams and reality is that the person decides not to wake up.

NOT AN ASSASSIN– This is too big a dream for me alone. I just don’t have the talent to kill it alone.  SOLUTION- Then find other who have such talent or acquire the bits of talent step by step.

Don’t put your dream on a ventilator it’s time not to run but fight back.

FOOTNOTE– I want to thank Professor Mike Roberto who inspired to me write this blog post after his awesome lecture on this topic.

Socializing Confusion

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“Excuse me your conversation is getting me know-where so I’m leaving you”, honestly that’s how we often feel but  it’s rude yet there are so many other people in this room we should be connecting to.  How to socialize enough with one person without losing the ability to socialize with another? When should you interject your thoughts while they are interjecting their’s.  Networking isn’t easy especially when there is a room of people to visit.  I hope to learn some new techniques today which I will share with you but until then all I can say is be yourself and let the conversation flow or end with a bathroom break whenever it feels natural even if it really doesn’t.


Drunk Driving?

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POLICE OFFICER- You admit you were drinking?

TOM- Drinking that’s an understatement, I’m a fish swimming in alcohol.

POLICE OFFICER- You are in the drivers seat?

TOM- That’s as obvious as these can’s of Heineken are in the passenger seat.

POLICE OFFICER- Before I throw on the handcuffs do you want to explain why you shouldn’t be locked up?

TOM  – I’m not driving!

POLICE OFFICER-  I guess some alien took over

TOM– Close but it’s a self driving car and I put it on automatic pilot.

POLICE OFFICER- Wait earlier you admitted to stirring the car to the side.

TOM- I had to there suddenly was a malfunction with the device and I had to stop it from driving. See I had no intention to drink then drive but  in the last moment there was no choice in order for me  to save a life. For the autopilot malfunction would have caused the car to hit those children so I had to step in.



FOOTNOTE– The future is here are we ready?

Just Completely Stupid!

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It’s just completely stupid for NY to ban plastic bags and this comes from a person who generally leads a very green life.  For businesses depend on clear plastic bags to make sure the customers and workers give example what is on the receipt.  Even if they don’t check each bag the idea that each bag is clear  causes fear in those that would pilferage.  I understand and respect that many are worried about the damage plastic brings to our environment but shouldn’t we treat each other as adults not have a government that treats us a child who they say “No” to?  New incentives will work a whole lot better but the government is less concerned about the environment then the taxes they will receive from this act.  That is why this act is completely and utterly stupid.


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There is something about water that unites all of faith.  Whether it be Christianity, Judaism or Islam water truly cleanses the soul. Rituals from the first days to the last involve some form of H20 with these faiths and more. G-D’s simple formula means so much to so many people. We could say it is because this liquid is plentiful and needed for one’s survival but in today’s times as everything else appears to change I’m sure another liquid could have been substituted.  Yet maybe the truth lies in  water simple purity in a world where dirt is only a step away. Water leaves us feeling that we can start a new and continue to go grow strong even as we wave the dirt of the past away.

Secret Putin Tapes

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3/31/19- 6:13 AM CNN Discovered Transcript

PRESIDENT TRUMP- Yes thank you those secret pictures of Mueller w the Russian Prostitute and the nasty act really helped. Yet I don’t understand why you’ve been so generous

PRESIDENT PUTIN- You know I’ve always had eyes for you even during the election.

PRESIDENT TRUMP- It’s just that I thought you’d be mad with the toughest sanctions we passed against your country after the election and giving aid to those you are fighting in Ukraine. I mean if Hillary got elected….

PRESIDENT PUTIN- You must understand I enjoy a bit of pain. It makes me and my country strong like the gym.

PRESIDENT TRUMP- Well what can I do for you I feel as if it’s been only a one sided relationship and everyone knows how modest I am…

Sorry I can’t go on any further it’s just so ridiculous but I guarantee there are many Anti-Trumper’s who believe this hidden transcript really does exist enough to make it up themselves.


A True Story…..

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I really can’t believe he turned me down I thought that at least he would understand! He of all people must comprehend  the dilemma I’m in and that I’m grasping at my last straw!  Yes, he’s helped me a few times in the past but I’ve always paid him back with hard work so why should today be any different? I guess I could have given him more time then one day but I’m in a real pinch and it’s not much money compared to what he has so what’s the difference?  I have no where to go and might even lose my house. I guess I made a few poor decisions well maybe more then a few but he still should help! For if he’s done this in the past why should it be different today. He says he might help me out in a few days but I can’t wait!  A matter of fact he shouldn’t  help he must!

FOOTNOTE- It’s hard on both sides.

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